Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/02/2016 – Natasha Leggero, Dr. Drew, and Dr. Bruce

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/02/2016 – Natasha Leggero, Dr. Drew, and Dr. Bruce

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Natasha Leggero, Dr. Drew, and Dr. Bruce

Recorded 05-01-2016 – Release Date 05-02-2016

Production Number #1812

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Adam opens the show to a “he’s a Barbie girl in a Barbie world” intro, Adam thanks the fans for the support and welcomes the gang to the show.

BB plays Dr. Bruce’s “I have the highest capacity to irritate you” as today’s #TopDrop.

Adam is now talking about his thoughts in his head, he cites the various construction conundrums in his mind, he cites Lynette asking him why he didn’t just cut through the beam.


Adam shares Lynette’s hilarious “I think we could ask Dave” reply to him calling her out on her structural integrity flub, Adam asked her to ask her engineer brother and she suggested she could ask her other brother who has schizophrenia.

Adam says his mind switched to other topics and Bruce brings up the time he brought a copy of ‘The Drama of The Gifted Child’ into Loveline to give to Adam.

Adam shares a conversation with Sonny about how little Adam reads, Adam likes watching other people’s stuff but would rather create himself.


Adam has a homework update and tells the gang about Natalia acting in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ over the weekend, she played a fork and a saucer.

Adam talks about how Sonny was rocking in his seat, tortured to be forced to sit still and endure little girls playing on stage.

Adam is talking about society’s goal to break men and force men to endure things they have no interest in, Adam is listing all of the no’s delivered to young men.


Adam says his poor son and all of their friends are dying to play football during recess but they’re not allowed, Adam talks about how this is driving his son nuts.

BB cites the movie ‘Fight Club’ and makes a point about what Adam is referring to, Adam talks about men being beaten into “evolving” into women.

Adam says soccer is boring as shit, he says “that’s for fags” using the vernacular of the time, BB has a great reaction to that comment.


Bruce mentions reverse parenting and Adam says he recorded the last ever Loveline and Bryan gives his take on the huge group of people that were present, including the agent and manager he fired.

Adam is saying there are a bunch of people who want to say nice things, Adam didn’t wander into the other room very often.

Adam says there are plenty of celebrity weirdos, he is not so weird about it that he needs to do anything about it, he just doesn’t want attention.


Adam says the attention is a hassle, Adam says he and Drew were the least emotional about the final episode and Gary shares his take from the other room.

Adam says the show always meant way more to the listeners than anyone on staff, Adam say it would be like The Patriots or The Golden State Warriors if they didn’t keep records.

Adam says there was never a scoreboard, he cites some interesting facts like how they got a 50% audience share in St. Louis.


Adam recalls telling people that when he leaves the show would be coming with him, Adam cites his carpentry skills and why you would want him running your job, he won’t take your pills nor raid your daughter’s panties.

Adam is explaining how people would ask him about the secret, the formula, what was it that made Loveline so special, Adam would say it was him and BB plays the “you cunt” drop from Dr. Drew.

Adam says the format they used was old as radio existed, BB says it was the magic of Adam and Drew that made it irreplaceable.


Adam says nobody every factored in his talent and the first conversation he had about being replaced, he recalls his “have fun” reply.


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Adam is talking about his kids and watching Natalia in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and what a great head start live performances are for kids.

Adam recalls being 23 and not knowing what “up stage” meant, unaware of stage directions and he now realizes how he could have benefited from some of these types of productions.

Adam is fully supportive of his daughter’s interest in acting and he riffs about never imaging having stage time as a youth, he was being realistic as this, what Adam does didn’t exist at the time.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Chad, he’s looking forward to Endless Rant IPA, Adam praises how good it is and BB shares some facts about it.

Bruce immediately shits on Adam’s beer and the alcohol content, citing IPA’s with higher percentages.

Adam asks them to call Lynette as she was eager to have the beer promoted on air, Adam says he knew Dr. Bruce would be booked and would ruin things by shitting on it, joking he would do a spit take if they gave him one to sample on air.


Bruce tries to spin his comments and make them less shitty and Adam explains why he wanted to keep the taste good and the alcohol in the mid-range.

Adam is sharing the conversation with the web guy about the shipping for the 6 pack, as it’s 22.5oz of beer but in 6 cans.

Adam plugs a live event at Crown Harbor, Gary has the details that it’s not open to fans, they have two tickets they’re raffling for the audience.


