Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/01/2013 – Eli Roth, Brad Williams and Ray Oldhafer

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/01/2013 – Eli Roth, Brad Williams and Ray Oldhafer

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Eli Roth, Brad Williams and Ray Oldhafer

Recorded 04-30-2013 – Release Date 05-01-2013

Production Number #1068

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Adam is opening the show with a tease for the jam packed almost 2hr show ahead, Adam and BB are now jumping right back to their “Pain and Gain” reviews and the infamous “Murky pond toe recovery” scene.

Adam is getting BB to defend his point from yesterday, Alison is wisely predicting that Adam is leading BB down a path of doom in regards to this story and Adam is referencing his airport pictures of people and their dogs.

Adam is explaining why and how he takes the photos of the people at the airports with their “sacks that fart” and is now on a hilarious Ben Stein riff.


Alison is now reading the actual facts about the story behind the movie and Adam is defending his position that consistent reminders of it being a true story when in fact it’s not is a form of gaslighting.

Adam is making a great point about restaurants and the legalities of claiming things that aren’t true about their foodstuffs and BB has an excellent point about calorie free food.

Adam is labeling himself as smart and BB has a great aside, get that drop of yourself!


Adam is back to the Jerky they ate en route to Merced and thanking “The Maniac” Chris for making a trek to the shop, Adam is doing a plug but not a plug as he is actually in love with this stuff.

Perhaps the best Crave Jerky live read, Adam is giving fair warning that you will be ruined on jerky if you start eating crave and has a hilarious junkie riff that tangentially touches on “Midnight Express”.

Adam is now sharing his behind the scenes chat with Gary about Brad Williams’s upcoming phone call and the hilarious twist, BB has a funny observation about Adam’s old Loveline days and the callers.

BB is trying to massage the history of LL and Adam is stepping in to give a more accurate description.


Adam is sharing his dinner table conversation with Natalia and her friend, Adam is citing the super unsatisfying answer Sonny gave about what he wants to be when he grows up.

Adam is now on a tangent about how he misses seeing people with really horrible skin, he also misses the guy with the one leg longer than other.

The gang are all weighing in on acne, Alison has some very sympathetic replies and BB has some decent points.


Brad Williams is now on the line and they have some good short comedy up top, Adam is asking Brad to share his story about his experience on a flight with a “service animal”.

Brad has some great comedy about being his size in a 1st class seat and Adam is calling it “such a waste” with a great Keds one liner.

Brad is now getting to the “Service Dog” with anxiety that he was forced to fly with, Adam is asking if this is a good direction for society to be heading, and Adam has a great “One Direction” comment.

Alison has a great name drop from the band, BB has a decent one liner and Adam comes back to bury Alison with an insane series of comments comically misinterpreting what she said.


Adam is explaining how many people have fear and phobias about being in the presence of Dogs and he’s using that counter argument to defend his own point.

Adam is now calling for Brad to get a giant service dog that he can “ride”, this is amazing!

They’re now riffing up a storm about this hilarious idea, don’t miss this!

Adam is wrapping with Brad and explaining how anything he pre-complains about will come to pass, he’s using the designated potty areas to exemplify his point.


Ray is now in studio after Adam busts Producer Gary’s balls a bit, Adam is talking about his dog Molly and how saying the word “Walk” makes her trail you until you leave the house.

Adam is telling the gang about his 9 dog year’s length of a phone call that he felt bad about as it delayed her walk.

Ray wants to know if Adam has ever peed on Molly, Adam is explaining all the reasons why he doesn’t do that and Ray claims to have peed on Molly’s “good ear” wow!


Ace on the House

Adam is appreciating the fact the Tonight Show band played the theme song to the show when Adam was guesting, Ray has a super professional live read for Maxima Style.


1st caller Justin is a homeowner and now Adam is busting Ray’s balls and Ray is rolling with it perfectly, Alison wants to know about Justin and his 3 ½ percent down payment and BB has the answer.

Justin has some door trouble, Adam and Ray are stepping in to correct him and they have some funny Mortise comedy.


2nd caller Willie, has a problem with a window in his apartment, bugs are infesting his place via a faulty screen and Adam is explaining how he likes the look of foil on a window, he’s got a hilarious description of what is says about you and BB has a perfect deadpan addition.

Adam is giving the caller some practical advice and Ray is getting him to elaborate on where the bugs are coming from.

Adam has a great point about Willie’s profession and the global addiction to petrol that lines the pockets of counties that abuse their populace and cause chaos for the rest of us.


