Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/28/2014 – Alicia Witt

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/28/2014 – Alicia Witt

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Alicia Witt

Recorded 04-27-2014 – Release Date 04-28-2014

Production Number #1312

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Adam is opening the show after another long week of filming Road Hard, BB has bland #TopDrop from last week and Alison seems chipper.

Adam thanks Aisha Tyler and Jerry Springer for filling in last week, Alison loved him and says he’s like everyone’s favorite uncle and Adam says that’s how he appears.

Adam is giving them an update on the filming, he’s sharing how the budget just equals time you have to shoot, and he’s sharing how big budget films might shoot a page a day while they have to shoot around 8 pages.


Adam is telling them about his days now bleeding together and his 6am call time at Amalfi to block some scenes for the filming.

Adam says it was like boot camp and he didn’t look forward to it, Alison is now sharing her experience filming her scene and she’s surprised by the amount of coverage they filmed.

Alison is telling them about having to stand hunched over a cameraman to avoid being in his light, Adam is praising how hard camera guys work.


Adam is talking about the plane scene and Alison is wondering how the words before action don’t get picked up on mic, she’s sharing how Kevin Hench was the one to cue her for her scene.

Adam is explaining that the editor is working in real time building scenes as they shoot, Adam says it’s the constant feeling of “what are we missing?” and BB is asking who is in charge of continuity.

Adam says they were shooting the service dog scene and the caterer had just set up bagels and lox for the craft services.


Adam is saying that the core four crew members, Adam, Kevin, Morton and two other guys who can’t go anywhere and don’t get any food, he says it’s ironic that the guys burning more calories don’t get to replenish.

Adam is sharing the confusion about the dog on the plane for the filming, Adam says that Mike Altier was once again caught gaslighting Adam.

Adam is praising his “yes and” nature that Alison points out but he’s still bumped by it, Adam says he witnessed the man with the dog head to the table to make himself half a bagel with a dog under his other arm.


Adam was then told that guy owned the facility and they were screwed, then it turned out that wasn’t true and Adam wants to know why people spit out bad information at him like a Gatling gun, trying to make him feel bad about fictional realities and futures.

Adam is ranting about why he’s the only one to yell at the guy, he says we need to shame these people and he’s listing all of the places it’s not ok for dogs.

Alison is mystified by the guy and why he was there, Adam wants to know why Altier didn’t see this coming and Adam is explaining that he should be sending two pictures.


Adam is telling them about the other picture he demanded Mike snap, he took a picture of the man with a dog and has a killer “retarded scrapbooking” joke asking why people are curious why he wants these photos.

Adam is now doing a live read.


Adam says the other picture he demanded Mike happened after he reupholstered an old couch that one of his tenants destroyed, now BB is surprised that Lynette has a sewing machine, despite it coming up 3 times this month.

Adam is now joking about Elvis owning a black belt to make an analogy for Lynette’s sewing machine, he says he paid someone else to fix the couch

Adam says that everyone is just a piece of shit now when it comes to other people’s stuff, Adam says that there were about 3 people sitting on the sectional sofa, including a young lady who chose to sit with her feet on the couch.


Adam is now bringing up the dude sitting on the arm with combat boots jacked up on one pillow, Adam says this guy was burning more calories to put his shoe on the couch, he was posing.

Adam is marveled that someone would do that, Adam came by and yelled “hey get your feet off the sofa” and everyone had the stereotypical freak out in response.

Adam says these are not bad people but even his slob family wouldn’t let people sit with their shoes on furniture.


Adam and Alison are trying to figure out that why in a world people think it’s acceptable to put your feet up on furniture, especially in a world where people use Purell and won’t touch bathroom doors.

Adam thinks it just behavior involving others belongings, BB has a solid follow up and Alison has an even superior follow up about the selfish nature of germaphobes.

Adam is making a point about common decency and consideration for others, it’s seemingly completely absent from life now, and Adam says it’s gone.


Adam is now bringing up the “Mt. Rushmore of Douchebags” the doctor he interacted with when he first got his diagnosis.

Adam is now making a point about shit talking vs. reporting reality, he’s using the Kevin Smith situation and Alison has a great follow up point.

Adam is now joking about his parents and how they should have thought long and hard about how they raised him, he’s joking about how he became a radio host and how they played the odds.


Adam is sharing an esquire article he was tweeted “Thing or Not a Thing” and he assumes that everyone wants to just be asshole via print now and mocks their possible diminished circulation due to the lack of tweets he got.

Adam, BB and Alison are breaking down their system for labeling things a “thing or not a thing” and he wants to know how they determine it.