Chad brings up the NFL draft and the video that was released of Laremy Tunsil smoking pot that cost him millions and dropped him to the 13th round of the draft.

Adam would prefer to focus on things not being important than ratting people out for non-events, Adam is sharing the Donald Trump campaign advisor and the gossip about possible assault charges being filed for a non-event.

Adam has a funny observation about pot use being heavy among sports that involve “assists” and Adam shares how he presumes that Marshawn Lynch smokes pot.


Adam says these are many children, entering the league straight from school.

Adam is making a point about brain development and how he questions the coach who never tell the players to sport jewelry and various other flare that might not help you one draft day.

Adam is suggesting coaches force players to wear what Tim Tebow wore and he cites the Bishop Don ‘Magic’ Juan.


Adam reacts to a family member possibly leaking the video of Laremy and BB weighs in as well, Gina brings up the player Zeke who was wearing a half shirt.

Adam is now asking for a picture of the human being they’ve been discussing for the past 90 minutes.

Adam asks if there are people who hear the show in the vicinity of the studio, Gary asks if he didn’t have the picture of Laremy up 12 minutes ago. He did but Adam wanted to talk about his jewelry.


Tommy JohnNice for racing, beats regular underpants, good for skipping rope Edition


Adam wants Gary to get him a picture from the draft, BB is now pulling the rug out on Dr. Bruce’s intro for Health Watch.


Health Watch

Adam asks BB to do some math with him about the various pieces of jewelry and BB as well as Gary both explain how a player can sign with an agent before the draft.

Adam is trying to make a point about the message that the players are putting out there, not that of a humble college student.


Dr. Bruce has some data about prostate cancer and ejaculation, he goes over the amount of releases vs. cancer risk decreases.

Adam is now talking about the human body and conditions like pica where people are compelled to eat dirt.

Bruce is now bringing up the death of Prince and the current opioid epidemic in this country, Adam shares what he was telling Drew about advancing age and the risk of opioid addiction later in life due to medical intervention.


Adam says it’s the same potential that freaks humans out regarding the randomness of terrorism and Bruce goes into how cartels now make pills and add other chemicals to what looks like Norco.


Bruce has some new data about hookah smoking and the health risks, Adam has a killer riff about “natural” smoking and Adam is mixing it up with marijuana and bongs, that’s not what Bruce was talking about.

Adam keeps talking about pot, Bruce was talking about hookah tobacco.

Adam is making a point about inhaling smoke and Bruce switches gears.


Bruce says beer and chocolate in your diet increases healthy guy bacteria.


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They head to break


They’re back from break with Natasha Leggero making her 6th appearance on the show, 5th as a guest.

I was actually the guest on the show the first time she was on, she was filling in as guest news girl and was a very kind, hilarious and a great person and comedian.

They return to the show with a new listener voicemail about the price that is right to suck another man’s dick, he wants to know what Adam’s number is.


Adam wonders if instinctively he would take to it, because he’s been on the other end so many times he might be a defacto expert on cock-sucking, he jokes about BB having sucked cocks already.

Natasha is now asking Adam about taking money to blow guys, Adam says he has the luxury of being an atheist and he’s done wrestling with his sexuality “cause I’m tired” – Adam

Adam says he would work out a routine for blowing guys for money, Natasha talks about this awakening something in him, his “sleeping homo” and Adam jokes about coming out to his son.


Adam uses middle age men working at a carwash to make a point about prostitution and the hypocrisy of arguments against it.


Natasha is telling them about her tour with her husband Moshe Kasher and she corrects Adam on using the term “hubby” and Natasha is now telling them about working with Andrew Dice clay.

Adam is asking her about being around Dice full time, Adam says this is his “Ron Jeremy Syndrome” and he explains he likes him but he can’t always invest the energy to interact with the man.

Adam is explaining how he avoids other people and then reacts when he gets caught by said person he was attempting to avoid.


Natasha is telling them about eating at restaurants and maintaining her physique, Adam tells her about how he packs on the weight and the people he knows who can eat whatever and look like they work out and how they ended up being losers.

Natasha brings up comedy and how someone “earns it” like via doing open mics, the open mics of life.

Adam is explaining who you want as an employee, Natasha jokes about finally getting into working out and changing her diet.


Adam asks her about Moshe, she tells Adam about eating a macrobiotic diet and ordering prepared healthy food.