Alison is asking Adam and Ray about how much her landlords were required to do in regards to maintenance at her various apartments over the years and Adam is explaining their supposed role in non-rent controlled environments.

Adam and Ray are telling Alison about the air blade to keep flies out of supermarkets and Ray has his 3rd or 4th attempt at a joke and Adam is now shouting at him and doing the “spaz” voice mocking him, he’s in the right because he did have an excellent callback to Brad that Ray did step on.

Adam is telling Ray he’ll sign him up for the next “closed mic” night at the improv and Adam is riffing about one fly who has been training to get past the super market air knife, he’s on a roll with some great quotes of his fly coaches, BB is in the mix and it’s gold!


3rd caller Corey, he’s a faux home owner and Adam wants to know the etiquette when it comes to hearing someone still lives in their childhood home at nearly 50yrs old.

BB is sharing an anecdote about his elderly neighbor who recently passed away and he’s trying to put a positive spin on it once two generations pass.

Adam is now discussing his mom living in his grandma’s rental property for the rest of her life, whoa!


Adam and Ray are asking him about the problem, Corey needs to soundproof his basement/bedroom, and Adam and Ray are on a bizarre and hilarious tangent in reply to Adam’s custom molded ear plugs description.

Adam is wrapping with Ray and they’re plugging the brand new “Bewm” ringtone from the Porcelain Punisher himself.


Eli Roth is joining the show for his 2nd appearance, he was on ACP #277 with Dickie Barret for “The Boston Podcast” as they called it, one of the guest hosted episodes without Adam, BB or a news gal, so this is for fact his 1st appearance on the dedicated podcast ACS format and his first time on the podcast with Adam.

Eli did appear on the old KLSX ACS once or twice as well, maybe one in person, one phoner if memory serves.

Adam is telling Eli how much he loved “Inglorious Basterds” especially Eli’s role and now Eli is elaborating on his childhood dream to kill Nazis and the super interesting reveal that the German actors playing the Nazi’s also were rooting for their characters deaths.


Adam is sharing the success of “Hostel” by describing its limited budget and insane profit, Eli is explaining his motivation and inspiration for Hostel.

Eli is now telling Adam how great his role in “The Hammer” was, I agree 100% and Eli seems to be very genuine and honest about his appreciation.

Eli thinks “The Hammer” would do infinitely better in today’s climate and how his upcoming “Aftershock” is fully independent.

Adam and Eli are discussing the paradigm shift when it comes to film financing due to websites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, Adam just revealed he will be shooting a teaser scene with Bryan Cranston very soon for his next movie.


Eli is explaining how his friend shot his last movie and how they shot “Aftershock” on SLR cameras, Adam is praising the digital era for the benefits of editing and production.

Eli is sharing some of the cool tricks they pulled off with the shooting, this movie sounds great!

They’re now discussing the earthquake in Chile, Eli is explaining the nature of Santiago and how the cast and crew were affected by it.

Eli is telling a super compelling and compact description of events, somehow his 90 seconds of talking captured my attention more than the entire news coverage of the disaster.


Adam has now segued to Irwin Allen’s “Earthquake” and the premise of the films, Eli is explaining the genius of Irwin by casting Academy Award winners from the 1930’s.

Adam and Eli are dropping old timey actor names up a storm and Adam is asking for the poster for “Towering Inferno”, Eli is super well versed in all this, awesome guest!

Eli is sharing the story of his mistaken production design in a cemetery while shooting his new film “Aftershock” whoa!


Adam is asking Eli about Quentin Tarantino, He’s explaining that he’s not what you think and that his interview persona is not exactly who he is off camera and his surprising knowledge of world history.

Adam loves that Quentin is so confident in his writing and performers that he lets the scenes breathe, BB is backing him up and it’s now a QT love fest.

Adam is using his rush past the foreplay analogy, complete with some puns and hilarious terminology.


They’re now back to Quentin and his work on “Basterds” Eli is revealing QT’s in depth writing process that paid off and now they’re praising “Christoph Waltz” and his amazing performance.

Adam is telling Eli about Christoph and his appearance on the ACS as well as Adam’s Oscar win prediction.

Adam is now making an amazing point about Christoph’s life if QT was never born and has a great “Small Wonder” reference while mocking German TV and Alison has a funny reply/reaction.


Eli is making some excellent points about QT’s abilities and his writing style, Adam is now referencing “The Fast and the Furious” to make his point, he’s citing the original 2001 film and it’s “don’t worry about it” plot structure.

