Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/03/2013 – Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/03/2013 – Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson and David Wild

Recorded 05-02-2013 – Release Date 05-03-2013

Production Number #1070

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Adam is opening the show with a funny DAG aside (he was originally scheduled to join Rampage) and David Wild in studio.

BB has a choice #TopDrop from Carl Weathers on the old morning show, Adam is having David Wild help him with an analogous reenactment to make a point about the delivery of the drop from Carl.

Adam and BB are doing a hilarious recreation of the origin of the drop, exceptional timing from Adam and BB as well, Alison has a funny one liner reply picking up on something Adam said.


Adam is sharing his Hollywood moment from earlier in the day involving Jay Leno and a borrowed car, Adam is sharing the mistake of calling right when the show was taping.

Jay Leno was asked for a specific car for James Franco to use in a Gucci advertisement and Leno didn’t have it so he referred them to Adam.

Adam is now telling the gang about the car, a 1966 Lamborghini 350GT and now Adam is on a related tangent about Enzo Ferrari and how he’s responsible for not only making his high quality cars but how his asshole nature inspired others to best his company.


Adam is now telling the classic story of how Lamborghini went from a tractor manufacturer on to become a superior car creator than even Ferrari.

Alison has a great question and now Adam is making note of the double standard for men and women when it comes to being assertive and how women can be unfairly labeled.

He’s claiming that Italians have a “triple standard” and BB just derailed the show by mentioning the USC Marshall Business school guys hanging out in the shop. BB seems to be in a high falootin mood crapping on the Aceman.


Adam is telling the gang about taping O’Reilly and how penmanship and other terms that have the word men/man/master being phased out, Adam is explaining how it all started with the airlines and the cockpit change up, as discussed by Adam on the just released Classic Loveline #88 from January 30th 1996 GREAT MAGNET!

Adam is now riffing in character as a pilot, he’s got a hilarious emphatic hypothetical reaction to the pilot speaking from the cockpit/flight deck.


David wants to know if Adam was on a plane sans pilot if he could be talked through landing a plane, Adam is claiming he would be good as he wouldn’t be panicking due to his cold blooded nature and “Atheist Serial Killer Robot” mindset.

Adam is now telling Alison about his experience flying model planes from the late 90’s and early 2000’s, his Y2K hobby if you will.

Adam is now riffing on the Master and Slave cylinders found in cars with a hydraulic clutch and how it’s soon to be on deck as well with this language police nonsense.


David is telling Adam to get a deposit from James Franco due to his actions in “Spring Breakers” and the possible things he could be doing in it, I would argue get a deposit in case he steals it like a certain rapper’s persona.

Adam is reading the details on the slave cylinder and David is breaking out his improv skills once again, hilarious!


Adam is having BB play “Radioactive” by “The Firm” and David has some interesting thoughts about the talent being wasted in the song, Adam is mocking the Dr. Seuss style lyrics.

Adam is recounting his conversation with Mike Lynch where he described scrubbing this song from his brain with a hilarious and extremely graphic metaphor.


David is now having the control room (Maybe BB?) play Susanna Hoffs “This is the Place” which David teases she might play this coming Sunday at Adam’s charity event in Malibu.

David is sharing an anecdote of a recent conversation with Jay Roach, Susanna’s husband and now Adam is suggesting that Jay direct Adam in a feature film.

Adam is using Susanna to explain how popular musicians can impress you with their true talent when paired down and playing acoustic.


Adam is now going off on the differences between how men and women doodle, He’s using Ray’s Ace on the House doodling and mocking the random swastikas found in the mess.

Adam is now pondering if women tend to doodle in a more rounded and circular fashion as opposed to geometric patterns like men often do.

Adam is bringing up how gay people doodle and has an interesting question.

Adam is now classifying doodling as a written form of mumbling, BB has a funny observation and Adam is making it gold!


Hobo Power

They’re now playing a very rare edition of the classic game from the old KLSX morning show, Adam is explaining the origins for this idea that emanate from Classic Loveline (1995-2005).

Adam is breaking down the rules and what the scores mean, 30 must equal vomit and 50 is the infamous plume from cat shit on a white hot hibachi


1st caller John, he has a theory on farts smelling worse in elevation and has a tale of his buddies farting up a car.

BB is bringing up the classic KLSX call featuring an EMT who found a dead person fused and liquefied on a toilet.


2nd caller Eric, he was visiting his girlfriend in NYC and was taking the subway when he found an empty car much to his delight, there was an actual hobo creating this hobo power.

A standard urine and fecal call, David has a semi insulting reasoning for why he should be given a bump in his score and Adam is explaining how there is no free lunch with hobos, he’s got an excellent empty street/street cleaning analogy.


3rd caller Alex, he was in in a community college (SHOCKING!) and Adam is mocking him for him questioning how someone like he is describing could get into community college.

Alison has some great reactions and Alex has some more peculiar phrasing.

Adam is digging into Alex while complimenting him, Alex is assuring Adam that he doesn’t have a form of autism nor Asperger’s and Adam is joking about Lynette undermining his confidence and how the only result that could come is not pleasant.


Adam is going super in depth with Gay/Autistic Alex and reassuring him that he doesn’t have any negative feelings towards him nor people of his persuasion or medical diagnosis.

Adam is now going off on people claiming he hates gay people based on his jokes, he’s explaining how he jokes about everything including his family and David is giving his take on it as a fan.

David is explaining how he defended Adam after a person he knows was accusing Adam of being anti-woman after the Lizz Winstead episode and Adam is now explaining how he doesn’t like hypocrisy of any kind.


