Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/27/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 138

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/27/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 138

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 04-15-2014 – Release Date 04-27-2014

Production Number #138 Guest Host – Adam Ray

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Adam is not on Today’s show, Dr. Drew is opening with Adam Ray once again in studio, and they have an opening “butts and poop” riff about what Adam’s nieces thought he should have named his comedy CD.

Adam is now telling Drew about working at Universal Studios and eventually playing Wolverine, he’s going in depth on the scripts and producers for leading tours at the park.

Adam is now telling them about freaking out a 7yr old girl crying due to his commitment to the material when going past the Jaws attraction.


Adam is now telling Drew about riding around on ATV’s at the park with The Green Goblin, he’s sharing how he ran over a kid’s foot and didn’t think of anything to say, just stared him down and drove away.

Adam is really painting a picture of the break room at Universal, Drew is bringing up the hot chick outfits and Adam says he did very well at the park.

Adam is now telling them about the “Fear Factor” live show he hosted, he’s telling them about the lame stunts they would involve the audience in, and he’s telling them about swearing after getting vomited on by a kid.


Adam is now sharing a Dave Matthews anecdote, he’s explaining his final role working for the theme park.

They’re now taking it back to SNL and Drew gets an Anderson mention in, while praising the early internet videos of Adam’s buddies who are now on SNL, including the baby bodied businessman.

Adam is telling Drew about going to the Super Bowl with Brad Williams, he’s explaining how they decided to go.


They’re now breaking down the SNL process and how they go from pitches to read-throughs and rehearsals, Drew is shocked, and he would love “Gasping for Airtime” By Jay Mohr.

Drew is praising some particular cast members and they’re talking about eye-lines and reading cue cards.

Adam and Drew are now doing a live read.


Drew says he has a connection at SNL, Adam says he knows the same guy Taran Killam, Adam is telling Drew about getting high and watching “12 Years a Slave” with a guy he just met.

Adam is now sharing how it’s a great test for a friendship, Drew is telling Adam about a book that was recommended to him by a past guest.

Adam and Drew are now getting corrected by Gary and Chris about “The Lynch Letter” and its status re: hoax.


Drew is now doing another live read for Bark Box.

They’re now heading to break


They’re back from break and talking about dog bones, Drew says he knew kids who hate them and Adam also tried them.

Adam and Drew are bringing up Yogurt and their late in life discovery of it.


1st Caller Jason, Drew fucked up on caller Brad, funny.

Jason has been to 3 different therapists, Drew is getting him to get off his Bluetooth and to clarify the use of “we” and asking him about his divorce.

Drew is trying to get him to track, wow!

Drew busts out the “yaaaa baaabuugh!” noise he does to make people stop talking and sharing extraneous information.


They’re going in depth with Jason about his wife and recommending the Brandon Marshall episode of the Adam and Dr. Drew podcast #89.


2nd Caller Steve is taking Tramadol and feels like he’s getting addicted, Drew wraps up the call lightning fast.


3rd Caller Brad he’s been dating a woman for 3 months, she has an unstable familial past including a physically abusive mother.

Brad is sharing all of the twists in their relationship and he wants to know if he should keep dating her through all of this stuff, he wants to know if he should just bail, he’s asking it in different terms.

Drew is explaining how therapy changes people, conveniently not mentioning the 18 months required for new neural pathways in the brain.

They’re now all riffing on Brad’s gf accusing him of beating off while she slept in the same bed.


Adam is now saying he can’t stop thinking about Dr. Drew on SNL, he’s sharing how Drew could just try a single sketch even.

Dr. Drew is now telling Adam about doing a bit for Jimmy Kimmel, with a recovery group made up of Teddy Ruxpin and his ilk.

Drew is sharing what Dennis Rodman told him when he first met him, Adam is asking about the interviews of Dennis and Drew is citing the alcohol brain damage they proved to him on the show.


Drew is sharing how Dennis Rodman’s frontal lobe was hyper functioning but his temporal lobes were completely shut off.

Adam is telling Drew about his last few long distance relationships and Drew is quizzing him about why they all ended.

Adam is giving a thumbnail sketch of what went wrong in each of the last 3, Adam says that his last gf told him he needed therapy, Drew doesn’t think he does necessarily.


Adam is explaining why he’s hesitant to open up and Drew is asking him about his feelings, if he’s able to regulate them and Adam says he was most fulfilled in life when he was playing Wolverine.

They’re wrapping up the show and giving out the plugs.

Great job Adam Ray!