Adam is calling it super lazy and he’s now on “Django Unchained” to further his point and Eli is taking it back to his new film “Aftershock” and it sounds amazingly compelling.

Eli is explaining his fascination with the fragility of society and how the minor problems of life are made to seem so trivial in the face of chaos and disaster.

Eli is taking it back to Hitchcock to further his point about the concept behind the movie, Eli is sharing some more tragic stories from the actual earthquake that inspired his new film and Adam is smoothly working in a “” live read.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the FDA approving the morning after pill for over the counter use for people over 15, Adam has only been demanding this for 14-17yrs since his days on Classic Loveline.

Adam is continuing the hilarious twist Eli started on this story in reply to Alison’s facts and Alison has a very insightful take on the medication now being available and how it should be available to the youngest people possible.

Adam is now on a great analogy about free syringe programs and how even though some of these preventative ideas are unpleasant they are necessary to prevent far worse consequences.


Adam is now on a male pattern baldness analogy to explain the hypocrisy of anti-abortion people not supporting emergency contraception and Alison is jumping in to finish Adam’s point, they hate recreational sex.

Eli is touching on the crazy argument regarding emergency contraception preventing implantation, the Dr. Drew reply is that it’s only a hypothetical risk and its minute, under 10% and the same people complaining about it, probably take other common medications that actually do prevent implantation, furthering their hypocrisy as they prevent their own “implantations” to extend their selfish lives.

BB wants to know if Eli is ever mistaken for actor Zachary Quinto and he has a great story about it happening while on a first date, Adam has a Joe Francis twist and says Eli is more attractive.


Adam is sharing how he saw Eli being “attacked” by an octopus via TMZ, and Eli wants to know if it qualifies as battle and has a hilarious one liner about the injury.

Adam is now referencing his favorite “The Deep” he’s walking the gang through the plot and Eli is backing him up and he seems to know about everything film related.

Sadly Adam didn’t reference his infamous Blonde female mustache/Nick Nolte in the Deep riff.


Adam is now bringing up “Mr. Mouth” and Eli knows it well, Adam is telling the gang about the idea of jumping head first into a body of water with a knife in your teeth, hilarious!

They’re now riffing on getting your foot caught in a giant clam, this episode is glorious and already “FLAWLESS” in this Superfan’s opinion.


2nd story is on female DNA being procured from a bomb used in Boston, Alison is reading the details and Adam is making an excellent “Stupid or Liar” point using square footage and beating off as his prime analogy.

Eli has a killer tissue reply that has just been upped by Adam in the most disgusting and hilarious fashion possible.

Alison has a great question for Adam about the tangential guilt amongst the family of these nutjobs and Adam is making some excellent points and explaining that cops really only show up to mop up after these monsters get away with their plan.

Adam has a killer one liner about lifeguards and BB has a nice tag, Adam is now elaborating on the first line of defense against these people, the families.


Adam just referenced “Virtuosity” and now Alison has them on a “Next” tangent but they all mistake it for the other Nicholas Cage movie “Knowing” and Eli has a hilarious “Paycheck” topper.

Adam and Eli are making some other points about the consumption of alcohol and the parent’s responsibility over that going on in their own home and Eli has a great callback to the first story.


3rd story is on a reporter who came down with some epic hiccups while on air, in spirit of Dave Dameshek’s story from yesterday.

Adam is now connecting his “black people don’t sneeze” idea to his other theory on squirrels and their unwitnessed bowel movements

Eli has a great point about aliments and hypochondria among the Jewish community and Adam has a killer one liner reply and an almost as funny pollen count closer.


Adam is sharing an anecdote about going to write with Hench over breakfast and his “bowel clock” that’s been thrown off by his extremely varied schedule as of late.

Adam encountered a “Hurley from Lost” lookalike while he was already in countdown mode for his “bowel spaceship” Alison’s reactions are priceless!

Eli is right in the mix and proving why he needs to be considered for best guest of 2013 for this year’s Ace Awards.

This story has an awesome twist and the dedicated shitter has his own “Henchman” who caused Adam to scrub his launch followed up with some funny recap of Kevin trying to talk Adam through what he’s about to face, this hilarious episode just doesn’t stop!


Adam is doing a perfectly timed “Shari’s Berries” live read complete with a Gamma Radiation reference, Alison is wrapping the news, Adam is giving the appropriate plugs and now wrapping the show.

Production Note, the correct episode complete with ending segment is now online, a total running time of 01:58:49.