Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/30/2013 – John Densmore and Dave Dameshek

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/30/2013 – John Densmore and Dave Dameshek

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – John Densmore and Dave Dameshek

Recorded 04-29-2013 – Release Date 04-30-2013

Production Number #1067

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Adam is opening the first studio recorded episode of the week with Dameshek already in the room, he’s got some funny comments about John coming in later and how he could possibly mix up his old bandmate and Dawson.

Adam has a crazy one liner about Producer Gary and now he’s throwing to a rare opening live read for


Adam is describing how he was in his office watching Olga in the driveway sitting in her Camry, Adam wanted to say goodbye to the kids and tried to do a semi quiet shout to Olga sitting in the car with the door open.

Adam is walking them through the anecdote with increasing loudness on his “Olga” call and his increasing level of frustration once she finally clued in and how they were speaking in a conversational tone once she snapped out of her “tune out fog”.

Alison is getting Adam to elaborate and wants to know how to get people of the tune out mode, Adam has a killer one liner about his fallback/default shout.

Dave is telling the gang about his kids getting mesmerized by television and is making an interesting point about adults, he’s got a funny egad and Adam is running with it.


Adam just announced that Susanna Hoffs will be joining the charity event in Malibu along with a possible cameo from Jimmy Kimmel.


Hooray for Baldywood

Bryan is reviewing “Pain and Gain” and he’s the 2nd one on staff to see it, Adam gave his mixed reaction last week and DD is explaining why he didn’t make the screening with Adam and Simmons.

BB is on board with Adam, calls it above average and is walking through the various production elements and the budget.

DD is asking for the premise and has a funny retort to BB’s “I won’t spoil it” reply, BB is now breaking down the plot and has a quick “Tom Vu” reference that DD picks up on perfectly.


Adam is now working Big Tad and his brother “T. Chance Thrasher” into the analogy about the type of meatheads in the movie and meatheads with a motor/motivation.

Adam is explaining how T Chance was reading a motivational book from the 1950’s while on the infamous fart fueled road trip with Big Tad and Jimmy Kimmel.

They’re walking through the “toe scene” and how it bumped Adam and Alison has a hilarious callback to the last round of “Mr. Brightside” where Adam had some funny advice for a chap who lost his toe.

Alison is asking about the gore level and BB is offering “Big Night” as his alternative recommendation as it’s one of Tony Shalhoub’s finest roles, DD has a nice comment appreciating one of the final scenes and BB tried to tag him on spoiling again but then backtracks.


Dave Dameshek’s #1 Sports

His 1st topic is the NFL draft and he’s got a very insightful take on the predictions and experts weighing in before the draft.

His 2nd topic is on Tim Tebow being released by the New York Jets and he’s working it back to the draft and comparing it to the Academy Awards and Adam has a perfect “The Oscar Goes to” reply.

Adam’s riffing about the family life of many of the draft picks and he’s explaining how it is a lottery for those who are selected.

They’re discussing Matt Barkley and Adam has a hilarious observation and DD seals it with a Billy Zabka reference.


They’re going super in depth on Tim Tebow, lots of comedy and stats, complete with Adam doing his funny riff about Lynette telling him the same thing just the other day.

Dave is further explaining his potential post NFL options and how he could possibly earn his way back in, Adam is now declaring the Tebow prayer move to be the same pose as “Curling” and is advocating for him to switch sports.


Dave’s big story is about Jason Collins announcing he is gay, Adam has a funny reply to Dave’s comment about Jason’s level of risk in doing this.

Dave is telling the gang about an offensive tweet and Adam is advising black people that the same people who hate the gays are likely to be racist and how they should take that into account and he’s got a nice Patton Oswalt name drop.

Adam is now riffing up a “Gay Dream Team” idea while citing office romances and has a hilarious reference to the paint on an NBA court.

Adam is now throwing Alison with an “imagine you’re dating producer Gary” hypothetical scenario and he’s working in the 90’s version of the Mickey Mouse club.


Creep of the Week, he’s adding the topic of “Hipsters who don’t like Doors” and citing some of their albums as great records.

The Actual creep of the week is once again DD himself, he’s threatening to turn the blaster on himself for experiencing the hiccups for the first time in over 4yrs.

Dave is adding a get out of jerk free card for himself, he’s sharing an anecdote from dining out while in NYC at “Quality Meats”.


Dave is referencing Adam’s legendary skill when it comes to receiving oral sex, BB has a killer one liner and Adam has a great “step up” boast to potential contenders.

