Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/24/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 137

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/24/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 137

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 04-15-2014 – Release Date 04-20-2014

Production Number #137 Guest Host – Adam Ray

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Adam is not on Today’s show, Dr. Drew is opening things with Adam Ray filling in, and Drew is once again doing his “vacation for him and the staff” riff about Adam being away, the lamest bit and even the staff seem to be glaring at Drew.

Drew is calling his role or lack of a role an “attack” and Adam Ray is praising their show and explaining what an honor it was to be booked for the show.

Adam Ray is telling Drew about his mom and his family, Drew is inquisitive about the Jewish element of Adam’s family.


Adam is telling Drew about the stash of brisket his mom stashed in his bag, Drew is asking him where the comedy came from in his life.

He’s telling them about being overweight and his parents’ divorce.

Drew is explaining how women can be profoundly affected by an abandoning dad, Adam is explaining that his sister was hit harder by the divorce than he was.


Adam is explaining the non-accredited program in Utah his sister was sent to and the abuse she suffered along with getting a non-valid diploma.

Drew is explaining how women treat their mothers and the parent that stick around, he’s making a point about women and how they feel about other women.

Adam Ray is telling them about getting fired as “Wolverine” from Universal Studios and Drew explains how when someone is fired in TV if it’s a women her first response is wondering what other bitch who has it in for her got her fired.


Adam is now making a point about the aggression among men vs. the type found in women.

Adam is telling Drew about his sister stealing their van and driving to Arizona with a boyfriend and he’s explaining how it still bleeds into the relationship to this day.

Drew says that Adam’s sister magically recreating the cycle of abandoning fathers, Drew is explaining why children crave to be part of a family unit.


Drew is now doing a live read.

They are riffing “Bernstein Bears” and now Drew is bringing up the CNN pregnancy test ad parody from last week’s show.

They’re now bonding over their love for the “baby body” bit on SNL, Beck Bennett is the performer of the sketch.


Drew is now telling them about watching SNL at a frat party about a year into its original run, he missed the era of Chevy Chase.

Adam Ray is telling them about his preferred times in the SNL’s run, the transitional times between the major casts.

Adam is now going in depth on the latest SNL sketches, he says they get lost in the weeds with some of the sketches becoming too involved in their premise.


They’re now getting to Jim Breuer and Drew says “he used to always come on Loveline” he actually guested once and was very low-key, it’s the infamous episode that inspired the 10yr one sided feud from Jim Breuer.

Adam doesn’t seem that well versed in Loveline for someone that claims to be such a fan, Drew is now bringing up the Tina Fey episode from 2004.

Just like Adam Carolla, he’s remembering it as much more than it was, perhaps due to Tina’s status, rose colored glasses turning a good episode into a great episode, wish he would mention the actual legendary guests, Adam too for that matter.


They’re now doing a live read for Bark Box.

Drew is explaining how babies change the priority of pets, he’s making a point about his wife and now Gary is chiming in and explaining how it seems that it’s now started to reverse where Susan is treating their new dog Rex like a child.

Adam is sharing an anecdote of a dog attacking another dog, Adam is now quoting Greg Giraldo.


Drew is explaining the need to support Adam in the patent troll lawsuit as they return from break, Adam Ray wants to know who would even think to undergo this litigation to make money.

Drew calls it a parasite on the economy and they’re giving out the plug.

Adam is now telling them about his first late night set on Craig Ferguson’s show, he’s telling Drew about meeting him when he was guesting last time to promote is work in a movie.


Adam is telling Drew about being overweight, he’s telling him how he started to lose weight around 13 and how he used food as comfort as a kid.

Adam says he was quick fat and didn’t want to be considered slower than his friends, he says he was just as quick as they were.

Drew is now making a point about him shedding the baggage and weight by middle school, he’s telling them about eating like an asshole in college when stoned.


Adam is explaining how embarrassing it was to be called out on dieting as a kid, he’s explaining how he would internalize it, instead of lashing back like most comedians.

Drew is now making a point about pot triggering the same part of the brain that the junk food and Disney channel afternoon cartoon block triggered for him as a kid.

They’re both now praising Craig Ferguson and Drew is explaining how Craig just riffs his opening of the show instead of having it spelled out on cue cards, Drew is unknowingly describing Adam Carolla’s skillset which is vastly more impressive than Craig’s.


Drew is now finally bringing Carolla into the mix, he’s praising Amy Schumer and how much he wants to meet her, yeah…

Drew is now citing the acts of various stand-ups and asking Adam about his act, Drew asks him if he’s afraid of success.

Adam is making a point about the perils of success and how his aspirations have changed as he witnessed his friends achieve success and fame.


Drew is now doing another live read.


1st Caller Travis, he’s praising Drew for “OG” MTV loveline and says that they helped him achieve things in life and Drew says he’s deeply honored.

Travis wants to know Drew’s favorite medium in all of entertainment, Drew says he likes them for different reasons, TV being a challenge.

Drew is going in depth on the difficulties and contrasting reality TV vs. his HLN show.

Drew calls Loveline a “primordial reality show” and he’s explaining his ambition to do good work and make a difference in the world.


2nd Caller Marley, she has a 9yr old and has entered the family into therapy to help with their yelling in the home, she says she can’t stand her husband.

The therapist referenced her daughter as an “Indigo Kid” and Drew is now looking it up, he’s telling her that this is nonsense and any professional of any stripe needs to have board certification and proof of education.

Drew is trying to get her to clarify the woman’s board certification and he tells her she’s not, he’s very concerned.


Drew is once again telling her it’s a meaningless term but she’s stuck on it as it’s flattering to her to have a “special” kid and now Drew is once again doing another lap telling Marley this is not funny.

Drew says that mental health professionals should be a challenge, not a source of positive feelings and now Marley is once again trying to make her daughter supernatural once again.

Drew is telling her the actual scientific/medical condition that her daughter must have.


Adam is now commenting on how Drew changed his affect based on the call, Drew is going off.

Adam and Drew are wrapping up the show ad giving out the plugs.