Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/24/2013 – Lizz Winstead and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/24/2013 – Lizz Winstead and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Lizz Winstead and David Wild

Recorded 04-23-2013 – Release Date 04-24-2013

Production Number #1063

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Adam is opening the show with a “Top Drop” from a listener request with the creator of the idea David Wild in studio.

Adam is having Matt join them to explain the details of his chicken shit ticket, David has a quip that Adam can’t let slide, nice.

Matt is explaining the nature of his ticket and Adam is riffing about automatic vs. manual transmission and what it means when it comes to turning in your wheels.


Adam is now ranting about the “rich uncle” subsidizing that allows bad business people aka politicians to be continually employed while running Los Angeles into the ground.

Adam is calling L.A. the shitty restaurant by the beach in reply to Bryan’s brilliant observation and Adam is now citing a specific crappy diner up Beachwood canyon.

Adam is now bringing up the “DROP” program in reply to David and thanks to Alison’s quick pull.


Adam is telling the gang about a writing session with Kevin Hench that featured a Wayne Brady cameo, Adam didn’t place him immediately then ran out into the parking lot to apologize for being out of it and invited Wayne by the podcast.

Wayne left them with a surprise kindness to even top the story, Alison wants some follow up details about Adam’s foot pursuit after Wayne who was exiting the lot in his car.


Adam is telling the gang about another one of his predictions/calls to action that has come to pass, the new modified “ass covering” hospital gowns, only took 17yrs.

Adam is joking about the post-apocalyptic attitude L.A. will be forced to adopt when shit becomes unsalvageable.

Adam and David are discussing Villaretardo’s work on traffic and Alison wants the definition of by hook or by crook and David actually has the killer reply on this one.


They’re now discussing the death of Phil Ramone and his connection to David’s intro song. David has tons of information and Adam is asking about the level of importance of a producer in the music industry.

David is dropping names up a storm and is now telling Adam some anecdote’s about Quincy Jones and his daughter Rashida.

They’re all having a fun discussion and Adam has a hilarious theory on the appearance of age using Quincy as his main example.


Adam is now sharing an anecdote from when he was working with Ivan Reitman and Jimmy Kimmel.

Adam is discussing it with the gang and has a rare “Evolution” mention in comparison/contrast to the excellent script he was working on with Kimmel.

Adam is teasing the appearance of Lizz, Adam forgot she worked on the Man Show pilot and is discussing the dual nature of his selective/non-selective forgetfulness.


Lizz is now joining the podcast for her first visit, Adam is doing a hilarious “Legal Zoom” live read with a great Dawson dig and better contribution from the man himself.

Adam is asking Lizz about her recollections of the Man Show pilot and her origins of being hired for the project. Lizz is explaining the diversity in her career, comparing her super feminine gig prior to the Man Show.

Lizz is now sharing an anecdote about Josh Gardner’s wife and Adam has a killer series of one liners about Lizz and DFG’s wife in reply to her story of sleeping in a car.


Adam is sharing the rarely told story of the “Eat a stick or butter” bit, Adam is listing all of the words that weren’t allowed on radio at the time.

Adam has a hilarious series of defensive replies in favor of “Titties” with some funny asides from Alison and Adam is now back to the story and how it reflects the changing landscape of TV since.

Adam is explaining the true nature of the Man Show and how it was much more than some “men’s fantasy” and instead always had a cruel comedic irony or twist and Adam and/or Jimmy would end up as the butt of the joke.


Adam is asking Lizz about her book, she’s telling Adam that he’s mentioned in the book and she’s now sharing an anecdote about Adam and Jimmy paying for spa day for her in Vegas after the pilot was filmed.

Lizz and Adam are now riffing on what type of news b roll footage you’re seeing indicates what has happened, good stuff!

Alison has a comment about shows going on vacation and Adam is explaining the sensible reason it probably exists.


Lizz is telling the gang about the origins of the Daily Show after the end of “The Jon Stewart Show” and Adam has a funny aside about Doug and his likely activities at this very moment.

Lizz is further elaborating on the pitch for the show and Adam has a killer one liner about the type of open casting call that must have taken place and wants to know the Douche factor of Craig the original host.

Adam has a funny douche vest one liner and Alison has a topper, Adam is explaining the douchey exchange he had with Craig after doing his “Late Show” several times, the “I play hoops with Gary Shandling” story, this time Adam included two more of the names.


