Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/23/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 232

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/23/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 232

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 04-22-2015 – Release Date 04-23-2015

Production Number #232 – Raccoon

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Adam opens the show with a mandate to get it on, Adam asks Drew what’s been going on, he’s been at war with a Raccoon for 3 days.

Drew references ‘Caddyshack’ and Gary mistakes Chevy’s role in the movie, Adam says that his son saw ‘Paul Blart 2’ over the weekend and reported back it was excellent, he was a fan as it hit him at the right age.

Drew cites ‘The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ the worst piece of shit Drew says he’s ever seen, Adam shares a ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’ anecdote about a woman who claimed it as her favorite movie.


Adam is now sharing his love for ‘The Pretenders’ and says that Beth Ringwald got him John Lennon’s ‘Double Fantasy’ and Drew is now prodding him for the details.

They skip over the key detail, interesting.

Adam is now explaining how he had the best music at the time, they’re now listing to some good music.


Drew is sharing how the raccoon has attempted to build a fort inside his wall, Drew swears it sounded like he had some type of equipment, Drew calls him “the guy” and shares how his face appeared in the window staring at him.

Drew threw his wallet at the window, Drew jokes about him throwing his money at the problem, Adam tells Gary it was ‘The Weight’ by ‘The Pretenders’ that he was listening to, not that other track.

Adam is now describing the place he lived at with his roommates and how they used to feed a cunning raccoon.


Adam asks where Drew’s wife is and he explains he called a pest service to get this raccoon, Adam says that Mike Catherwood had a great idea and told him to turn his fire place on, it kept the raccoon out.

Adam is now telling Drew about expanding foam and how he can fill up the crack to keep the raccoon from getting back in.

Drew talks about his house being reclaimed by nature and cites his wife’s father who owns a hardware store.


They’re now listening to ‘The Weight’ and Adam is peppering in some light commentary, Adam is praising this amazing sound at a time when Hall and Oates was dominating the charts, what was he supposed to listen to John and Yoko?

Adam says how you know you’re dumb is… and he now gets to the picture from 1983 with him and his buddy Chris who was dressed up like he was in INXS, Adam was sporting the same look.

You are dumb because you chase trends, Adam says he doesn’t fall prey to the whimsy of what’s cool now in style, music or art.


Adam says he made it out of the disco unscathed because of his short hair and love for John Hiatt, Adam mocks the idea of his family owning a hairdryer.

Drew brings up Adam’s hatred for his curly hair and assumes he was trying to fix it, Adam predicts his son might be faced with the same hair fate.

Adam brings up the results of his kids checkup, he says he doesn’t go any deeper with the doctor than he does with the pool man or the gardener.


Adam says that his wife mentioned the cranial skull shaping helmet that was recommended for Sonny, Adam is now ranting about specializing in door hanging and mocking the idea of a specialist in pediatrics being wrong and him being right.

The doctor told Lynette they’re not doing that as much anymore, Adam is now giving a great “why, they’re not” reply about this being obvious.

Adam says they should just pay him back or come wax his car 100 times to cover the cost.


Drew talks about the weird philosophies that fade in an out, just like trends in shitty music and Drew brings up pain medication prescriptions and Adam asks if we don’t understand the nature of this type of stuff.

Adam is saying that one of the most glaring examples of this is the remodeled kitchens done in the 1970’s ruining these classic 1920’s homes.

Adam says you never have to redo an entry hall but a kitchen needs a remodel after about 40 years, he laments the “of the moment” design sand style of the 70’s.


Drew mocks the fake bricks and Adam brings up Z brick one of the big items given away on game shows, Drew is now breaking down exactly what the product is.

Adam says the Carolla’s didn’t fall prey to any of that stuff, because his parents wouldn’t act they didn’t buy into any trends, leaving out his dad’s lace up pants that is.

Adam is sharing his two greatest laments, #1 lunch trucks are in vogue so he gets no credit for eating from them on job sites, #2 his mom’s funky house ins now cool.


Drew is launching into a live read


Adam shares his breakthrough with his wife today, talking about his commute for ‘Catch a Contractor’ and realized he left his buck slip behind.

Adam has a light “you didn’t make the rounds” feeling about leaving the house, Drew says that’s a part of the human’s central nervous system that predates our species and comes from our mammalian and reptilian ancestors.

Adam says he called his wife and asked her to bring it with her to the studio, Adam says he normally walks her through it and this time he treated her like a certified pilot and let her land it solo.


Adam is asking the people who get told to write things down and reminded about things to own it, to realize it’s happening for a reason.

Adam brings up the shitty tweets he gets from fans about it being Adam’s way or the highway, he cites how BB disagrees with him.

Adam is now back to the instructions he gave his wife, Adam says we shall see if she re-earns her status as someone who needs to write things down and be talked through a process.


Adam is assuring people that busy people do not want to have to remind people of things and waste their precious time.


1st Caller Gary, he’s calling about a relative who refuses to get his kid vaccinated.

Drew brings up how acid rain isn’t a factor like it used to be due to GMO’s and he shares the thoughts and hopes of his generation regarding altering the genes of plants to make the soil requirements change to end acid rain.

Adam says that everyone is innocent in his court and then earn their status, Adam says he will only think of you the way you get him to think of you.

“Not fuck Steve!” – Adam on not getting mad at someone who doesn’t want you at their party, take a look in the mirror.


Drew is now saying that the quality of parenting that this level of suspicion and overprotection only causes kids to grow up miserable.

Drew is bringing up the HPV vaccine and how kids are now pissed about their parents who didn’t protect them against throat cancers.

Adam is asking how long it’s now been on the market and sharing the outrage of these now adults upset at their parent’s caveman thinking.


Adam is commenting on the half of the country without savings to get by in their older years, Drew asks about Adam’s parents surviving despite not having much of a savings.

Adam says his Dad lived like the La Crescenta Raccoon looking for a free piece of cheese, he’s now breaking down his parents’ strategy for life and how they planned on inheriting the savings of a previous generation.

Adam says that his mom and dad both re-married financially minded individuals who helped them, Drew asks Adam about his inability to fill out paper work, I know exactly what he’s talking about.


Adam says that Jimmy fills out Adam’s customs card when travelling overseas to Canada for example, without even asking.


Drew is now launching into a Life Lock Ultimate Plus live read


Adam is commenting on his parents and how they were able to hitch their wagons to someone else who had a motor and was capable of doing things.

Adam plugs the mugs they have for sale on the website via the show page link above.

Adam is telling fans to blow his mind by sporting one of the shirts.

Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show.