Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/24/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 329

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/24/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 329

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Jimmy O. Yang

Recorded 04-19-2016 – Release Date 04-24-2016

Production Number #329 – Jimmy O. Yang

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Adam opens the show with the standard intro and Jimmy O. Yang is making his return appearance on the ADS, Adam has some nice praise for ‘Silicon Valley’ and Adam talks about the evolution of TJ Miller’s career and the potential for him to get Emmy and Academy Awards with his acting roles now, he cites his audition video for Yogi Bear.

Adam is talking about the genius of Mike Judge and his impressive intelligence coupled with his comedic abilities, Adam was just listening to…


Adam is bringing up Al Uncer Jr. who looks like someone you could beat outside of the car, but you can’t beat him.

Drew is asking if we shouldn’t stop judging people and Adam is making a better point about people having surprising abilities and more than meets the eye. Adam has a killer one liner demanding for Jimmy to explain why he thinks he’s funny, gold!

Jimmy O. Yang shares how people presume things about him, referencing the conversation about comedian being lame at most other life skills and being generally helpless.


Jimmy O. Yang is telling them about the executive producers and the cast that help improve the show with every scene and improv on the day.

Adam is asking Jimmy O. Yang about his new movie role and Adam is further joking about the presumptions about Jimmy.

Jimmy explains it’s about the Boston Marathon Bombing and he is playing the carjacked guy.


Adam asks him about the production of the movie and the release window, he’s excited about this upcoming part but also a bit freaked out, Adam jokes about him merely needing to be himself, a scared Asian man driving a car.


Adam and Drew are doing a Five Four Club Live Read

Adam and Drew are junkies for these clothes man, edition


Drew is once again plugging the hardware store fire sale and Adam is crushing it with a funny riff about various parts, Jimmy claims to have an 8-inch dong and offers them the chance to measure it…

Adam is bringing up the studies about homework and Drew brings up Jimmy’s father who is now acting as well, Adam shares how his wife is responding to the article from Duke university about homework and how his wife immediately knew not to bring it in.

Adam says it’s like the fat kid who has a study about the dangers of climbing rope in gym class, it looks biased and Adam shares how he came up with Natali’s best friend’s mom to bring the study in.


Adam is asking Jimmy if he can clean up his hair cut and tuck in his shirt, he wants to cast him as a custodian of a child who attends the school, he’s an accountant from San Marino, Monterey park and is filling in for the parents who are in China dealing with a textile emergency.

Jimmy is now busting out some Cantonese and Adam is having him go through a scene, he’s following the direction well.

Adam is the principal and Jimmy is crushing it, Drew chimes in and Adam shares his two goals with this.


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read
Dre emphasizes the used cars being added to the app edition


1st Caller Andrew, he’s a huge fan and says he wants to come work for them.

Gary gets on mic and jokes about coming in to search for coffee commercials.

Adam says the man is always looking for someone who can make them more money, he talks about go getters earning for you while you’re earning somewhere else.


Adam talks about getting Matt involved with the documentary filmmaking over at the other warehouse, Adam doesn’t want him being his assistant for his whole life and Gary tells Adam not to use names, Adam tells him to leave him alone and he will choose to use names or not.

Adam tells Gary that he has to worry about that with Drew, not himself.

Adam asks Andrew for a list of 5 good things about himself, he says he feels behind and is getting into audio production.

Adam is sharing he felt outside of the stadium and in his 20’s.


Adam says what you do is show up and stand out as the person that is most needed, Adam shares his trading card analogy for most relationships and mentions working at Loveline, Adam felt like everyone was replaceable and says if Matt Fondiler said he’s not coming in his mind would start racing.

Adam is sharing how Lauren would react at Loveline vs. how Matt would react today.

Adam says he does miss Engineer Mike, he compliments him and asks what he’s doing now, he’s a successful audio engineer and my Facebook pal!


Adam is making a larger point about the people who presume a boss would praise one person while targeting and harassing another.

Jimmy mentions his brother and Adam has a killer “they could tell you apart?” joke.


Drew is doing a Blinds Galore Live Read

Drew recalls the tie-dye sheets that used to be up, Adam tells him to stick to the page edition


Adam mentions the Jenny McCarthy bangs from when she appeared on ‘The View’ and makes a point about the drapes, he comments on Brad Pitt and his long hair and the affectation of adjusting it over and over.

Adam says bosses like hutzpah and asks Jimmy if he’s ever met Mark Wahlberg his fellow cast member form the new movie.

Adam talks about meeting Mark and gets to the ease at which celebrities can avoid being in tabloids.


Adam talks about the walking to dinner with Vince Vaughn and Jimmy shares his own experience with people recognizing him and the added racial element that makes people unsure if they should approach him with the praise he deserves.

Adam brings up the ‘Down’s Syndrome’ Pete Sampras line that’s been changed over time and the dad from La Cañada who loves it and thinks it’s so true, Adam gets it, stop!


2nd Caller Robert he wants to know if Adam would rather win an Academy Award or sell out Madison Square Garden for a live show.

Adam talks about the two experiences and the various benefits and Gary brings up the Academy Award element in your obituary.

Drew sneezes and Adam asks him if he’s allergic to truth and Drew asks if Adam thinks he’ll be remembered as an innovator and a proven right about everything he says.


Adam is now bringing up the article about the Toyota Grand Prix that left out his previous wins, Drew blames the L.A. Times and says it’s their bias.

Adam is asking Drew and Jimmy about the likelihood if his obituary will also have some of this “F U douchebag” sticking it to the man.

Adam is asking if this isn’t form the Associated Press, Drew is adamant it’s the Times and Gary informs them it’s AP, Drew thinks it’s a dismissal.


Jimmy asks if Adam would be more offended if they didn’t mention him at all.


Drew is doing an Uber Live Read

His sons are driving a Honda and Lexus; Matt comes in with the assist edition


3rd Caller Thomas, he wants to know about the consequences for long term Adderall use, Adam talks about the realities of people over 30 using the drug and the addiction role it could be playing.

Drew shares how only in certain cases does it makes sense.

Adam is talking about the alternative medicines for this situation and how mental clarity and calmness could be reached with the right lifestyle, meditation etc.


Drew says this a terrible idea and says he’s an alcoholic and he’s found a new substance, he’s not his doctor and makes it clear, he’s not working as a doctor, he’s just sharing his opinion.


Adam is now talking about his recent focus on relaxation techniques and deep breathing.


Adam is now recounting the story of trying to get some peace to practice his Tai Chi with is guy at the other warehouse/shop.

Adam explains the compressor clicked on and ruined the mood, Adam is sharing the dual insult of three compressor being left on all weekend had he not caught it.

Adam then realized this must be happening every weekend and he’s home sleeping and unaware of the wasted cash.


Adam is doing a High T Pro Live Read

Ada mocks Drew for having sex while driving edition


Adam gives out the plugs and Drew calls Jimmy their little son after hinting about the expansion of The Adam and Dr. Drew Podcast.