Adam is asking about protocol and etiquette when dining with adults vs. kids when it comes to the waiter announcing the specials and wanting to “roll them along”.

Dave is now busting out the blaster and he seems to be firing a “Contra Spread” and Adam has a hilarious description of John calling his agent trying to describe what he just witnessed/heard from the show.

Adam is wrapping with Dave and plugging his definitive/the best NFL themed podcast.


Adam is welcoming John to the podcast for his debut appearance and Adam is throwing him a plug for his book.

Adam is sharing his theory on how Val Kilmer should have been nominated/won the academy award for Oliver Stone’s “The Doors” and he wants John’s take on it, John is actually echoing Adam’s sentiment and describing being “creeped” out by the flawless portrayal.

Adam is expounding on how he thinks playing a real person should always be above playing a fictional character and John is sharing his reaction to Val in “Tombstone”.


John is telling Adam that about a third of the movie is fiction but the rest is very accurate and seems to view it as an impressionistic painting.

John is giving Adam his journey and how it lead to the formation of the band, he’s flashing back to their early LEGAL LSD use and quest towards spiritual enlightenment.

Adam is explaining how he views “Break on through” as the true first punk song before the genre even existed, due to its tempo and message.


Adam is going back to “ABC: Closets” to explain what he heard about the history of “Riders on the storm” and John is correcting the story and telling Adam the truth about its recording, release and Jim’s death.

John is explaining how they found out about Jim’s death and Adam is telling the gang about touring the catacombs in Paris and visiting Jim’s grave site afterwards for a “pick me up”.

Alison is getting some follow up questions in, trying to get John to elaborate on Jim’s death and whether it was expected, John is chalking his death up to alcoholism.


Adam wants to know about Jim’s family and his feelings toward them, John is explaining the meaning behind the liner notes of their first album and correcting the popular theory.

Adam is asking about potential replacements for Jim and the options the band was forced to explore after his demise, John has a hilarious one liner about trying to fill Jim’s shoes.

They’re now touching on the “27 club” and John’s explaining how he approaches it in his book and the roots to ancient cultures, Adam is declaring his dad would have made a terrible “African Elder”.


Adam is quickly rehashing the info about the lawsuit and Adam is bringing up the death of Jim’s widow and how it lead to millions of inheritance from Jim’s estate.

John is explaining the results of the lawsuit and he’s crediting Jim’s early “favored nations” deal among the band including veto power for all ideas, wow!

Adam is sharing a rare anecdote about a road trip with him and the late great Philip the Juggler that was highlighted with a soundtrack of The Doors.

John has to catch a flight and is exiting the show after Adam and Dawson finish up their excellent live read.



Alison’s News

Her top story is on the mother of the Boston lunatics being back in the news, Russia was monitoring her phone calls and recorded as Adam puts it “A dusting of Jihad” and Adam is riffing on his infamous muffin chats with his mom.

Adam’s calling her a colossal piece of shit and Alison is reporting on her increasing radical ideology and crazy 80’s hairdo, Adam is now doing his famous kids/dogs analogy.

Adam is proposing an ideal society where people have personal responsibility and parents can be held responsible for creating monsters and encouraging negative behavior in their children.

Adam is going super in depth, very funny yet also brilliant logic.


2nd story is on the Fertilizer plant explosion and how they kept a grossly illegal amount of ammonium nitrate.

Adam is explaining the analogous Sudafed restrictions and he’s tying it into the 9/11 hijackers who didn’t want to learn how to land the planes they were training on.

Adam and Alison are now commenting on the loopholes and carpet sweeping among the “best and brightest” we overpay to pretend to protect our citizens.

Adam’s now telling the gang about the time he cracked the sky marshal with his heavy interrogation of 2 questions and BB is keying up a quick improv with Ace, not bad.


3rd story is on the FDA now investigating foods that put extra caffeine in their products, Adam and Alison just had a great magnet moment in regards to the word “alert”.

Adam is busting out a perfectly timed live read, this Superfan also swears by their Alpha Brain and Hemp Force products.

Adam is now giving his take on caffeine as an additive and how we’re now living in a time where we’re all trying to multitask, Alison has a great one liner in reply and Adam has the 3rd “OLGA!!!!” callback of the show.


Adam is now sharing an anecdote about his “heart to heart” with the makeup lady at O’Reilly earlier in the day.

Adam is walking the gang through his history with makeup professionals while on set for various projects and Alison is in the mix adding to it.

Adam has now somehow segued to napping and he’s riffing up a storm about people taking advantage of their naptime.

Alison is wrapping the news, Adam is giving a closing plug and wrapping the show.