Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/29/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 330

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/29/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 330

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 04-26-2016 – Release Date 04-29-2016

Production Number #330 – Sugar Baby

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Adam opens the show with the standard intro, proclaiming its Spinal Tap 2.0 and a new day, Adam wants to solve problems of any sort ala “Troubleshooter Tom Martino?”

Adam talks about his honest irritability and the early morning tapings that they are now augmenting for them to up production to 5 days per week and later recording times.

Adam wants to get into it about Prince and his untimely death, Gary is putting according to Adam and Adam is saying he wants to cover this with Drew and is aware of when this show is airing.


Drew is sharing the hints about some kind of underlying illness, he mentions a few possibilities and asks Adam to stay with him as he presents evidence for his theory that Prince wasn’t a drug addict.

Adam is talking about Prince building a style around his diminutive build and the possible “style” he could have built around drug abuse; the same way he hid his platform shoes with flared pants.

Drew talks about his pupils in archival footage and doesn’t see the progression of the disease of addiction.


Drew is sharing what he said during an interview on the way in, he said prescription bottles by the bedside as the most likely cause of death today.

Drew brings up telling Pat O’Brien to fuck regarding a private room the first time he was being treated for addiction.

Adam is now talking about trying to get into the first class lounge or airport club, he mentions how they never accept your cards no matter how black or centurion they may be, Celebrity is also useless on the employees blocking your access.


Drew is doing a Five Four Club Live Read


Drew says once at United in Newark a woman gave him free access to the international first class lounge with a wink and nod.

Adam is sharing how people take up the time of the airport gate agents with their complex customer service issue and nobody thinks to tell that person to wait as they let people scan their boarding passes and move on.


Drew thanks Adam for guest hosting the final episode of Loveline and promises to bring that old magic back to this show, Adam is baffled he even brought up as the hosts often are at the concept that them together on the podcast is somehow any different than what they were doing in 2005.


1st Caller Jeannette, Drew asks her what she does in Buenos Aries, Adam yells at Drew about the questions he has for her.

Jeannette is calling about her dad’s “Sugar Baby” and they’re mixing up her meaning, Adam is disillusioned with the whole Sugar mama thing and brings up Beef from Arizona and his dragon shirt and shorts.

Gary is on mic to explain the logic of it and Drew asks about her worries, about him possibly being taken advantage of.


Drew shares his reaction to women who are in these sort of arranged relationships and Drew has a point about Jeannette’s inheritance being sunk down the drain on this sugar baby.

Drew asks about their estrangement and she explains what happened between them, Adam is asking her if he was a good or bad father and she is careful in her replies, she wants them to gamble on her past.

Adam tells her to let him do whatever he wants to do, who gives a shit.


Adam tells her who cares what is highlighted to you, Adam is getting mad as everything with her is some kind of trigger, not everything is about you or how you feel.

Drew brings up the therapy and she says she’s spent a fortune of therapy and done the work and no longer thinks it’s of value.

Adam is saying he gets accused of doing the same thing he’s ranting against but he doesn’t spend time with them or see them, Drew rephrases what he just said and Adam is now explaining how he doesn’t have a residue of his parent’s life, he does the opposite of what they did.


Adam has a killer “opposite of Hitler” reply to Drew and Drew is trying to get into a live read, Adam slips and says “I hug and kiss my parents” a very rare audio clip indeed!

He meant kids.


Drew is doing a Stamps.Com Live Read


2nd Caller Adam, Adam has a killer intro for him and Drew is asking about the emotional affair Caller Adam’s wife was having with a coworker.

Adam the caller is telling them about the details and the real time Facebook messages he saw coming in.

Adam says humans are just not good enough to avoid getting caught sexting and arranging affairs.


Gary says there are people they all know very well who have been fucked over by phone technology and affairs and ex drama.

Drew doesn’t get why cheaters don’t use burner phones, weird…

Adam is thinking this arrangement might be the best way to sleep with someone without getting caught and Drew comes up with a sexting transformation app that changes it to begin discussion after a certain period of time.


Adam is now giving some serous advice about how he can approach her and they can cut their losses, they should be honest and see if the love is still there, if not they should move on.

Adam asks what the caller Adam thinks she would say if he straight up asked her if she’s till in love and wants a family and will be honest if that love, that spark is gone.

Adam thinks a therapist office where she can say she’s no longer in love with him might be the best option.


Drew is back to Prince and giving some more input about opioids and chronic pain and how prescriptions mixed together often leads to death by Physician based misadventure.


3rd Caller Corey, he thinks his young son is developing a foot fetish and he explains his reasoning.

Corey seems normal and prefaces his question with some common sense, Adam asks what he is up to and Corey describes it in detail.

Adam asks where the foot fetishes come from and used to presume it was low self-esteem and he shares his lack of concern for foot based aesthetics.


Adam brings up the “down there” and “mama’s feet” brain development that might lead to these fetishes.

Adam is now giving some sensible advice saying that everyone is into something, not to interfere or make it naughty, just to approach it as if it was anything else.

Adam is unsure if this is even a real call at this point after Corey’s joke attempt about his daughter being into fecal matter.


Adam is doing a The Bouqs Live Read


4th Caller Julia is calling about her preoccupation with her son being waitlisted by an ivy league school where his father went before him.

Adam is trying to understand her and Nick jumps in to explain what she’s saying.

Adam gets her to reveal he was waitlisted by Dartmouth and Adam tells her she is going to drive him crazy and asks about her other kids.


Adam is running a 2nd commentary while she is on her own track, Adam tells her she can’t listen and asks what creates the non-listening gene and describes her as having a constant out loud dialogue that other people just tune out.

Adam tells her she has no idea what she sounds like, this is a syndrome and Dr. Drew’s wife has a dusting of it and describes someone who isn’t aware of what is about to come out of their mouth but they’re going to say it.

Adam tells her this should haunt her and Drew asks about the possibility he will go to graduate school.


Drew says she lives in a place where this matters and Adam says it’s called her skull, Drew is trying to defend her and says he was assaulted in a parking lot because his 3 kids were all accepted to a school and took up 3 spots, wow!


Adam says this is as waste of time and mocks the idea of being a Philosophy major, mocking her son’s choices and she tells him he might join the Peace Corps.

Adam is telling her to check the medicine cabinet and she tells them about going to a party, Adam tells her to get her head on right, he’s saying she has surrounded herself with a gaggle of nutty broads, she should restore an old Army jeep.

Drew is losing his shit and tells Adam he is not wrong.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read

Florida Man used a rap music label to steal other people’s information and money edition.


Adam announces the new 5 days a week format and they pledge to solve your problems, Drew plugs his latest Dr. Drew Podcast with guest Ken Kratz and Gary addresses the controversy surrounding it, Drew objects and calls Steven Avery a bad dude, quoting Ken.