Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/04/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 333

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/04/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 333

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 05-01-2016 – Release Date 05-04-2016

Production Number #333 – Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Producer Lauren

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Adam opens the show with a problem solver intro, advice from both guys will land somewhere in the middle right near the perfect answer, Drew says jests that they’re like oracles.

Adam is now waxing poetic on humans and he says “as human being the greatest gift we have is the ability to change and it’s the one that we ignore the most.”

Drew marvels at that wisdom and Adam is further making a point about change, Drew takes it to the literal and Adam says you can’t make yourself taller but you can make yourself wider.


Adam says you can treat your life like a Gin Rummy Hand and he takes it back to the people who deflect blame and refuse to internalize, you tell them they’re late and they bring up the last time you were late.

Adam ash a hilariously specific 1995 (1993) meetup at the Glendale Galleria to see ‘Cliffhanger’ which might be from a real event, with Ray?

Adam is talking about people with cracked phone screen, they are the people who are constantly getting their phone fixed and screen replaced, why is that.


Adam talks about the only cracked screen he’s ever had and it was done by a guy trying to return his phone to him.

Adam has a killer “just because I drink every day, I’m going to hit you with this Whisky bottle” reply and Adam talks about patting himself down as he leaves a place to make sure he has his phone and keys.


Adam tells people to get their patterns down and not allow themselves so many options and Drew is bringing up the final episode of Loveline and Adam is calling Drew out on his impressed reaction to Kathy Griffin showing up to say goodbye.

Adam is now being realistic and Gary is getting on mic to describe what an honor it was to be there; he shares how they nerd/fanboyed out on Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Producer Lauren.

Adam shares what their exchange was and how Lauren was showing him photos of what her husband and her are doing to their home, he found it reminiscent of The Magic Castle and Gary just mentioned running into Andy Dick and his young gal pal at The Magic Castle the very next night, Adam is now taking a moment to marvel at that bizarre ‘Great Magnet’ timing of random events segregating non randomly.


Adam is making a point about Lauren not producing now, he asks about the old engineer Chris, the in studio board op from 2003-2005.

Adam is giving a shocked sarcastic reply and Gary has some kind words for Producer Ann, Adam said he got to speak to her and she was very nice.

Gary is cool and Adam says it was fine and they move on.


Drew is now doing a Bouqs Live Read


1st Caller Will, he wants to know how to deal with differencing political viewpoints in a relationship, Adam asks Drew how he is able to deal with it, he says they both agree on most issues and his independent viewpoints help that.

Adam is now going big and making a large point about narcissism and how “he hates me” is the greatest narcissistic statement and Drew say’s it’s actually projected envy and that’s part of narcissism.

Adam didn’t read Drew’s book, but this is right out of ‘The Mirror Effect’ and Adam makes a fine point about the left talking about money a lot for a group who supposedly don’t care about it.


Adam and Drew think Will and his gal can bond on their antiestablishment choices, regardless of the side of the aisle.

Adam is now explaining how you can avoid these encounters and just not bring it up and how in his own life he has to choose, should he go share some article with Lynette and prove he’s right or should he just forget about it.

Drew has a great point about winning and losing in a relationship and how the bond between you loses regardless of who wins.


2nd Caller Zach, he congratulates them on the new format and revamp.

He’s telling them about his Peyronie’s disease, Drew is trying to get him to say penis, Drew explains the process and Adam jokes about not having two chambers in his pens, just a single small one.

Adam asks him why he hasn’t got his treated and Drew explains how he can possibly try and get insurance to pay for it.


Adam says that at age 58 if you’re dick doesn’t work and you don’t have 5k to fix it, he hates to say it but…


3rd Caller Matt, he’s calling about his low testosterone and he shares how it was 251 and 214, below the minimum threshold.

Drew is asking about medical issues and he says they need to figure out what is causing this, he thinks it could be a prolactin secreting tumor on his pituitary gland.

Drew says he has jumped ten steps ahead and brogans up ‘Man Made: A Memoir’ by Ken Baker and Adam wants to know how knows him, from Loveline actually.




Adam is asking Drew about the treatments and Adam is explaining how testosterone effects young men, going further with Drew’s pooing about Ken’s book.

Adam says it’s inane what testosterone does to boys and makes a point about a groped titty at a pool party chicken fight, comparing it to crimes committed by people who were intoxicated out of their minds.

Drew has funny semen is flowing out of him reply.


4th Caller Pete, he thanks Adam for the live show and compliments the saving of Joel McHale’s Beam robot body.

Pete is calling about his divorce and his exes new relationship.

He shares his anger and comments on the new dude’s ex coming to visit him, Drew asks about the cheating part and asks if he’s crazy for not getting it.


Adam is now talking about going out with his wife and kids, his wife left her phone behind and Adam says like shit through a goose he’s moving on, Drew is reacting like this is the first time he’s heard this, and the shit through a tin horn line, both from Adam’s old football coach.


Adam shares how easily he shared his phone with his wife, without fear of anything as he doesn’t cheat nor lie, who wants to go through life like that.

Beyond the morality, don’t cheat for your own sanity and wellbeing, don’t live like a drunk guy at a sobriety checkpoint.

Adam has a great joke about a 2nd secret phone that he keeps in a Crown Royal sack in between the car seats.


Adam is telling Pete to not sift through the past and regret the old times and mistakes, Adam explains how he felt about seeing his old agents and the mixed feelings he has for them and being there in the same room as them, let it go and move on.

Adam is making a point about rehab and getting things done, would you rather draw it out for 5 years and waste time or get it done now, Adam talks about other people and their weakness, it’s not about him, people fail because they fail not something Adam did or deserved, that’s not even thought about or considered.

Adam says make it about other people, when cut off, make it about that person not about you.


Adam is sharing how he was talking to his wife about a shady financial deal with a family member and his feelings about that person revealing who they really are.


5th Caller Jake, he didn’t expect to get on, Adam tells him to hold on.


6th Caller Dustin, he’s been boxing for a hobby and works in a white collar job where he is on track to be successful, he wants to know if he’s gambling with the risk of head trauma.

Dre makes a point about Ayahuasca trips and how much head trauma that causes, it’s akin to years of concussions and the people who love that idea are the same ones against the NFL and MMA.

Adam is now making a super obvious “bodies are like cars” analogy as a ridiculous person, Drew is hearing him out and he tells him about flushing his system on Ayahuasca.


Drew ants to scream at everyone and tell them to study biology, he gets loud for a change!


Adam is now further defending Ayahuasca and Adam asks Drew what it is exactly and he talks about messing with the brain, they go back to Jake.


He’s depressed hates his job, he works construction and Adam is asking him what he would like to do.

Adam tells him to excel at his gig regardless of the field for his own self-confidence, it’s all just work, do it.

Drew predicts some substances and tells him to address that.


7th Caller Anthony, he thanks Adam for his performance at the Cash Creek Casino and tells them about shopping for his first home, he likes the first one he saw and wants to buy it, the price just dropped by 10k.

Adam tells him to grab it, Adam is now back to the Cash Creek story and explains it to Drew, telling him about the TSA agent who stole his bag.

Adam is now going over the whole ordeal and how he missed his flight, Adam says he lost 50k and had to cancel the show because of that asshole.

Adam is now arguing against a “rules are rules” strawman and now Adam is wrapping up the show in a good mood, Drew plugs his show and see you tomorrow!