Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/26/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 233

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/26/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 233

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 04-22-2015 – Release Date 04-26-2015

Production Number #233 – Hair

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Adam opens the show with a mandate to get it on and thanks the fans for telling their friends about this show, especially those old-school Loveline fans.

Adam talks about the recurring thing in his life, he sees himself in a former era via old pictures and wonders why he spent his time circa 26 walking around feeling ugly despite looking pretty good at the time.

Drew is telling Adam about the process of him devolving into someone who didn’t have self-confidence, he gets to the lack of a secure base to operate from, Drew says Adam’s parents hobbled him and cut his legs off before having him try and run this “track.”


Drew is making a point about how a lack of esteem and confidence can only further hurt your chances with women as a young dude.

“If you mom doesn’t seem to like you, why should she like you?” – Adam

Adam says he wouldn’t date 6’s nor 7’s and would go without rather than date someone less attractive than the model hot chicks he was used to.


Adam brings up Philip the Juggler while talking about his stripper ex, Adam brings up the photo of Philip and his wife visiting them at Loveline and how it’s one of the only photos he has of the man.

Adam talks about Phil and his healthy dose of being able to say what’s on his mind in a positive way, a good temperament and disposition, he had no social agenda.

Adam talks about the last time he saw him and how horrific that was, Drew says he loves when people demand to know how that happens to someone, how they get early onset dementia type conditions.

Adam and Drew mock that notion and Drew recommends more people study biology, as it drives him crazy other humans are so primitive with these ideas.


Adam is now riffing about ‘The Flying Nun’ and he talks about her habit working like a wing scimitar on newer/remodeled jets used by Airlines.

Adam talks about this series being set in Puerto Rico, he breaks down the plot of the show and the wealthy “Ricardo” guy, Adam is saying he cannot wrap his mind around the Flying nun, unlike Hogan’s heroes or other outlandish TV sitcom premises.


They’re now watching a clip of Sally Field flying on the show, Drew finds out who pitched the show and Adam jokes that he died of AIDS years ago, then clarifies his joke that the guy who pitched this show was 80 when AIDS was invented.

Adam is talking about the buddy who “had this whole thing handled” for Philip’s bachelor party, he tells Drew about them going to the Queen Mary the drag bar, instead of some “real pussy.”

Adam says he gathered the gents and went over to the club where he met his stripper ex, he says he frequented that club and jokes about her using a photo of herself from the 2nd grade for her picture kept above the DJ booth.


Gary tells them that the pitchman died of pulmonary failure nearly 25 years ago, Adam is telling them about the buddy who paid for everything then demanding Phil’s accountant gather up the 80$ a head that was owed by each guy at the party, Adam calls this guy Ricardo too.

Adam told Philip about this guy and how he might not have Phil’s best interest at heart Adam can’t recall but eventually the guy proved to be a douche and Adam gave Philip an “I told you so” and now Gary is reading them off a list of things pitched/produced by the guy who is responsible for ‘The Flying Nun’ and Adam tells Drew he ran into Sean Penn and found out he’s not a fan of Drew for the Celebrity Rehab show, why!? Why does every middle aged Hollywood guy think they get to have a unique opinion about that show launched by experts in the field who bettered the lives of many people!

Drew asks what it was about the show he didn’t like, Adam suggests perhaps it hit a little too close to home, Drew is asking what is exploitative about his former show.


Adam is now asking about people who get their names on attached to libraries and if they aren’t exploiting something, Drew responds to Adam’s logic and now explains how the show worked.

Drew says the celebrity’s spent months giving consent, got paid and got good treatment, Adam says that people don’t stop to break things down, Adam is commenting on powerful men who make fast decisions and don’t go back to reexamine them nor will anyone pipe up and correct them.

Adam says powerful guys cannot ever by wrong nor second-guess their decisions, Drew says that makes him think about the people being uneducated.


Adam says he never tried to change people’s minds and told Sean that he knows Drew and he’s a good person, Adam is talking about how everyone in showbiz has done a few projects to make money, to work.

Adam is now sharing his house painter analogy he gave Sean, Adam is explaining he got a “yeah I can dig it” from Sean, by using language he could understand.


Drew is now doing a True Car live read


Adam is telling Drew about getting his hair cut on the set of ‘Catch a Contractor’ yesterday and now they’re back to a photo with Adam and Chris from circa 1987.

Adam is remarking on how he looks the same then as he does now haircut wise, Adam jokes about Chris and his romantic haircut got him laid all of the time.

Adam is now commenting on the photo you can see via the show page link above, Adam talks about Volvo revolutionizing the headrest game before it was required.


Adam tells Drew that pickups we’re considered to be farm equipment which prevented them from being required to have headrests.

Adam says he has no idea where he is in that photo and talks about spray painting the stereo brown.

Adam is telling Drew about riding in the bed of that truck all of the way to Las Vegas, he tells Drew about buying that pickup off of Chris.


Drew asks Adam about how old he was when they met, Adam recalls he was about 31.

Drew says it looks like they had a ton of fun despite their limited funds and opportunities, Adam says he refused to take part in any styles or trends of the era.

Adam says he got home from Riverside last night and told Lynette about seeing the aged Contractors beaten down by the years and worn out, Adam knew he was going to be one of these haggard guys who looked like shit by 60.


Adam says he was looking down the road trying to find a way out, he knew everything they were doing was fun but he also knew they were on a dead end path and was looking for a way out.

Adam says he wanted to learn some “iceberg training” to survive the oncoming wreck his friends were all destined to suffer through.


1st Caller Nolan, he says that his retired police officer father has been looking at underage pornography and he wants help with what to do about it.

Drew asks how this porn was found, Adam is helping Nolan address Drew’s questions and Adam asks about him “asking for help” after being busted for this.

Adam comments on the Stephen Collins case, mistakenly thinking that the therapist forwarded that communication to law enforcement and not his ex.


2nd Caller wants to know if things are going to change in Hollywood, re: mindless entertainment without a message.

Adam is mocking Syd and Marty Krofft working on a movie version of ‘Sigmund and the Sea Monster’ and goes on to mock them for their lack of talent, they can only warm over their own piles of shit from 1974.

They cannot compete in a climate like today, he brings up Tank Abbott the former UFC fighter who doesn’t have a place in today’s MMA.


Adam is finishing up this Tank Abbott analogy and explains why he wants his kids in front of quality and doesn’t give a shit if Olga doesn’t want them watching ‘The Simpsons’ nor if his kids get all of the gay jokes and innuendo on ‘Modern Family’.


3rd Caller Hari, he’s calling about his addiction and sobriety, he tells them about 10 years of sobriety causing him to realize he’s no longer an alcoholic, he comments on how crazy that thinking is and cites some AA stuff regarding that type of thinking.

Drew has a killer laugh in reaction reaction, Adam is asking Hari about circumstances in life and if your life changes a lot if that can then change how you relate to substances.

Drew is explaining the biological realities for drive and how the human brain works, Adam gives him some practical advice and Drew tells him the overwhelming probability is that there will be consequences.


Adam tells Gary not to bury his head towards the end of the show, Drew brings up his recent flat tire and jokes about it being a “tease” and now Adam is pissed and telling Drew to bring it up next time.

Adam cites his busy recording schedule for the day.

Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show.