Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/30/2014 – Joe Quirk

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/30/2014 – Joe Quirk

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Joe Quirk

Recorded 04-27-2014 – Release Date 04-30-2014

Production Number #1314

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Adam is opening the show to a nice Aisha Tyler #TopDrop and he’s sharing an anecdote of his two camera guys, one German and one Swedish.

Adam explains that he was talking about the upcoming wrap party and all the clichés entailed, when the German guy told him about the midway point/hump day party in German productions.

Adam is now telling them about Morton and what a great artist he is, the DP working on the picture and Adam says he makes everything look amazing.


Adam is telling them about trying to ask him if he might reconsider a shot and how quickly he dismisses an idea, Adam explains that it doesn’t make him feel stupid, he likes it, and he’s answering your fucking question.

Alison and BB have a knowing reply in regards to Adam’s point, Adam is telling them about getting to look through a lens on a stick, like a lens pistol and how it reminded him of his dream to do the thumb and forefinger director move in front of beautiful women.

Adam has a great back and forth with BB mocking Alison’s appearance, she has a killer retort.


Adam is telling them about seeing a mezzanine balcony and suggesting that to the DP who quickly agreed and let Adam have some input, Adam is once again making a point about experts and people holding up their end of the bargain with others.

Adam doesn’t get the people that are wired that way, he’s being very clear and BB is now offering up a summation of Adam’s point.

Alison wants to know if Adam could override the DP if he wanted, he says he supposed but is now using his hiring of a money manager upon getting his first big check, he’s saying you need to be realistic about the things you do and do not know how to do.


Adam has a killer raped by Wesley Snipes riff and says there are too many people thinking they are too good at too much shit, he’s using physical confrontations to make a point, and you could get the shit kicked out of you.

Adam says the only way to get past that is to train and be prepared for said fight, let the experts do their jobs, until they demonstrate that they cannot.

Adam is now making a point about the editor on his last movie “The Hammer” and how they had to override him and did know more in many occasions, despite his profession.


BB is now asking if they can have a hump day party at the warehouse, he’s telling everyone where he’s signing his book next, congrats BB!

Adam is now telling them about a conversation with Sonny about ear piercings inspired by Natalia’s desire to get her ears pierced.

Adam was super pleased with Sonny’s “why? It’s pointless!” reply asking why anyone would do it, Adam is sharing how he was right in agreement with him and he says that Sonny “thinks like an old me” and Alison proclaims that he’s pragmatic.


Adam says he likes where his mind was at with that, he’s sharing how hard it is to talk Natalia out of it and Alison wants to know if he’s going to let her, he’s got a super pragmatic reply about picking battles and eventualities.

Adam is now starting up one of his most feminist rants of all time, about the subjugation caused by the concept of beauty and the standards imposed on women, all while touching on their own genetic impulses to be desirable.

Adam is now getting to the 1-2 hours per day women lose, they could be spending on betting themselves or their lives or just having fun, he compares it to the time people spend in traffic, and BB and Alison have a nice back and forth about makeup.


Alison is backing Adam up and confirming all of his points, she’s unknowingly touching on a counterpoint about men having to accept the physical hand they’re dealt, unlike women who are expected to “touch themselves up.”

Adam just almost guessed the year of women’s suffrage, he’s making a point about progress and how women haven’t focused on this aspect of equality.

Adam says guys don’t do them any favors bringing it up for women, Alison has a nice point about unshaven armpits being seen as a political statement.


Adam says the man isn’t perpetuating this and women could rally and reign this in, Alison has a great follow up asking if Adam could get his penis to go along with this practical way of thinking.

Adam is now joking about his balls and penis not in agreement and his balls tattling on his dick to his asshole, gold!

Adam is now bringing up female, female impersonators and suggesting a 15min rule for makeup and prep time, Adam is now adding a great comedic twist suggesting that women start using burkas as a total feminist 180.


Adam is breaking it down and joking about farting in a burka, nice one liner from Alison, they update the year of women’s suffrage and Adam was only off by 6 years, Alison has a killer joke about being afraid to speak up.

Adam is now telling them about the early “End Women’s Suffrage” bit from the Man Show and how he loves when supposedly progressive people bring race into the mix, he’s citing the fat white cunt shouting about not trusting white men on that classic hidden camera bit.

Adam is now bringing up the guy who kept asking if it was a hidden camera bit despite the giant camera in front of his face.


BB is now asking about people who pierce their young daughters ears, Adam says it doesn’t move anyone’s needle, it doesn’t motivate a dude and he’s joking about a close up of Susan Boyle’s earlobe and Alison’s earlobes, you wouldn’t know the difference nor which one you were beating off to.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB has another Netflix pick after the success of last week’s, he’s reviewing “How to Be a Man”

Adam and BB are now mocking the movie “The Other Woman” and BB is suggesting this is a rip-off of “Chasing Papi” and Adam has a killer thought about Diane Keaton, has anyone dressed more like a lesbian but not been a lesbian.

