Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/25/2014 – Jerry Springer and Cindy Caponera

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/25/2014 – Jerry Springer and Cindy Caponera

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Guest Jerry Springer and Cindy Caponera

Recorded 04-24-2014 – Release Date 04-25-2014

Production Number #1311

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Jerry Springer is opening the show, he has one known Classic Loveline appearance from 1998 and possibly an MTV Loveline appearance with the cast of “Ringmaster” the movie about his show from the same year.

Jerry has never appeared on the ACS, not the KLSX morning show nor this podcast.

Alison is bringing up Jerry’s nerves about appearing on the show and filling in for Adam, Jerry cites their relationship from the Loveline days.


Jerry is telling them about his Maserati and calls it useless after talking about Adam and his cars, he lives in Sarasota and is joking with Alison about owning a private plane.

Jerry says he’s 70 and he’s having an “end of life crisis” joking with the gang, he’s saying the car is lovely but knows nothing about cars.

Jerry says he was trying to buy his wife a car but ended up buying one for himself.


Jerry is telling them about how he got involved in politics and then in television, BB accidentally insults him by asking if he lives in a retirement community and then goes onto fumble a reference to his Jerry’s tabloid past, almost spelling out the bounced check to a prostitute story.

Jerry is giving them a thumbnail sketch of how he got into TV and how long that job lasted.

BB is now bringing up Jerry’s syndicated show, not his local TV affiliate show.


Jerry is now explaining the day time TV show and how Ricki Lake opened the door for him to peruse the younger audience, he’s sharing the goal they had to go after her audience and how it fundamentally changed the show.

Jerry is sharing how once they were bought by NBC/Universal and the contract stated they must make every episode pure insanity, he’s telling them about Bob who married a horse.

Jerry is sharing a very interesting reveal that Jerry never knew the subject matter, it would unfold on stage to him, almost like a game show host.


BB is now sharing the new Aisha Tyler drop from the last episode, Jerry comments on the horse drop that BB had, it’s actually a legacy as it was once Dr. Drew’s “High Horse” on Loveline, strange that BB has his own version, must be a prepackaged clip with software or his Replay 360.

Jerry is now going in-depth on the horsefucker, Alison and BB are treating Jerry like a guest and he notices it, it’s good though, they’re right it’s very interesting.

Jerry is very eloquent about the nature of humans and the commons thread among us all, he’s making a beautiful point actually.


BB just referenced Gordon Elliot and he wants to know if Jerry encountered any of the other hosts, he labels them all sociopaths and Jerry says he doesn’t think so or know them.

Jerry is describing the appeal of his show and how he thinks he’s viewed by young men in particular, very interesting.

Alison wants to know how he learned not knowing about his guests in advance was good for his show, BB has a joke saying that’s Adam’s formula.


BB is filling Jerry in on his story and setting up an animated clip from the book that you can see via the show page link above.

They’re playing the clip.

BB is now telling Jerry about when he actually decided to write the book, he’s going in depth on his condition and Gary reveals that he first met BB after “Laughs for BB” and doesn’t have a baseline for what BB was like pre-diagnosis.


Alison is now praising BB’s audiobook and asking him how he was able to perform it so well.

They’re now heading to break, Jerry has a funny question about what they do on break.


They’re back from break with a “Definitely Not a Jew” a nice callback to earlier in the show.

Cindy is joining them for her ACS debut, Jerry is plugging her new book “I triggered her Bully” and she’s explaining the title.

Cindy is telling them about her dad who was a street fighter type on the south side of Chicago and she says that because of her upbringing needy people make her want to beat them up.


Jerry is asking her about this reaction, she’s saying sharing that it’s the weakness that makes her so angry, Jerry calls it a rationale and he’s right, it’s rationalizing a tough/possibly unhealthy childhood and the acting out as an adult as a result.

She’s telling them about her dad waking her brothers up with fists to train them to box, she’s explaining how she was able to “undo” and appreciate why things were done the way they were when she was a kid.

Jerry is now asking her where the chutzpah comes from to motivate her to pursue comedy, she’s telling them about her origins with SNL.


BB is asking her about the first year she works on SNL and the holdover cast members from the pre-1995 era.

Jerry is asking her about the writer’s room at SNL, he mistakenly says morning and she corrects him.

Cindy is going in depth on the submission and writing process at SNL that has remained relatively unchanged (minus the blow) since the 1970s.


She’s telling them how intense the schedule at SNL is and getting to the read through process and rehearsals.

Cindy is sharing how she got into an argument with Chevy Chase during a table read after making a joke at his expense.

Cindy has a funny reaction to Norm’s voice and jokes about not understanding radio, funny.


Jerry is asking her about being funny and the need to crack jokes, asking if she ever turns it off and how she relates to her husband.

Jerry is now telling a Henny Youngman anecdote.

Cindy is now interviewing Jerry asking him about his time working in government and for Kennedy, she’s telling him about a story from her book about a Vietnam vet.


Alison has a great question about people caring about the world more in the past 6 decades in comparison to now, Jerry and Cindy both say it is true and Jerry is sharing how real the threat of being sent to die in Vietnam was.

Cindy is now saying that the innocence of everything was gone after Watergate and that people almost had a revolution, they’re now abruptly changing topics and Jerry is telling them about his nephew Richard.


Blah Blah Blog – Saved for Next Week!


Alison’s News

1st Story is on the ongoing news coverage about the Malaysian Airlines flight, some funny hand jive/hand job comedy up top.

Jerry is now predicting a movie about this plane in several generations, most likely it’ll get made within the decade though.

They’re all now commenting on the CNN coverage of the missing plane and Jerry is now bringing up the OJ Simpson case and how the media used it for ratings fodder for two years, he says it meant nothing to anyone but the immediate families involved.


Everybody is now discussing the OJ case and the various takes on why it was such a media frenzy, Alison is wisely bringing up the racial reasoning used despite seemingly not believing it herself at all.

Jerry and Cindy are giving their takes as people who worked in TV at that time.

Now Jerry is taking it back to the missing plane, Jerry is sharing how this could be a test to see if the plane could escape radar.


Jerry is now making a production of telling Alison to wrap up the news, they’re calling him a natural.

They’re giving out the plugs, Alison is taking the reins and doing great!