Alison is bringing up that he’s also listed in “is this a joke?” for his show on Spike, BB says this is just one opinion, once again taking the side of the person calling his boss a name or trying to diminish him.


Alison is giving her expertise as someone who worked for magazines for years, Adam is saying that his 3rd book will be on the NYT bestsellers list, so how is it not a thing?

Adam is now doing a live read and gets in a dig at Mike Altier in the process, they’re heading to break.


They’re now returning from break with Alicia Witt making her ACS debut, she was once on Classic Loveline, Episode #773 from September 15th 1998.

Adam is sharing that I emailed him and told him about the legendary night, I was just trying to give him the “bro” move of a heads up that they met before, so he didn’t get caught in another Janeane Garofalo situation.

Adam is telling her about guesting on Loveline 16yrs ago and how it all went down, this is gold and I now need to email Adam every time a long lost CLL guest makes a return, they’re all riffing about farts and Alicia and Alison have a solid Queef closer on the topic.

Adam – “Giovanni, he brings back memories, both fond and painful”


Adam clearly read up on Alicia, he’s doing a very skilled interview asking her about her origins in acting and her earliest work on stage, TV “That’s Incredible” and her first movie “Dune” from 1984.

Alicia is telling them about her role in the movie and auditioning for David Lynch, Adam is asking her about her transition from Boston to Los Angeles at age 14.

Alicia is telling them about playing piano for money in her youth.


Adam is now explaining how their trajectories are Sympatico, he used to clean the carpets at the Beverly Wilshire, the same hotel she was playing piano at, and possibly around the same time she was still there.

Alicia explains she was 16 when she first started working there and that she wasn’t allowed in the bar, not even to play music.

Adam is lamenting the proximity of the 3 major Beverly hotels and how easy it is to mix them up.


Adam wisely predicts lots of rich foreign guys hitting on her at 16, she’s confirming all of his theories and she’s telling them about George Burns coming through and playing “Young at Heart” for him.

Alicia says that Beatrice Straight from “Network” spent her last years in that hotel, Adam wants to know why it seems so depressing.

He’s working it out, saying it’s a very high profile power move and Adam wonders if it could be fun if you were partying and fucking your brains out, Alison and Alicia have nice follow ups.


Adam is now riffing about the shitty neighbors found in an apartment complex and he’s explaining that moving into a house isn’t much better, you just get a little more space between you and the cunt or the old guy who walks his dog at weird hours.

Adam is now bringing up the service dog scamming, Adam is telling Alicia not to do it, to keep her dignity and be honest, and she’s saying she probably won’t now.


Adam is now doing a live read with BB for Draft Kings.

Adam is asking Alicia about the final season of “Justified” and plugging her twitter and music career too.


Alison’s News

1st Story is on the Donald Sterling controversy, after Alison praises Alicia for rocking out to the intro tune.

Alison is now setting up the clips of Donald ranting and they’re now playing it.

Adam has a killer “I hope Magic is not in her bloodstream” joke in reply to the comment from the woman in the clip.


Adam is now sharing his take on the guy, Alicia chimes in to explain it’s an affair, Alison is now clarifying and Alicia apologizes.

Adam is now riffing about being on the side of the call where you’re recording and the other party doesn’t know it, Adam has a killer BB example about trapping someone in shitty comments.

Alison has a killer follow up impersonating Adam on one of these calls.


Adam is mocking the idea of old guys hooking up with young women and their “connection that transcends” and he’s now riffing with Alison about juice/Jews.

Alison is sharing her opinion and Alicia agrees none of it makes sense, Adam says he would rather have a guy who doesn’t act on his shit than a full on racist who abuses people.

Adam says the highest thing in the pyramid of life to these old guys is winning, so even their racism is trumped by their desire to be on top, Adam is using his coach and players to make a point.


BB has a solid point/one liner and Alicia feels bad for the players having to deal with this in the height of their season as they’re in the playoffs.

Alison is sharing how the NAACP has decided to not give him a lifetime achievement award and now Adam is once again treading back to actions vs. words and thoughts.

A manifestation of racism, Adam says you should be allowed to be an asshole and hopefully society and the marketplace will dictate what succeeds, he’s got a nice back and forth about a men only restaurant and its menu items with Alison.


Alicia is trying to make a point about people who label themselves conservative and BB interrupts to make a point about Marge Schott, Alicia is now sharing a very wise point about the absurdity of hate.

Adam is now using her logic to make an example about gay bashing and a guy named Steve, he’s now sharing how it doesn’t make sense and it’s not consistent, Alison chimes in to sum up/joke about Adam’s point.

Alison is now wrapping up the news.


Adam is doing a live read, he’s giving out the plugs and they’re talking about Alicia’s music and she gets an instant invite back to the show, yes!