Adam is making a point about childhood poverty and not doing things for yourself as an adult like ordering healthy premade food.

Natasha tells them about her mom who was a locksmith and she says the warehouse always reminds her of the place her mom worked, she mentions the nosegay she carries with her that’s dipped in lavender.


Adam talks about Vicks vapor rub and how he shoves it up in his nose, Natasha jokes with Adam about it and he explains he does it when racing to wake himself up and cover up the smell of asbestos.

Dawson schools them on “snuff” and Adam plugs Natasha’s various projects.

Dr. Drew just walked in and he’s begging to be let into the studio, BB has some awesome “you cunt” drop work.


Drew is fresh from a board meeting, explaining why he’s dressed up.

Drew says he’s a huge fan of Natasha and ‘Another Period’ her series on Comedy Central, Adam compliments her work on the Comedy Central roasts.


Drew brings up Jeff Ross and jokes about Adam being nicer during a roast than normal life, Adam brings up the friendly fire element of the roasts and how everyone on the deus gets it.

Drew says he participated in a roast but can’t recall whose roast it was.

Adam is now saying he is going to what a despot leader does, he will have a roast event scheduled for him, where all of the comedians just compliment his super wide cock, hilarious!


Drew shits the bed with “short and wide” missing the point, Gary is well aware of this move.

Drew says “cock roast” and Adam tells him to sit on every thought, Natasha says the roast’ees make a lot of money from them.

Natasha gives her take on Justin Bieber and his roast, Natasha says she was a mean person at 19.


Dr. Drew tells Natasha about his prostate cancer and how he’s now 3 years removed from the surgery to remove it, at 5 years he will be in the clear.

Adam is giving the details on his first prostate exam and how the doctor presumed he was familiar with the procedure.

Adam is telling them about a lady doctor he talked to about the exam and everyone jumps in and jokes about his comment before he can finish his though.


The BouqsStandard Live Read Edition


Adam asks how many people prefer women vs. men for prostate exams and Drew explains that many guys don’t like male urologists as they get really up in your butthole.

Natasha tells them about her gay male gynecologist, Adam jokes about this being an angle he’s playing and him having a constant raging boner all day.

Natasha says the gynecologist being gay sure does make women want to see him, Adam is arguing that’s very shrewd.


Adam brings up inspirational posters and suggests fake gay families for straight male gynecologists, to decorate their office to fool patients.

Adam asks Natasha about her hard out, she asks Adam and Drew if they’re friends and says she’s never heard Loveline.

Natasha asks if it is like Dr. Ruth, Adam recalls a Dr. Ruth call he heard and the “yeah, when I’m done” the reply from the caller who pulled out, but only on his terms.

Natasha gives out another plug and they let her go.


Drew brings up the last episode of Loveline and Adam says it was too big of a “kasha” for him and he explains the two possible wirings for humans, using a great analogy of someone falling down or taking a hit and then either popping back up to hide their broken leg vs. laying down to milk a non-event and gain sympathy.

Adam doesn’t like the attention, Drew once again brags about Kathy Griffin being booked for the show, Adam still says she got some plugs in and it was valuable to her as well.

Adam says Drew didn’t tell him where they were recording the last episode, Gary tell them about driving to Westwood One and encountering a very confused black security guard who Adam proclaims was likely confused before Gary arrived.


Adam talks about the Culver City of 20 years ago and how it was a burnt-out hellhole, BB shares his recollections and Gina can’t even imagine it.

Adam recalls the Classic Loveline with Robert Blake who pointed at the hotel nearby that reminded him of his childhood in a very negative way.


Worx Switch DriverA good tool, Adam has been using it on his deck Edition


Drew is telling them about the modern treatments and screening for prostate cancer, BB asks about the potential to crossover cancer treatments to different types of the diseases.

Adam is now back to his conversation with his “lady doctor” and the giant poster of W.C. Fields behind her as she lectured Adam about smoking and drinking.

Adam asked her to possibly rearrange the pictures, he doesn’t thing the office cam with a chain-smoking alcoholic.

Adam explains her reason for why they have the posters setup the way they do, mocking her use of “enjoy” when describing the prostate exam.

Gina has a funny “duck soup” one liner and they move on.


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Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show, BB has a solid “that’s for fags” closing drop from Adam describing his ignorant childhood view of soccer/football.