Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/04/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 140

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/04/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 140

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 04-29-2014 – Release Date 05-04-2014

Production Number #140 Guest Host – Pat O’Brien

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POB is back! Drew is opening the show explaining the origins of Mahalo and Adam Carolla’s broadcasting, Classic Loveline #114 from March 6th 1996.

Pat is now sharing an anecdote from the first time he visited Amsterdam.

Pat is now telling Drew about his upcoming book in August, which reveals the name of the women who released his voicemail to the public.

Drew has read an advanced copy and Pat tells him that he already knew who released the voicemail, oooohhhhhhh hint.


Pat is telling him that it’s really a sports history book and a memoir of his recovery, Drew cites the first time they met Pat and were jealous of his MLB hosting job.

Drew forgets that Pat actually judged the boxing match that Adam Carolla coached Jimmy Kimmel for in 1994, before Classic Loveline with Adam.

Pat is now going in depth on growing up in South Dakota and what it meant to get the MLB job coming from a place with no baseball team and now formal sports education.


Pat is sharing that it’s now too late to become a sports caster, you have to grow up in it, he’s explaining to Drew how the hosting would work, he says 90-94 were the great years and he’s citing the Kirby Puckett home run(1991 Leaping catch that seemingly defied gravity).

They’re now talking about Joe Torre and his organization Safe at Home.

Drew is now doing a live read, Producer Gary has to get on mic to get him to finish his read.

They’re now plugging BB’s book and Pat is asking him if he did an audiobook, Drew says he did for “The Mirror Effect” but not for his masterpiece “Cracked: Putting Broken lives back together again.”


Pat is telling Drew about the book and the movie rights, he says he names some names and the lawyers cleared it, he’s pretty harsh on some people and dropping a few names.

Pat has a hilarious “Now wonder I drank” comment/alternate title.


1st Letter Aaron, he’s adopted and knows the “Pandora’s box” stance Adam and Dr. Drew have and agrees about the respect, Pat is giving his take and sharing a possible medical reasoning.

Drew is refining the point he and Adam drive home about not having too high expectations and anticipate a let-down, Drew is sharing how he doesn’t seem to feel unwanted nor a longing for his lost family.

Pat is telling him to be prepared for how this will affect his adoptive parents, Pat has a funny “like sex with a co-worker” analogy for the next step after he meets these people.


Pat is sharing how he learned about the demise of his aunt and how he was left with nearly a million dollars of inheritance, he says that by the time they got through the estate drama he learned that his aunt was his sister and all kinds of familial history.

Pat is explaining how he refused to get involved in the drama, he’s trying to explain things and why he didn’t have the energy to get involved in a whole new family.

Drew agrees with him, interesting.

They’re now going to break.


They’re back from break.

1st Caller Catherine, she’s calling about past trauma and therapy, she’s wondering if denial and avoidance are better for staying healthy than opening “Pandora’s box” and Drew is getting to her trauma from the events of 9/11 when she was living in NYC.

Drew is now recommending the work of a particular therapist and Pat is now, they’re trying to get her to trauma and she’s very confrontational and aggressive.

Drew is telling her that he can’t tell her she has to get this treated, he says he loves exploring the mind and getting into it, personally, but he doesn’t want people who don’t aren’t to be forced into it.


Drew and Pat are now addressing her feelings about herself and the concept of being on her own team, she’s complimenting her own parenting skills.


2nd Letter from Liz, Chris is now reading the letter and Pat has a solid joke that Drew appreciates, Liz is asking about her lesbian daughter and worries about her safety, Drew is thrown by the change ups of expositions throughout the letter.

Drew is telling Liz to be more opening minded and insisting she catch up to speed about LBGT rights, Drew is being very supportive and telling her that her daughter can behave however she wants in public.

Bottom line calm down – Dr. Drew

Drew is now doing a live read from


Drew and Pat are now talking about parents and their passing, Pat is bringing up the book “The Drama of the Gifted Child” a favorite book of Drew’s.

Pat is explaining how when he got famous he became the favorite kid forever.


3rd Letter from CJ, he says he’s a virgin and has no sexual desire. Drew says he may have a prolactin secreting tumor if anything and he’s explaining the danger, this is a medical problem and can cause bone and brain damage.

Drew is warning him about not having health insurance and how this will soon cost people, Drew is once again waxing poetic on wisdom, how you go to the hospital to see a doctor and use their wisdom to help you.

Pat and Drew are now discussing their prostate cancer, he just asked Drew “How’s your boner?” and Drew says it’s nice because it’s a lack of mess, they had the same surgeon.


Pat is sharing how he was told the good news about a functional erection process after the surgery, Drew is sharing how the biopsies were fucking him up and how each prostate infection made him feel worse.

They’re going super in-depth on the cancer and the surgery options.


4th Letter from Chaim, they praise Chris for his reading abilities and he has a great joke mocking that compliment as he mispronounces this name.

Chaim wants to know about residual stimulant effects after drinking red bull despite giving up his use of Adderall.

Drew says it’s unwise to challenge yourself and Pat is sharing how he smokes and everyone thinks it’s better than using drugs.

Pat says he’s never had a red bull nor macaroni and cheese, he’s praising his mom for not bringing it into the house and he’s mentioning “Waverley” a restaurant in NYC that charges 45$ for the mac and cheese.