Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/02/2014 – Dana Gould and the Sklar Brothers

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/02/2014 – Dana Gould and the Sklar Brothers

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Dana Gould and the Sklar Brothers

Recorded 05-01-2014 – Release Date 05-02-2014

Production Number #1316

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Dana is now opening the show to what Alison calls more of an official intro than anyone else, despite forgetting to mention and introduce her, he has a great Star Wars reference.

Alison now says that when she stops talking she may as well not be there, that’s not true, that’s what a select minority might think, now Dana is joking about Adam’s audience and their feelings towards women.

Now Dana and Alison are sharing the details of their filming experience for Road Hard, Dana has a Rowan and Martin “Laugh In” film reference, he’s now explaining the show to the young ignorant people in the audience.


Alison is now asking about them popping out of lockers, it was then redone on “You Can’t Do that on Television” in part clearly inspired by “Laugh In” she seemed to pick up the connection.

Dana is now telling a David Letterman anecdote about a “Laugh In” joke wall bit, now Dana is asking how someone doesn’t go crazy when they are working around 200-300 other people dedicated to their happiness.

Dana has a Hitler reference that makes Alison laugh, he then explains it’s a historical fact not a joke.


Dana is now telling her about accidentally walking into David Letterman’s dressing room and she has an anecdote about Bill O’Reilly after saying she shouldn’t share it.

Now she’s telling Dana about Adam appearing on Bill’s show, she’s leaving out the very important point that Adam says every time, he goes on the show to mock Bill, he’s not in line with his politics and he doesn’t work for him.

Dana has a telling “uh huh” reply, Alison is quoting Adam but leaving out some of it, I wish she would better clarify Adam’s argument and politics much like I assume he would if she was absent and he was describing her.


Dana is now citing the infamous Bill O’Reilly meltdown clip on YouTube and he’s telling Alison about the last time he had a big blow-up around his kids, the time a woman thought he slapped his daughter in a parking lot.


Dana has a “Luka” reference which leads him to say that there is no crossover between Adam Carolla and Suzanna Vega’s audience, On Classic Loveline #5464 from July 9th 1997 Suzanne Vega appeared on Loveline and actually dang a duet on “Tom’s Diner” with Adam Carolla.

Dana makes an assumption on this one and couldn’t be more wrong because Adam’s biggest fan who is typing this actually has that version of “Tom’s Diner” as his main ringtone, wow GREAT MAGNET!


Dana and Alison are now bonding over the song and its lyrics, Alison is sharing the first time she heard the song “Luka” and now Dana is telling her about a Jeremy Kramer stand up bit.

Dana is now explaining what he did when that woman accused him of hitting his kids, he’s now sharing some info from his brother about throwing someone off by asking out of context questions.

Dana is telling Alison about his “Old this please” banana closer and drive off move.


Alison is now sharing the details of her last tantrum and telling Dana about playing in a band, Dana says he doesn’t want to brag but he’s tight with a Bangle.

Dana is teasing like Adam doesn’t know Suzanna Hoffs too and like she didn’t just play live music at his charity benefit at his home a year ago.

Dana is now joking about men and the noises they make during orgasm, how dark it is that men make the worst noises possible and say horrible things at a moment that’s supposed to be absolute pleasure.


Dana is revealing that he has a girlfriend without saying that, Alison wants to know more and she’s bringing up Arden Myrin.

Alison is now asking Dana about his life post-divorce and he says it’s very unrewarding for comedic purposes, Alison is now telling Dana about the secondhand details from her father’s divorce to his first wife.

Dana is trying to move past the serious stuff and Alison is finishing her story of the tantrum when she was recording with her band.


Dana is now sharing the origin of the band name “The muffs” and he’s joking about pubic bushes and letting Alison finish the story.

Alison is sharing about her small fit on camera, Dana is now prepping Alison for the kinds of tantrums that children throw.

Dana is now throwing it to break.


They’re back from break with another “Attack Ad” for President Me, Adam’s 3rd book with Mike Lynch, which I can’t wait to read and listen to, wonder if they topped NTBM.

Thanks to Adam, Mike Lynch, and Mike Dawson and of course Michael Prell.

You can pre-order the Book in Hardcover via Carolla’s Amazon link, Audiobook CD/Audible and eBook(kindle).


The Sklar Brothers, Randy and Jason are making their 2nd appearance on the ACS, they were on in June of 2012 for ACS Production Number #840.

