Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/30/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 234

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/30/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 234

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 04-28-2015 – Release Date 04-30-2015

Production Number #234 – Overdosing on Edibles

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Adam has his standard intro, he says his voice is kind of blown out and claims this is as sick as he gets, Drew cites a time he saw Adam very ill, moaning even.

Drew claims 8 years ago, Adam thinks it’s more like 2002.

They’re both right, Adam got sick in the KLSX days 7-8 years ago and in 2002 he had a sore throat like he does now.



Adam is now bringing up the Baltimore civil unrest coverage from Drew’s HLN/CNN show, as he addresses later in the day during ACS #1564 and Adam is getting to the field reporter who couldn’t put a sentence together.

Adam and Drew are riffing about it and the guy in the helicopter with the lack of information, Adam is impersonating the guy.

Adam is now riffing as if Frankenstein’s monster was a field reporter, “fire bad!” and Drew partially inspires this hilarious bit.


Adam is explaining that the Drew is looking at Adam’s yearbook photo, Adam wants to know why a field correspondent can’t provide at least the name of the building on fire in the shot they’re feeding to the studio.

Drew is telling Adam about the people who end up stuck doing jobs they’re not trained nor skilled at doing like said helicopter reporter, Drew is being very honest about the way things work and the need to be on top of breaking news.

Adam doesn’t care if that guy is on Mars, he’s not fit to talk on TV according to Adam.


Adam says you have to string together coherent sentences, Drew asks how Adam’s wife corralled him into watching Drew’s show and Adam is sharing his theory on the lack of an opinion from the panel who didn’t want to piss anyone off and how Fox News capitalizes off of people who want to hear their specific points, instead of people who refuse to actually say something.

Adam is mocking the script everyone is seemingly on, Drew is clearly feeling this and at least partially agrees that his panel sometimes “says nothing” and Adam says he understands that everyone wants to keep their job, but the best way to do that is to get good ratings.


Drew is sharing the original intent of his show, Adam is suggesting they cover the breaking news for everything except for riots and civil unrest in the United States as they can’t say anything about it, Drew says they will soon be taking a different direction with the show including a live audience.

Drew explains that the network wants to get that helicopter shot on air, Adam goes back to ‘Frankenstein Reporter’ and now Adam once again mocking the field reporter from Drew’s show.

Drew brings up their analysis on the show, Adam claims there is no analysis and now Adam is praising the intellectual integrity of Mark Geragos, Drew and Adam both agree Scott Peterson needs to be represented and the person who doesn’t shouldn’t be judged and the primitive nature of the rest of society by and large.


Adam is further praising Mark for his intellectual honesty and security due to his day job, he then tells Drew that many of his talking heads need to do his show for a job and can’t risk getting fired.

Adam says that perhaps the president using slang is a calculated move to speak to his base of voters, Adam is telling Drew that a live audience and Drew should be good and agrees to do the show.

Drew tells him about the test shows they’ve done and now Adam is sharing Drew’s pain with his back and forth with the guy in the helicopter who wasn’t able to string together any sentences.


Adam and Drew further riff about “Frankenstein Field Reporter” and deliver some killer one liners, hilarious voice work from Adam.

Adam is explaining how you don’t need a huge studio audience for these types of shows, Drew is trying to find a picture on his phone of the new layout for the space they’re using.

Adam says he’s on a quest to eliminate repetition from his life and uses his frequent calls to Matt Fondiler screaming about bathroom hooks, Matt will ask what that means and Adam will tell him to simply remind him later.


Adam is explain the Budweiser advertisements all throughout ‘Winning’ his Paul Newman documentary and how they’ve been trying to get some kind of sponsorship form the company considering how prominently they’re featured in the finished film.

Adam explains they got ahold of their buddy Jon Taffer of ‘Bar Rescue’ fame who has been on the show twice, first on ACS #1242 and ACS #1289 both from 2014.


Adam says that if he went back to Matt today and he found out that the hooks hadn’t been ordered nor the sizzle reel been sent to Budweiser.

Drew is asking how Adam got his yearbook, it was sent to him by the same guy who has submitted 90% of Adam and Drew’s Wikipedia entries, solid dude!

Adam is now quoting his son who yells at his daughter about her using his stuff, her phone was left her friend’s house and his kids were arguing like cats and dogs.


Adam is sharing the interaction between his wife, his kids and the use of the words “Erica took the phone” instead of accepting responsibility for forgetting something.

Adam is only interested in keeping this from ever happening again is if they could properly label this encounter and move one from it without having to repeat it.

Adam is now connecting this to not only Baltimore but Ferguson before it, wow.


Adam says there is no way to remedy running away from a cop and getting shot in the back, Adam is talking about people living in their own world and defining things how they want.

Drew is quoting a recent Loveline caller about polyamory.


Adam is doing a live read for Life Lock Ultimate Plus

Adam has a hilarious cloud is on fire one liner, gold!


Adam is telling Drew how he was attempting to simply label what was going on, it was being painted to him like something happened that didn’t really happen.

Adam says that what he is used to be called helpful, not being a dick, he uses his old football coaches who kicked kids hands out from under them to teach them about properly balancing their weight while in stance.

Adam is asking when the football stance became connected to the person, Drew talks about a ‘Dancing with the Stars’ bit he had to do and how he met Warren Sapp about his history with a coach.


Drew says Warren took him on 19 laps about having a coach who was meaningful to him, Drew says eventually he asked if they even wanted to keep going as they were trying to make TV not talk about how tough he is.

Adam is now explaining how quickly removed himself from the documentary after a stranger said “With Adam in the movie it’s a TV show, without him it’s a movie” and Adam says that it doesn’t make him a hero.

Adam simply wanted to make the best product, Gary gets on mic to share how he was almost taken out of the film with the lack of Adam, and apparently there are just a few key VO lines later in the documentary.


1st Caller Matt is telling them about smoking weed with his wife on the rare occasion they get some time away from their kid and job duties.

Adam is sharing his “F Me Money” pot plant in his backyard idea, reminiscent of when this was heavily talked about back on Loveline in 2004 due to what happened to Adam’s friend.

Matt is telling them about doing edibles with his wife, he says his wife took too much and freaked out.


Drew is telling him what causes that and says it has nothing to do with anything, Adam talks about the people he knows who won’t ever again partake of weed due to how it makes them feel.

Adam is asking Drew about how a doctor interacts with patients with something like this, they go very in depth.

Adam is now giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.

Drew throws in some closing plugs and Adam then tops him with even more plugs, he’s quoting the “best racing documentary” tagline of a review vs. how ‘Road Hard’ was trounced by some outlets.