Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/24/2014 – Aisha Tyler and Dave Attell

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/24/2014 – Aisha Tyler and Dave Attell

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Aisha Tyler and Dave Attell

Recorded 04-23-2014 – Release Date 04-24-2014

Production Number #1310

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Adam is not opening the show, instead it’s Aisha Tyler in the hosting chair, BB and Alison are there as well and Aisha is already rambling.

Aisha has a long history of guesting on air with Adam, starting back in 2001 on Classic Loveline, returning in 2003 and 2004, she appeared on the KLSX ACS morning show in 2007 and 3 times in 2008, this is only her 4th appearance on the podcast, you can hear her first visit on Acs #13 (feat. Aisha Tyler) from 2009.

Now Aisha is getting them on a tangent about trying to fit in to a tone of a show as opposed to being themselves, Alison is giving her take and says a person being themselves is best, citing some examples from her own career and guest appearances.


Aisha is referencing the radio show days and she’s explaining how she guests on a radio show and tries to fit in.

Alison has now queued up BB for his #TopDrop and they’re explaining the porn star guest from last week, Alison is now citing her hazardous duty pay for being “out of commission” for a week, I knew that stuck with her.

Aisha is sharing her theory on taking dicks, Alison calls her the captain of her “Dick Mobile” and now Alison is transitioning to Aisha’s lunch.


Aisha is apologizing for Cross fit and saying she’s into but doesn’t like how everyone else is forced to hear about it, Alison wants to know why she does it.

Aisha is telling them about a nice cross fit gym nearby to the studio.

Aisha is going in depth on her Paleo diet and her cheat days, she’s explaining how much chicken she eats along with all the organs allowed by the diet.


They’re now all going in depth on Cross fit and BB is telling them about “The Bar Method” which Aisha calls the exact opposite.

Aisha is now telling them about her latest beer she’s brewing to debut at Comic-Con and she’s telling them about her decreased drinking since her 20’s.

Aisha gets in a “Last of Us” reference while explaining why her office is not in her home.


1st Caller Joel, is playing classic Xbox and wants to upgrade, he wants to know what to buy on XBOX One, she’s recommending Splinter Cell Ghosts and she’s promoting her own game “Watch Dogs” and she’s explaining how the oft delayed game actually plays.

She’s telling him about “The Division” and remembering that “Titan Fall” is out and tells him to go buy one right now.

BB jokes about Adam giving the same advice.


She’s going in depth on her game playing, she’s telling them about being stuck in “The Last of Us” and she’s going a mile a minute.

BB says he quit gaming with Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo, Alison doesn’t play but her husband Daniel does, she’s telling them about wanting to get into a game and she’s telling them about playing portal.

Aisha s taking it back to “The Last Of us” and she’s recommending it to Alison, telling her she cries at the end of video games.


Aisha is sharing how she wants to get a “Defender” or “Time Crisis” cabinet for her office, she’s describing the gameplay of both to BB and Alison.

Alison nicely transitions to the game at hand.


Totally Topical TiVo Time Today

1st Description “An entrepreneur invites scientists…”

2nd Description “Showing signs of a dormant family trait…”

3rd Description “A Former slave joins forces with the German…”

4th Description “A 14yr old murder victim…”

5th Description “Amid a series of profession and personal crisis a long married couple must…”

6th Description “An actress calls on Jesuit priests to try and end the demonic possession of her daughter”

7th Description “A clue to mankind’s origins leads a team of explorers…”

8th Description “Cosmic dwarves take a boy on an odyssey”

9th Description “Acclaimed account of the gun toting bank robbers…”

10th Description “Intellectual parents seek and find a way to save their son from a rare nerve disease”

Aisha is eating on mic?


2nd Caller Rachel wants to know what Aisha’s first job was, she’s telling them about “The Holy Bagel” and sharing her bagel theft from the store.

Aisha’s voice just got deeper, maybe due to swallowing food, odd.

She’s telling them about selling apples as a kid and Alison is sharing her failure at attempting to use her cute kid status to sell shit.


BB is now asking Alison what her first job was, he’s bringing up Encyclopedia Brown and his own attempt to steal the idea leaving business cards around the neighborhood.

Alison is sharing her 2$ an hour pay for babysitting and now Aisha is telling them about making that same wage while she waited tables in college.

Aisha goes to break and uses Larry the Cable Guy’s signature phrase to close it out, Alison laughs politely.


They’re returning from break to one of the “Attack Ads” courtesy of Adam, Mike Lynch and Michael Prell.

Dave Attell is now returning to the ACS for his 5th appearance, he was on episodes 349, 518, 623 and 795.

Alison segues nicely to Dave’s new show on comedy central, he’s explaining how it’s uncensored and the premise of the show, to give exposure to new comics.


Dave explains that he is a club act and will never be a theater comedian, Aisha is sharing her efforts to clean up her act for a network performance.

Dave is making a point about the changes in the comedy scene in the past 20yrs, he says that the seriousness takes the fun out of it.

Dave says that every comic gets in trouble for something they say.


Dave says that there are no more groans in the audience, he’s explaining that women have successfully “flayed” men.

Dave is complimenting his crowds and saying they’re very hip and media savvy.

Dave is now telling them about “Dave’s Old Porn” and how it’s his own Noah’s ark of a show, he says Showtime didn’t want a 3rd season and he didn’t get to air the last 3 episodes featuring Doug Stanhope,  DAG and Otto and George.


Dave and Aisha are talking about Casino shows, she says she hates them and only likes audiences who are fans and know her work, hmmm.

Aisha is bringing up the elderly woman with an oxygen tank that sits up front for every show.

Aisha says that Judy Tenuta needed a” mental intervention” and now they’re all talking about “Game Of Thrones” and Alison is sharing how she had to quit watching the show do to the violence.

(If you don’t know who Judy Tenuta is, you can hear her on Classic #75 Judy Tenuta – 01/11/1996.


They’re now all discussing Don Draper and “Mad Men” and Dave has a great “bite the hand that feeds you” comment aimed at Alison.

Aisha has a “I looooove dick” explanation for why she likes seeing it on TV, Alison tried to get her to clarify and she says it’s in part to even the nudity playing field but also cause she’s a hetero lady.

They’re all talking about being in the company of men and Aisha is sharing how she gravitates towards men.


Dave is now referencing the movie trope of a father/daughters and Aisha is now explaining how her father raised her.

Dave is asking her about the pointing and she’s telling them about breaking her arm.

Alison is getting her to clarify on how she felt about that style of parenting in the moment vs. how she feels about it now.


Alison has a great sarcastic comment about media instilling violence in humans, making a grander point about the inherent dual nature of human beings.


BB is now telling them about “Clean Flix” the Mormon censoring service, Aisha is telling them about a censored version of “Bad Lieutenant” and BB is confirming how Blockbuster would edit the movies in their stores.

Aisha is explaining how Game of Thrones is based off the books and how after this season they won’t have any new book material to use.


Aisha is now wrapping up the show.

Aisha is now giving out her plugs and Alison is stepping in to plug their upcoming shows, a live show with Mike Rowe, the man I first got booked on air on the ACS in 2008 and he refused to leave the studio which ended up with him doing 9 out of 12 segments, a record!

BB is plugging his book and explaining his medical condition, Dave is congratulating BB and he’s sharing his upcoming book signing dates.