Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/05/2014 – Carol Leifer

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/05/2014 – Carol Leifer

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Carol Leifer

Recorded 05-04-2014 – Release Date 05-05-2014

Production Number #1317

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Adam has a pre-order “President Me” thank you themed intro and he’s asking BB about his book tour while mentioning his own advanced copy of his book.

Adam is bringing up the Baldwin Terror Alert Chart, he’s having Alison read it off.

BB is now telling them about his signing events, he’s sharing how a guy wanted to know if it’s “Transformers 2 or Transformers too” in the baldywood song.


Alison is going to release “What I’d expect if I were expecting” as an actual book? Wow!

Adam is sharing how he reacts to family members showing up to get a signature for fellow family or friends and how he knows that nobody in his family would ever go out and do that for another Carolla.

Adam says he never resents that part of the business, he always likes pressing the flesh or meeting kind fans who are bringing you gifts while supporting your work.

Adam says if you hate that then it’s not time to quit, it’s time to kill yourself.


Adam is bringing up the 1, 1 star review for BB’s book on Amazon.

BB is going in depth on reading an emotional chapter of his book and getting choked up along with members of the audience at the signing.

Adam is now bringing up an email from Seth Meyers about their late night Florida bit, he’s explaining how the movie schedule has left him in a daze, needing to close his eyes to conjure what day he did what.


Adam is explaining the scene they shot in a deli and how micro budget filmmaking works in comparison to a big budget production and why you need to use certain locations during off hours, as not to disrupt their business hours.

Adam is sharing how DAG was asked if he was working security for Adam, he’s telling them about a group of drunks and smokers straggling around the deli they were filming, they were smoking outside the bar and now fucking with Adam.

Adam has a great “Jurassic Park” joke and a funny AA riff with Alison.


Adam is now explaining the email from Seth Meyers and how he never gets in the “Retarded dryer Tumblr” of “hey many you’re ripping my shit/bit off” and the kind email reply he sent back to Seth, what no invite on the show?

Adam is now explaining why he doesn’t want people walking away from their exchange with a “fuck him!” and thinks Seth is a cool guy and he probably thinks Adam is now too.

BB cites the radio show days, saying that Florida is fair game now, but he’s not going back all the way to 2003 when Adam invented “Germany or Florida” on Classic Loveline, taking a game from the JKL “writer’s room” and making a legendary bit out of it with millions of fans.

Adam is doing a live read and mentions that there was no reveal of where Seth got Adam’s email address, he’s now riffing about how nobody likes to share that detail.


Adam is now sharing his experience from the set, telling the gang about Phil Rosenthal’s reaction to being up so late, Adam is explaining that Phil called an Uber car and Adam never would do that due to his speed demands to get home.

Adam is sharing his reasoning for why he couldn’t call a car, BB has a real groaner of a joke about Phil’s foreskin and forethought.

Adam is now riffing a scene, a hawk talking to an ostrich, this is comedy gold!

The Hawk is amazed that the ostrich can’t fly, he’s getting to the part where people ride ostriches and how they get all the negatives of bird life and none of the positives.


Adam is now trying to shit on William Shatner on back of a donkey as his hawk character, Alison is peppering in some nice one additions and Adam says no sane person rides and ostrich.

BB wants to know if anyone has ever road one just for transportation and not the novelty factor, Alison has a good beasts of burden addition.

Adam wants to know if there is anything else that you will ride that you will also eat, BB confesses to eating an ostrich egg.


1st Caller Matt, he was watching Catch a Contractor and wants to know if any of the contractors chose to take the legal option, Adam jokes about how boring that would be.


2nd Caller John, he is going to explain why Superman Grunts and is doing a lackluster amount of explaining about his physiology.

BB actually gets to the nerd science and Adam is now sharing how he happened upon some crew guys involved in some “Star Wars” talk and wanted to know if they lived to 200, why so invested in other people’s shit.

