Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/03/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 235

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/03/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 235

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 04-28-2015 – Release Date 05-03-2015

Production Number #235 – Exploring the Bowl

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I do believe we owe a special thanks to Ed Malinowski @griffin_t_a the superfan who gifted Adam’s yearbook to him via Mike Dawson at the most recent Chicago shows. Ed is the guy who is also responsible for the majority of Urban Dictionary entries for Adam’s language creations.

Ed told me he found a yearbook and offered it to me, I told him Adam didn’t even have a copy and he instead got it to the Aceman.


Adam opens the show with a mandate to get it on and a thanks to the fans for keeping the show going, Drew is looking Adam’s yearbook and Gary gets on mic to explains the book was given to them in Chicago.

Drew is having a weird reaction to the yearbook, Adam is telling him to get his nose out of the book and Drew feels like he can smell the air of the photos in the book, he knows that time so well.

Adam is explaining how he couldn’t spell and it limited his ability to crack specific jokes in his yearbook comments for other students, Adam says he had to write “have a great summer” instead.


Adam is commenting on the wide variety of races and faces in the classmates from his school, Adam is now asking Drew why the Jewish and Asian kids were the only groups where nearly 100% of the students went on to college.

Adam says we blame the school and Adam is now arguing against the school to prison pipeline concept, Drew is arguing the perspective of struggling parents trying to make ends meet.

Adam is arguing that the parents are depressed and lazy and refusing to bust ass to motivate their kids through school and reach a better life, Adam is now using various candies to make a point to remove race from the discussion.


Adam is taking it back to the yearbook, Drew argues that affirmative action would be a start to this process, Adam says you can jump up the societal ladder in a single generation, Adam jokes about brown M&M’s and tops it with a yellow one liner while discussing admissions at Stanford.

Adam is now getting back to the articles people send him about the “school to prison pipeline” and how none of them mention broken homes and the benefit of intact family structures.

Drew says he sees some of that.


Drew brings up the death of longtime “Man about KROQ” Scott Mason, he was one of the founding hosts of Loveline in 1983, and Adam and Drew both have some very kind words for him.

Drew mentions doing Loveline with him for a couple years, Drew explains his rare medical condition and how he had to treat his various ailments.

Gary has some details and Drew reminds them that Bean from Kevin and Bean gave Scott his kidney, Adam credits Scott with making KROQ what it is today, and Drew hopes Scott wrote some of the stories down about what he witnessed over the years.


1st Caller Debbie, she’s calling them about a family member with a prostate cancer diagnosis who is refusing to undergo treatment and likely be cured.

Drew is now lamenting the public’s lack of understanding of biology and recommends some paths to treatment, Drew and Adam are talking about humans being superstitious natives and the inherent narcissism humans have regarding their bodies.

Adam is talking about religion and science, Adam credits religion to respecting authority and listening to guys in lab coats making a point about people no longer listening to science with the decrease in religious belief and masses of people falling in line.


Adam is now joking about Jenny McCarthy becoming the messiah of an atheist parent, He tells Drew about having BB’s oncologist on the ACS and the question form Chris D’Elia asking about BB’s pre diagnosis diet, Adam made note that BB had a “from the mouths of babes” moment when he told him about his chemotherapy related dietary changes.

Chris was asking from the POV of diet changes preventing or curing cancer, ACS #1562.

Adam is not blaming Chris, he’s just explaining this is where everyone’s mind first goes and now Drew is telling Adam about meeting the creators of Avastin and how they were perplexed by people thinking they had ill intentions and don’t understand their motivations.


Drew is doing a Casper mattress live read with an assist from Adam


2nd Caller Ben, he brings up the way football and sports helped shape Adam’s youth and wants to know when Adam is going to start coaching pop warner.

Adam explains that his schedule is fluid and not set as well as his son’s resistance to contact sports, Adam says he cannot get on a schedule and mentions the time he was coaching his son’s basketball team.

Adam says part of it is him being a hypocrite, he doesn’t need his son to be on a team and could give back to that community, Adam says it would be unfair to spend his limited time coaching other people’s sons while his kids are home without a dad.


Adam is now talking about the Hollywood YMCA and the kids names which he struggled to recall, Adam is bringing up the “half breed and Jew fro” riff from Kevin and Bean during Adam’s This Week in Rage segment and how a woman approached him at the Y assuming it was about her and her kids.

Adam got his hash settled by this woman who didn’t have a sense of humor, Adam is talking about the use of “half breed” which was cemented into Adam’s brain by Cher and is synonymous to him with Native Americans.

Adam is talking about the narcissistic nature of people who presume everything is about them, Adam gave up on that YMCA and he hopes Hollywood burns to the ground.


Adam is sharing how he’s now in a much nicer neighborhood with a usable school system, he brings up the differences between the school systems his kids have been in and the role intact families have played in the success stories of the nicer school district.


3rd Caller Victor, he needs to know what he can do to become more hyper vigilant to ease things in his home life, he’s sharing how he’s forgetful and wants to train himself like Adam has trained everyone.

Drew explains he’s not talking about “Hyper Vigilance” he’s talking about a specific type of memory mechanism and suggests some behavioral treatments he can look into.

Adam is telling Victor the goal and uses a “mental calories” example regarding how it feels to get behind the wheel of a rental car.


Adam is describing how you memorize the process of driving your car and he explains the reason why you want your life to be in a rhythm so repetitive actions are easy to do without thinking about them.

Adam is now talking about the earbud he keeps in his left pocket in between filming on ‘Catch a Contractor’ and tells Drew about interrupting his wife’s flow and how he caused her to leave her keys in the door because he unlocked it for her.

Adam shares his wife’s latest move of leaving the tesla cable draped across the drive way which then gets in his way, Adam is arguing for situational awareness and Drew is being practical.


Adam says that everyone else overestimates themselves which results in the commuter mug left on top of the car, Drew explains these mechanisms are developed early in life and Drew explains how Adam is so shut down he has the opposite route leading to a similar mechanism, he wants to bring his doctor pal back in Stephen Porges to fully map Adam’s specific situation.


Adam is doing a TruCar live read

Adam uses going to the dealership and wasted time as the theme of this read, citing his recent trip to get Lynette a car and how he found the dealerships to be lacking customer service.


4th Caller Emma, she claims to be a half breed and now Adam is calling for the Cher song, he jokes about how wildly offensive it would be for her to record this song in the get up she’s wearing in the original video.

They’re now listening to the song and watching the video of her performing it, they’re peppering in live commentary over Cher singing.

Adam is once again back to Sonny Bono and his success as an overrated hack, Adam says he was a creative pit and a bottomless cauldron of nothing but he had a motor and used that to make a 100 million in the entertainment business.

Drew is now reading the modern definition of “Half breed” and Emma now wants to ask about her peers who abuse drugs to get ahead in school, she brings up how it unfairly effects the grading curve and Drew says in addition to the dangers of abusing drugs this is cheating, it’s performance enhancement.


Adam makes a comparison to steroids and uses physical beauty to make a point about the obsolescence of the term “cheating” in these scenarios.

Adam says outwork everyone and you will be fine, he jokes about Emma using her half Asian genealogy to cheat the system.

Adam is plugging his latest Take a Knee with Nate Adams his filmmaking partner.