Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/29/2014 – Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/29/2014 – Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson

Recorded 04-27-2014 – Release Date 04-29-2014

Production Number #1313

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Adam is opening the 2nd of 3 recordings with a very spirited intro and he’s thanking us listeners for hanging with the show while he’s filming, BB has a classic #TopDrop “Pussy Lips” and Adam is now telling them about dressing up as Mr. T for Halloween.

Adam says that back in the day you were allowed to dress up like popular characters on TV and not be taken through the ringer about it being offensive because they darkened their skin for costume accuracy.

Alison has a great point about the fake outrage of white people when other white people do anything even remotely involving races that aren’t theirs.


Adam is now joking about “laughing at sniglets” and she’s explaining that Rich Hall came up with these words for things that don’t have words, Sniglet is a neologism.

Adam happened upon the movie “Youngblood” last night and he says that the 80’s were more 80’s than anything we remember.

Adam is now quoting the movie and mocking its 1980’s clichés, Adam says it was like they had a template of movie and that’s all they would do.


Adam wants to know what will happen in 30 years when we look back at the films of this era, BB has a dressing room montage point that Adam dismisses.

Alison is sharing her thoughts about the 1990’s and how anything could be labeled “90s” and now that’s ridiculous.

BB now says that the 3 point stance landing of powerful men and superheroes might be the signature of this era.


Adam is recounting a time he was guesting on Politically Incorrect and was called in last minute, he was told he was Bill’s favorite guest by Bill.

Adam has a great Chelsea Handler dig and now BB is sending Gary a video of 3 point stances, did he have this prepped? He’s now yelling to defend himself despite Adam not being that interested.

Adam is now joking about Superman struggling to lift things in movies.


Adam is telling them about trying to buy some brown Men’s dress shoes but they all had the large “duck bill” at the end.

Adam was asking for a more streamlined version, he was looked at incredulously by the staff of the shoe store, telling him that’s the style.

Adam says now all of the shoes are like he described 15 years ago, the culture has caught up to his style and he hopes that will continue with things like passion fruit iced tea.


Adam is now setting up the two photos from yesterday’s show, the feet on the couch and the old guy holding a dog over the lox and bagels.

Adam wants to know how it’s fair for this guy to then go tell people that Adam is a huge douchebag, because he yelled at him telling him to stop trying to contaminate craft services.

Adam is describing the environment and how filthy the ground is where they were filming, Adam says everyone else needs to be deputized and tell other people to knock this shit off.


Alison says that the people who work for Adam should be deputized to run around policing this shit before Adam has to, why should he have to be the dick?

Adam is now doing a live read with BB for Draft Kings.

They’re heading to break to a new clip from Alison’s bit “What I’d expect if I was expecting” and she’s explaining what it is.

Alison is now reading the entry, it’s pretty solid and Adam is throwing it to a live read or Life Lock with BB oddly chiming in, stay out of Alison’s read man!


They’re back form break with Quinton making his 2.1 appearance, he was on the show after appearing in the audience for a live show with DAG.

Adam is now asking Quinton about his weight cuts, he’s telling them about cutting 30lbs in 3hrs and Adam has a killer dick joke.

Alison is shocked he did it in 3hrs, he’s telling them about shaving his balls, spitting off 3lbs and using hot/cold to help.


Adam is sharing his “Japanese are enamored with large black people” theory and he’s using Bob Sapp as an example and Quinton is shocked that Adam knows this.

Adam and Quinton are now discussing Bob Sapp and how guys with superior skills and 100lbs less on their frame can knock him out.

Alison wants to know how you look when you cut 30lbs, BB has a killer joke and Quinton is telling them about training down to about 220 to then cut 15lbs for a fight.


Adam is now asking Quinton about MMA and training, he wants to know if it came naturally to him and Quinton is telling them that he got lazy and being very honest.

Adam is now asking Quinton about the UFC and Dana White and now Quinton is sharing how he started his own amateur league to give back to others who don’t have options outside of fighting.

Adam is now bringing up the next generation of MMA trained kids, Adam is now asking Quinton about fighting against Jon Jones and he’s being very fair calling him the best at 205 while citing his dirty techniques, knee kicks and eye pokes.


Quinton is telling Alison about the rules in MMA, he’s telling them about elbowing and how it doesn’t hurt but it scars your flesh for life, he only starts elbowing when an opponent busts them out.

Adam is now doing a live read and brings the elbow into it, gold!


Alison’s News

1st Story Is on the Young man who stowed away on a plane, Adam says he misses that element of society and Alison is now explaining how he survived the trip and giving stats on the survivors over the years.

Adam is now joking about Somalian people being unbreakable and says we need to harvest their genes.

Alison is now asking about the wheel well on aircrafts and now they’re riffing about people who look like they will make good looking adults.


BB is sharing his creepy Natalie Portman at age 9 theory about beautiful actresses and their underage roles.

Adam is now asking Alison how the man was caught, Rampage wants to know if it’s a criminal offense and Alison is reading a response from Homeland Security.

Adam has a great reply about Southwest Airlines being the choice for former stowaways and Adam is joking about if he was the Somalia guy and how he would just stay in Maui putting on weight drinking out of coconuts.


2nd Story Is about the obsession over the missing plane, Adam is sharing that he predicted James Cameron would get involved and read that they did request his equipment.

Adam thinks we will find tons of other lost shit while searching, he just brought up the Diamond from Titanic and Alison comments on her weird squeak noise.

Adam is using the example of a young nonsmoker dying of lung cancer being the equivalent type of shit to this plane, people are so far up their own ass about technology and advancements they can’t believe something like this, hence the attention.


Adam is now making a point about raising the plane and trying to bring it to surface, BB has a great ping pong ball one liner and now Adam is joking about the handful of people who are dying to be on deck when they raise it and the sane folk who want to be below deck getting drunk.

Adam and BB are riffing about scenarios on the boat ride home, BB is playing a sailor who stole a Rolex off a passenger.


3rd Story Is on the new 1hr condom delivery service in NYC, Adam doesn’t get it and BB of course does, Adam labels it a gay thing and Alison didn’t even consider it.

Adam has a killer “Condon-Gram” joke with Rampage riffing about how the service wouldn’t work for him, he says he keeps a condom in his sock.

Adam is joking with him about his manhole cover sized condoms in his back pocket, they’re now talking about lambskin condoms and Adam is joking about the mixed message that sends to people who like to fuck sheep.

Ace Awards 2014 material!


Adam is now asking Rampage what he would prefer to be made into, seat covers, lamb chops or a condom.

Rampage has some great replies and Alison helps him realize he spoke too soon, this is great!

Alison is now wrapping up the news.

Adam is doing a live read, giving out the plugs and they’re closing out the show to a new drop from Rampage sadly accepting his fate as a condom.