Adam and BB have a great back and forth about Paula Poundstone, Adam kills it with a delayed “Maybe…” and a killer Charlie Chaplin one liner in reply to a picture of Diane.


Adam is now giving his take on past guest Gavin McInnes and BB explains his role in the film and the premise, he’s discusses this on The Film Vault and mentioned it on this show too.

Adam is now sharing the process of getting “takes” while making a film and how it then leaves open the question of who is or is not a good actor, he’s using Alison’s take in “Road Hard” to make a point.

BB is going in depth on the film and saying it’s not for everyone, Adam has a killer “that could have just been your own reflection from the TV screen” in reply to BB talking about the penis in the opening scene of the movie.


Adam is now telling them about seeing Jon Favreau’s movie “Chef” and how it got a soft R rating, Adam is sharing his reaction it getting such a rating, Adam says that if everyone’s first impulse in a room is “why?” after seeing the movie then the MPAA has failed.

Adam is now going after the MPAA and their arbitrary system and he’s comparing “Chef” to his movie “The Hammer” and the motherfucking bullshit rules that Adam says should be illegal.

Adam is now suggesting “carbon credits” for swearing “Fuck Credits” and he’s pledging to bring that home with him, along with the burkas, gold!


Adam demands to know why these movies get these rating and giving his “Olympic Boxing” rant, Adam says that Kevin Hench says they are going to earn their R rating this time, he said fuck it lots of fucks and boobies.

Adam says it still seems fucked up and how everyone wants to know why it’s rated R and thinks if you have no violence nor nudity you should get fuck credits, bonus fucks.

BB is bringing up “The Film is not yet rated” and recommends it, Adam is now sharing what you learn as you always do, when nobody has to answer to anyone they say fuck off, the MPAA, the ATF whatever.


Adam says they become mini dictators because they have no completion and their word is final, your answer I you don’t’ get to sell your wine, you don’t get to show your movie.

Adam is now saying that absolute power corrupts absolutely, almost giving the “with great power comes great responsibility” line from Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben.

Adam wants to know when we all go Ruby Ridge on these motherfuckers and he’s now suggesting they get a jury to rate movies, 12 adults and the majority of the slice of life in the jury decides your rating.


Adam is now doing a live read and going to break.

They’re back from break with Joe telling them about “Seasteading” the topic of his new book, he’s telling Adam about “Blue” technologies and why they’re superior to green tech.

He’s doing a very job making it all make sense in simple terms.

He’s telling them about the rules regarding international waters and the potential for floating hospitals to provide superior and less expensive medical care across the globe and the other potential charitable endeavors he’s interested in with Blue technologies.


Joe Quirk is sharing how Cruise ships play games with how they staff and flag their crafts, they are entities not essentially associated with any government and now Joe is suggesting sovereign nations in the sea.

He’s making a point about carrageenan a food additive made from kelp, Adam is joking about the idea of floating prisons.

Adam wants to know who’s against this, Alison has a killer “The Little Mermaid” joke and Joe explains that people are saying you shouldn’t be allowed to leave and try something new.


Adam is now asking about adverse weather and how these mobile sea steads can move on the fly, he’s now describing it as the hub and network for shipping industries.

Adam is now making a point about the sea and how it seems to grow without any human involvement, Joe is now making a point about seaweed and how algae also breaks down phosphate and once again Joe is getting a bit preachy about the potential.

Adam is now telling them about speaking with Gale Banks on Carcast in 2009 about using algae to make diesel, a never ending source of fuel.


Adam is now doing a live read.

Alison is asking him more question about the possible dangers of sea steading, he’s explaining what “O-Tech” is and sharing how the ocean could be used to solve the energy concerns.

Adam is now asking Joe to solve “Passion Fruit Iced Tea” and he’s telling them about algae being in many products all around us right now.

Adam is unknowingly quoting Robert Ballard and Joe is explaining that to him, Adam has a great “Ted” reference and Adam is now contrasting the desire to explore space, he says the ocean is less glamorous and using “Waterworld” to make a point, killer “Smokers are out there” joke.

Alison is the only one to get his “Bioshock” reference and he’s now using “The Love Boat” for the old fogies in the room.

Joe is explaining the potential to detach from your government as part of a sea steading community, Adam is now comparing that to the flight of film productions from Los Angeles.

Adam has a solid “a Dinghy in ever garage and a squid in every pot” closer.

Adam is now doing a Draft Kings Live Read.