Alison has a nice bird call back, Adam has a killer Emu addition “is that you? Is that a doppelganger of you, a slightly different version of you?” riffing about other creatures trying to understand what it is.


Alison wants to know about most chosen super power and Adam says invisibility for locker room reasons, Adam is now saying that the flightless birds do a lot of spitting because they hate things.

Adam is now using birds who can soar as a contrast, saying that soaring must be like bird Pilates and make you mellow.

“Your fat, crazy people ride you, fat Texans turn you into burger meat and you never get to soar…” – Adam


Adam is now doing a live read.

They’re going to break


They’re back from break with Carol making her ACS debut, they’re playing another one of the “President Me” attack ads, Thanks to Adam, Mike Lynch, and Mike Dawson and of course Michael Prell.

Adam is thanking Michael Prell for the fantastic work, he’s Superfan a fan so that’s a pun.

This is Carol’s first appearance on air with Adam Carolla, no known Loveline (possibly a lost ep) appearances, no ACS on KLSX and this is of course her first ACS podcast.


Adam is now plugging Carol’s book and unknowingly leaves a new drop “My Book… KICKS ASS!” and Adam is bringing up her career longevity and a photo of her opening for Frank Sinatra.

Carol is sharing how she now views her wisdom and Adam is explaining he’s seen a need or a thirst for a modern version of a motivational speaker, he’s hinting at injecting that into comedy and his own closing stand up bit of showing his social security statements.

Adam has a great LeBron James point about people born with physical gifts can’t necessarily motivate others to achieve what they’ve achieved.


Adam is explaining that he knows tons of funny people who don’t make a dime and tons of unfunny people who are counting stacks of cash.

Adam now has Chris Maxipada on mic to explain that “Work is work” and being on a film set is not glamorous or even creative, its work.

Chris confirms this and Carol is now sharing how she had to audition 22 times to appear on the Tonight show, Adam is explaining how they will scout comedians.


Adam has a great “Johnny brought the sofa over to me” counter, saying that’s what he’ll tell his kids about his fictitious appearance on the Tonight Show during the Carson era.

Carol is now sharing an anecdote about a lawyer who blew his chance to be a staff writer on a sitcom by not wanting to work for free.

Adam is giving his advice on not being pennywise and pound foolish, he’s giving his “10 ideas” reply the standard advice he used to give to Ray.


Adam is using how people behave when they want to fuck to contrast true effort and motivation, he’s saying the calories burnt when people want to fuck, get high or eat pizza could go a long way towards a career.

Carol is now giving the standard advice on how to succeed in comedy, Adam is giving his standard take on the meritocracy of sports complete with a joke about the off the field crimes of a player, Carols rolls with the comedy.

Adam is now doing a Shari’s Berries live read with Carol adding to it like a pro, he’s giving out a nice plug for Carol’s book too.


Adam is explaining that they are on an abridged schedule and he’s thanking the guest hosts from last week, he says it’s the last week of this and the filming is almost done.

Gary is now giving him the eye, Adam is unsure of the schedule and he’s praising Mike Lynch his “guy who writes” that he dictates to while driving.

They’re talking about Adam’s books and he’s dodging the praise from Carol.


Carol is sharing her Frank Sinatra story and starting with a bad choice for an agent, she’s going in depth on the terrible gigs she was getting up and down the Jersey Shore.

Adam is getting her to explain her career at the point of the “ground round” restaurant gigs.

Carol is mentioning many of her achievements and Adam has a killer joke asking her how many times she slept with David Letterman, they have a nice moment about Larry Miller and his key advice to Carol and his work in Adam’s movie.


Adam is now doing a live read, he’s telling the gang about his daughter crawling out of her window and running down the driveway, Adam told her to shut the screen and she insisted she did.

Adam says she held up her IPad and showed him that she had shut it, he’s doing a weird Legal zoom live read.

Carol is sharing a cute anecdote from attending a live performance with her son, she’s interjecting another plug for her book, and Adam will get to it!

BB plays Carol’s new drop and they wrap the show.