Adam is now going off on hypocrisy and using his mom and her hatred of the government while taking money from them as his main point.

Adam is now explaining how he would be the world’s worst Klan member and that the suggestion that he hates any group is ludicrous because it would eat into his time focusing on shit he cares about.

BB is now jumping in for a killer Klan related improv, definitely should be in the running for the Ace Awards 2013, not the best but funny!


Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is joining the podcast for his first in studio appearance after he contributed from the audience during the last live show at Irvine with DAG.

Adam is now telling the gang about Chuck Liddell and his insane punching power to explain how tough Rampage is that he could not only survive but also defeat him in the octagon.

Adam is leaving out the part where Chuck had to try 3 times to beat Adam’s record high score on the punching arcade machine they had in the KLSX studio.


Adam is now asking Quinton about cutting weight and his techniques, he’s explaining why you never go in the sun in a “sunning suit” and has a great drop that might be a new classic.

Alison has a great question and he’s now elaborating on what happens, Adam has a killer one liner and Alison and BB have decent follow up quips.

Adam is now joking about the one guy who always screws up during the weigh in’s while holding the privacy towel.


Adam is now asking Quinton to come into the next weigh in, come in heavy just enough to require the underpants to be taken off, once again this idea involved a prosthetic penis.

Quinton is game and has a funny idea about what would happen with his luck, Adam is now taking it back to the UFC and asking him about fighting Jon Jones.

Quinton is complimenting Jon and his skills despite losing to him, Adam is now declaring Jon the prime example of the evolution of the MMA style and how guys now come up doing MMA training as opposed to learning the skills individually.


Adam is asking what’s next for Quintin in the fighting realm of his career and asking him about his experiences with the UFC.

Quinton is being a great sport and telling the truth about how he feels, this is an amazing and very real appearance from Rampage.

Adam is explaining how the UFC is analogous to MTV in how it creates “stars” and the trappings that go along with it.


Adam is complimenting Rampage and his work in “The A-Team”, Adam is now mocking the concept of him using an acting coach.

Rampage is once again being a good sport and rolling with the jokes, he’s telling them about a scene that actually did require some acting prowess.

Adam is citing Randy Couture and his long running career to explain the lack of age restrictions in the MMA world.


Rampage and Adam are discussing the impulse to want to beat up the toughest guy, Adam is explaining how he gets the “fuck a porn star” impulse but not its twin cousin.

Adam is citing Mike Tyson and his security entourage to further his point, Rampage is talking about his “bro” type fans and what he doesn’t like, Adam is citing his own reactions to shot requests.

Adam has a killer reply to the question about whether he travels with a bodyguard and is explaining the two things that rarely happen to him.

Adam is explaining his former work as a boxing coach and how it might slow people down when it comes to trying to fight him.


Alison has a fighting question and wants to know the meaning behind having a “strong mind” and Rampage has an eloquent reply that sums it up pretty well.

Adam has an equally insightful explanation and Alison is in the mix helping him further his point, some great Mohamed Ali and Roberto Duran references from Adam.


Alison’s News

Her stop story is on the remains of the deceased Boston bombing “suspect” being picked up, Adam has a funny riff on the limited information.

BB is jumping in with a great improv/reenactment, nice work and of course Adam is right in step, hilarious!

Alison has information on their initial plan and Adam is riffing on the idea of terrorists scrapping their early ideas and how they must have to come up with a first plan to abandon, BB has a perfect and understated “needlessly elaborate”.


Adam just invented “Hameed the Waffler” and BB is jumping in for some good comedy, Adam is in character taking his popcorn balls and going home, BB gets his own hilarious terrorist nickname and has a perfectly timed reaction.

Adam is making some larger points and they’re now on the topic of security cameras, BB has an excellent question asking what they get the most use out of them for and Alison has a great call back to Adam’s joke about the pens on a chain found at the bank.


2nd story is on the death of Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly, Adam is interrupting to make a point using an infamous baseball being purchased on EBay to be fed into a wood chipper.

Adam is now explaining how the Boston “suspects” body should have been sold on eBay to recover the lost expenses tracking him down.

Adam has a hilarious bit of chastising for BB, Adam wants to blow up a terrorist and he’s now got a new PPV event suggestion for Quinton with a killer series of jokes about what would happen.


Alison is back to the 2nd story and Adam has a funny question about his pants, Alison is stepping in to give the story appropriate weight, Adam has a nice reaction to the quote from Jermaine Dupri who produced their albums and founded their group.

BB has a funny comment and Adam jumps in with more comedic chastising, good stuff.

Adam is asking Quinton about his entrance music, Adam has a killer reaction to the reveal that he enjoys hip hop and he’s explaining how the UFC clears the music for you.

Adam is trying to get DMX to live rap for Rampage upon his next entrance into the ring for his new as of yet unnamed fighting organization.


BB is now playing some “Wilson Phillips” for Rampage who claims to be unaware of their music, Adam is explaining how it reeks of confidence to enter the ring to this song.

Rampage has a real world story about a guy from Russia entering the ring to some “Pussy Cat Dolls” music and Adam is trying to get him to consider “Ann Murray”.


Alison just wrapped the news and Adam is trying to have BB set him up for the music he requested but BB reveals he’s not allowed to play it at the same time as the live read, interesting inside info!

Adam wants Rampage to enter the ring to Alice Cooper’s “Only Women Bleed” and BB is playing it while Adam walks him through it.

Adam is inviting Rampage back to the show when he wants to announce the new fighting organization he’s setup with and Adam is plugging the speed coverage of the “Toyota Celebrity Grand Prix” and has a plug for the new “Bewm!” ringtone from Producer/Assistant Matt.