They are praising the intro and getting right into Dana’s topic from earlier about daughters, Jason(I think) is telling them about teaching his daughter how ride a bike, he’s explaining the scenario.

Jason and Randy are telling Dana about their kids, he says one is so young it’s like having a brisket.


Alison is asking Dana if he wanted daughters, Dana is now switching things up and doing the plugs up top, he’s got some great self-deprecation mocking his grueling editing time, for him and the listeners.

They’re telling Dana and Alison about their upcoming special and joking about all performers in Canadian being required to give Dave Foley’s ex-wife all of their money, referencing Dave Foley’s appearances on WTF and DLM podcasts several years ago.

Dana is now asking the Sklar’s about psychic twin powers and citing a friend with twins and a crazy secondhand anecdote.


Dana has a killer “The Shining” reference and now one of the Sklar’s is describing raising daughters and joking about giving kids booze.

They’re all joking about Willie Nelson’s black belt and Dana is bringing Elvis into it, the Sklar’s are explaining how never hearing know makes people go insane, Dana is now connecting it to Woody Allen and his alleged crimes.

Dana is joking about rape and the Sklar’s are immediately pretending to be offended, more likely they don’t want to get yelled at by fans of their podcast network, the same ones who went nuts when Adam guested on Sklarbro Country and didn’t even swear, just talked about sports for an hour.


Dana is asking them about attending the same college and sharing his own disdain for being in the presence of his brother, they’re explaining the options you have as twins, the all or nothing options or something more akin to their unique take on it.

Once again someone says “Carolla’s audience” implying that nobody wants to hear interesting twin facts, WTF?

Dana comes to the defense this time, such disdain and worry, makes no sense.


They’re all now riffing, Latvian is the key phrase and Dana is sharing an anecdote from a scene in a movie.


Blah Blah Blog

1st Blog – Mark Ruffalo, Ted Danson or Darren Aronofsky?

The Sklars are sharing their “Things get Ruffalo in Buffalo” idea/joke and Dana is joking about anal fracking and the rock monsters in “Noah.”


2nd Blog – Mark Ruffalo, Jamie Lee Curtis or Oprah Winfrey?

They’re now joking about Oprah buying The Clippers and Dana is riffing in character as Oprah recreating the exact same racist phone call after buying the team, this premise is gold and I wished they kept riffing it.

Dana says that this patriarchal condescending bullshit makes him not want to do the things he is inclined to do and believes in, almost in rebellion.

Alison is sharing how she knew it was Jaimie Lee, The Sklars have a hermaphrodite joke.


3rd Blog – Mark Ruffalo, Ben Affleck or Robert Redford

They have a couple Patty McGuire references and the Sklars mother actually taught her in school, Dana has an anecdote about being taught by Joe Perry’s mom, the P.E. Teacher.

They’re all weighing in and Alison thinks she’s cracked Lynch’s code, Alison has a killer carpet drapes on liner about Robert Redford and the guys are all riffing with her.

Dana is now riffing about manscaping and the concept of making it look better, he’s using the term chicken parts and Alison has a great reply.


4th Blog – Mark Ruffalo, Stephen Hawking or Richard Branson

The Sklars are bringing up the domestic dispute that Stephen was involved in, joking about the idea of it.

Alison is sharing her reasoning and now Dana is joking about Stephen looking like his reflection in an angry sea, Dana is telling them about meeting him when he recorded an episode of the Simpsons.

Dana is now sharing Kevin Rooney’s observation about Stephen Hawking, the same one I had at age 12 in 1995 and everyone probably has too.

Dana and the Sklars are joking about Stephen and computer key shortcuts for suicide.


5th Blog – Mark Ruffalo, Naomi Campbell or Shakira

Alison says she doesn’t appreciate the guys from behind the booth helping out the guests, some off air shenanigans.

Dawson has a great point about Alison on track to win her first ever game, Alison is now panicking under pressure and changing up her answer.

Dawson is now helping out Dana and Alison is explaining how Adam tries to assist her with strategies she often doesn’t understand.


Tie Breaker – Russell Simmons, Phil Jackson or Paul McCartney?

Dana goes on a crazy riff about Oprah’s chainsaw wound pussy and her queefs, Alison wins the game!

The Sklars and Dana are bonding over their thoughts on super famous people and how they can’t escape their fame even on the most extreme and remote vacation.

Dana is now wrapping up the show and Alison is once again doing the heavy lifting like the pro that she is, giving out the plugs.