Adam is riffing on the concept of “the courtesy of bullshit” in personal interactions. Adam is now citing the shitty way guests would cancel Loveline.

He’s essentially citing the “Alexandra Paul” incident which she apologized for with her 3 follow up visits, one even including her Firefighter twin sister.

Adam and Lizz are going further in depth on the move Craig pulled and Alison is jumping in to explain how secretly envious she is/almost is of people who can turndown invites immediately, Adam is trying to get Lizz to give a “Craig is Craig”.


Lizz is stumbling on Adam dropping a casual C bomb, she’s arguing that it’s a lazy way to enhance a “bitch” and Adam is giving a more enlightened reply with some amazing alliteration and Alison is even stepping in to question Lizz.

Adam is defending his performance and creation of CC and Super Duper C, Adam is now explaining that he would have fired her ass off the Man Show if she showed this attitude and she’s throwing the “Women Aren’t Funny” nonsense in his lap while admitting she knows he didn’t say that.

Adam is explaining why he answered the question he was asked and he’s trying to explain the testosterone element in creating comedy while citing the Dr. Spazz/Black women’s hair and swimming argument.


Adam is now sharing the beautiful anecdote about his conversation while driving with Sonny about making a girl in his class laugh.

Lizz is now making some classic mistakes trying to be overtly PC to an extent she’s denying reality and Adam is calling her out on it, Adam is telling her she’s in an unwinnable argument as Adam is citing various scientific articles about the role of humor in the courting process.

Lizz is now denying the reason why human’s exist, to advance the species by only focusing on the exceptions to every rule that Adam is first to admit exist.


The control room has now fired up an article from “Scientific American” proving Adam’s point and he’s now carefully using the word “most” and now she’s shitting on her own argument with the point that 100% of the people in the room are heterosexual.

Adam is bringing up the Daily Show and the writers room, he’s asking if women are the majority of the people on the planet then why aren’t there more female writers on that show.

BB has an excellent “Pro-Adam” point shit by citing the average open mic night and Lizz refuses to accept reality yet again.

Alison is making a key point and Adam is fleshing it out, he’s using science and Lizz is interrupting to disagree.


Alison’s News

BB has some key drop work before the News intro.

Her top story is on the settlement from the LAPD for the two women mistaken for the rogue former L.A. cop, Adam is explaining this settlement is the reason Matt got his unjust ticket, awesome!

Adam is now riffing on this gross mistaken identity and Alison has a funny comment agreeing.

Adam is listing all the details of the mistakes made as Alison makes an alternate point about the amount of ammo used, Adam seems to simultaneously resent the tax payers footing the bill while suggesting the victims deserve much more.


Adam is making his “Asshole cops” argument and Alison is helping explain the details of the incident to Lizz.

Adam is explaining the concept of “paid leave” to Lizz when it comes to police officers, Dawson is jumping in to inform Adam that they are at full pay right now and Adam is right, Lizz has a great reaction to Adam’s closing line.


2nd Story is on a clip from “North Dakota News” broadcast

Adam is making an excellent Judo reversal on Lizz in reply to her claims that Kenyans win all the marathons, wow!

Alison is having them play the local news clip again to get a final verdict, Lizz is critiquing his performance and Adam agrees.

Adam and Alison are riffing on the local newscaster jobs in various small cities and markets, why it comes off as depressing to them and Adam has a great explanation about the “affiliate ladder”.


Adam is sharing his own unknowing microphone snafu, Alison is sharing some of her own experiences with hot lavs.

Adam is sharing his new theory on sound guys being secretly evil, he’s citing the amount of times a boom mic has ruined a good take where he was being recorded via lav mic.

Lizz is trying to riff and calls for guys with larger arms to operate booms, ironically this would probably be a perfect opportunity to recommend a woman for the job and she missed it.


3rd story is an update on the Elvis impersonator who sent the Ricin filled letters

It turns out all charges have been dropped and Alison is reading the details while expressing remorse over reporting on the story when he wasn’t guilty.

Alison has a funny observation about mail being the domain of crazy people and Adam is riffing on it and the power of letter writers.

Adam is now bringing up Guy Ass-oki for the 2nd time this month while citing the 2006 incident on the KLSX morning show.


Adam has a great live read with some nice contributions from BB and a new classic drop from Fondiler, Alison has the best news closer ever.

Adam is plugging the Children’s hospital “Cinco De Mangria” event at his home and giving some plugs for Lizz before wrapping the show.