Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/24/2018 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 834

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/24/2018 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 834

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Vinnie Tortorich

Recorded 05-15-2018 – Release Date 05-24-2018

Production Number #834 – Fat: A Documentary

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Adam opens the show with the standard intro, Drew mimics Adam’s “you” from the last intro, Vinnie name drops Paul Robeson, he was listening to the previous episode and Drew reveals that his mother told him that she attended at a communist meeting with him.

Adam adds Paul Robeson to his list of the world’s blackest men along with Yaphet Kotto, his annual competition that Drew is forgetting about yet Adam claims he was presenting at the ceremony last year.

Adam is recalling the career of Paul and he sings some “Old Man River” along with Vinnie, Drew tells Vinnie he’s a little gayer than Drew, that’s how he knows this stuff.


Adam is now talking about Vinnie’s NSNG diet and how universal it seems to be, Vinnie talks about the decline in acid reflux among people who remove inflammation causing carbohydrates from their diets, Drew has lost his paunch according to Vinnie and Drew explains how hesitant he is to add carbohydrates back into his diet, he cites how supremely sweet blueberries were upon recent snacking.

Adam is now bringing up large orange juice for breakfast and cites a guy he was travelling with who poured himself one each morning, he wants people to reframe juice in their heads, it’s no different than soda.

Vinnie explains how there is now winning the game, he cites how pea protein becomes the same fat that sugar ends up as.


Adam mentions Drew’s often quoted “there are no free lunches in nature” and Vinnie is now making a point about protein and smoothies, how health is a term that is almost meaningless, a selling tool.

Vinnie asks about vitamin C and when it became so important, Drew brings up how sucking on limes ruins sailors teeth as they discuss scurvy.

Adam is now asking Vinnie about the 55% fat goal for one’s daily diet, Adam asks about snacking on nuts and which give you the highest amount of fat, Vinnie says he really mixes in butter to increase his fat intake.


Drew is telling Vinnie about eating protein and meat all day, he thinks he’s at about 70% protein, he is doing almost 0 carbs, 30% fat.

Drew says he’s been compensation with bacon, Adam asks Vinnie about an average steak and the protein vs. fat composition.


Adam talks about how life altering this is for many people, Drew talks about how the medical field is focusing on plant-based diets to get away from heart attacks and strokes, Vinnie is in disbelief.

Vinnie is sharing his goal for his documentary and he shares his feelings about the health organizations in America and across the globe and how they’re slowly backing out of the room regarding the bullshit about heart health and dietary fats.

Vinnie is making a great point about all of the people who will die while they slowly adjust their recommendations back to reality and science. Really high end good stuff, Adam has some thawing at home, Scramble Edition


Adam is back to his “people stopping you at the airport” rule of thumb for crunching data about various things, such as obesity. He counters why it is not just anecdotal evidence.

Vinnie is talking about ‘It’s a Small World’ the ride at Disneyland and how they have had to re-drudge the ride to makeup for the increasing mass and bodyweight of park goers.

Vinnie is now sharing the data about Inuit hunters and their fat consumption, Drew is giving his position on this after Vinnie accuses him of crying.


Drew is telling Vinnie about buying center cut bacon, he needs something easy to snack on during the day.

Vinnie is telling Drew about how he will adjust to eating less and he mentions how he stripped down an In and Out burger in the hall, check the Carolla Digital social media accounts, yikes.

Vinnie is now telling Drew various ways to get around the mid-day cravings, Drew brings up the bad dream he has about Adam and Adam tells him he doesn’t need to be reaching for a snack at all times, he’s convincing himself he needs something, like someone who fidgets.


Vinnie talks about how Susan was telling him that she can’t keep up, making bacon is too much work in the morning, Vinnie wants to know why Lynette and Susan are so hesitant to cook bacon.

Adam is now joking about Drew using sex as a weapon as they talk about his increased passion from the NSNG lifestyle, Susan is also struggling to keep up with that.


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They’re now listening to Pat Benatar’s ‘Sex as a Weapon’ and Drew claims to not know it despite Adam bringing it up for almost 2 decades in their on-air history.

Vinnie is back to Drew’s passion and Drew explains why he doesn’t go to strip clubs, Adam explains why Drew can’t go to a strip club.

Adam is now sharing the Eskimo story he was told at North Hollywood High, “he grabs his harpoon” – Adam


Vinnie is asking to take Drew to a strip club, he’s not interested and Vinnie is now telling Adam he listened to one of his books, he brings up the reference to ‘The Star Garden’ and asks if he ever saw Adam’s ex nude.

Adam shares the name of his ex who punched him once, Vinnie feels like they shared a woman and Adam explains the timeframe, Adam is explaining how quaint The Star Garden was, more like the movie ‘Flashdance’ not like today’s clubs.

Gary says he’s been to that club, Adam is now describing the venue and the pool table that is visible from the front door.


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Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show, including the crowd funding campaign for Vinnie’s Documentary ‘Fat: A Documentary’ before Vinnie reveals that Chassy might be distributing this movie, great news!