Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/05/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 334

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/05/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 334

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 05-02-2016 – Release Date 05-05-2016

Production Number #334 – The Playbill

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Adam has a standard mandate intro and comments on reading a lot of nice tweets about the tweaked format and release schedule.

Adam has a playbill and tells Drew about his daughter’s role in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ she played a spoon and a plate apparently.

Adam is now riffing about is dad’s performance background and constant intrusion into his life and art, Adam has a killer Hans Conried reference and impression of him saying “elocution” and Dr. Drew references ‘The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T’ but gets the reference slightly wrong and then congratulates himself on it.


Adam is talking about the playbill and the descriptions written in it, like a yearbook.

Drew has a killer reading of “a blazing flame” and Adam jokes about the kid coming out of the closet.

Drew says this is Adam’s first exposure to this type of stuff and Adam blames everyone but himself about this coddling and inflation of children’s esteem.


Adam is now explaining what’s going on and he talks about the sudden abundance of women in low level jobs who are angry to be there coming from broken homes without fathers who now abuse random men as part of their daily routine.

Adam is now describing the time he told a woman parking attendant to shut her mouth after watching her lecture the 5 people in front of him regarding something she never told anyone, Adam corrected her behavior.

Adam Carolla “Emotional Chiropractor”


Adam is telling Drew to hold on and says he’s trying to solve the problems with America.



1st Caller Will, he’s got a question about his ex and a pal who is hooking up with her.

Drew is now asking some follow up questions and having Wil flesh out the relationship and Adam asks about his buddy, Adam tells him to take a little break from his friend and says friendships have a way of drifting and then coming back.

Drew says something terminal like suing a friend can lead to the end of a relationship forever.


Adam is now sharing his experience getting stuck in a parking garage, the “hey I have a name” story and he quotes himself and what he said to this precious little parking lot attendant.

Gary is reminding Drew to stay positive and focus on the callers, Adam told Gary to stop and is now calling him out on air about giving him the high sign and telling him not to answer questions that way, Adam says he was busy trying to finish his story.

Gary says he can’t control Adam and Adam says that Drew can’t do anything to interrupt him or take them back on course.


Adam doesn’t want the “Take more call high sign” while he’s mid speech or riff, yeah don’t do that.

Loveline had calls and stories and anger, it was all things, not what people say it was based on anecdotal memories.

Adam is telling Gary to be honest and admit he was telling Drew to roll calls and Adam would say don’t do it in the middle of a rant.


2nd Caller Sean, he says his relationship with his father has deteriorated over the past year and he’s now living rent free in Florida, Sean calls him a bum.

Drew asks about substances and addiction and Sean wants advice on how to approach him and explain he wants a relationship and wants to be in his life.

Adam asks how often they’re actually going to be interacting now that he’s living in Florida.


Adam is much more of a fan of “just get used to who he is” and he talks about the role of older men in your life to fulfill that fatherly role.

Adam says he was hanging out with Shelby Coffey III at 29, getting advice and watching fights at his house, lunches after boxing training etc.


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read


3rd Caller Matt, he gives a “You Live” to Drew who confronts Adam about not being familiar with it, Adam says he can’t be faulted for not listening to Loveline after he left.

Matt is calling about the minimum wage and Adam says have fun looking for a new job and Drew tells them about the slim margins on hardware of about 2% profit.

Matt shares a story of a call he made as an umpire, he found out the kid was mentally challenged and Adam jokes about the pitcher being the one who should be freaked out as the kid got 2 hits.


Adam talks about the non-issue of genders, skin color and different physical abilities among kids, Adam is citing how his kids don’t care about any of it and merely accept everyone.

Adam is now taking it to politics and the larger world, regarding letting people make mistakes and experience loss and learn from it.


4th Caller Andy, he tells them about his wife and her weight gain postpartum and Andy talks about their sex life disintegrating and Adam thinks this might be a bogus call, merely based on him sharing her weight.

Andy wants to know about getting a Viagra prescription to maintain erections with her.

Andy talks about her fluid retention and Drew thinks this might be some kidney related issue, Drew talks about what a nephrologist might be able to do and how dialysis would often shed over 100lbs off some patients.


Drew says he has to take CIALIS every day since the prostate surgery, Drew says he feels the same on it and without it he doesn’t feel normal.

Adam has a killer “Driving with a boner” one liner mocking Drew’s possibly imagined need for boner pills as Drew is explaining why, it’s a shrinkage issue.

Drew is more comfortable walking around with a swinging dong and doesn’t want a shriveled pee-pee as Adam puts it.


Adam says thank god he has that home gym and doesn’t have to go get mocked at the YMCA, Drew brags about his “Resting state” even while not on CIALIS, but with it he’s back to his normal chubbed up self.


They are out of calls and Adam asks Drew if he’s got a story now, Adam doesn’t not like forced formatics of broadcasting, he’s right, don’t do things in a contrived way to please 1% of the audience who already stopped listening.


Chris has an email


Listener E-Mail

Derrick from WI, he’s a recent college grad and he’s working as a bartender and waiter and taking a year off to see the world.

Drew asks what Adam thinks, Adam says you should spend your 20’s earning and paying your dues.

Adam is mocking a “do you have privilege” test which asked about being white and interning, Adam talks about working for free in lots of areas much like Drew and why working for free as an intern matters for a career.


Adam thinks 5 weeks in Europe is cool but get this decade of your life in order, Adam is now breaking down the decades of one’s life, the 20’s should be the foundation for the career that will follow in the next several decades.

Drew talks about people he knows who went into the peace corps and Adam says sure but that’s not going to Amsterdam getting high and getting your dick sucked.

Adam is making a point about working your way into a career by your 30’s and they plug the upcoming Endless Rant tasting.

Drew plugs his podcasts and they wrap the show.