Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/22/2014 – Asa Akira

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/22/2014 – Asa Akira

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Asa Akira

Recorded 04-20-2014 – Release Date 04-22-2014

Production Number #1308

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Adam is opening the show with tales of his movie filming, he’s sharing how they got helicopter shots to make the production values look even higher, he’s thanking Angel City Air and the son of Lawrence Welk, a huge fan who volunteered some services.

Adam is explaining the need for helicopter/Ariel shots for establishing photography, Adam is sharing a huge find from our very own Producer Gary Patrick Smith @GPatrickSmith on twitter.

He was watching “Dallas Buyers Club” and spotted a poster for a Lamborghini Aventador in lieu of the 1980’s Lamborghini Countach, the staple of teenage boy’s bedrooms across the country.

Adam is riffing about how someone could make such a gaff.


Adam is now doing a live read for Audible with a plug for their upcoming guest Asa’s book.


Hooray for BaldyWood

BB is doing a Netflix recommendation, he’s praising “Enough Said” and now they’re discussing the importance of titles and movie posters, Adam has a lot of points about people’s attention spans and how you need to captivate them or you’ll get overlooked in the marketplace.

BB is going in depth on the movie and how it was the 5th best reviewed movie of the year, Adam is now sharing his advice to Jon Favreau about his movie and it’s “tween’er” status.

He has a great roll a grenade back into the room reply.


Adam is now ranting about dumb people, the non-smarts who need a category for everything, and the type who eat subway over the local sub place with homemade ingredients.

Adam is using that as an analogy for Adam Sander movies and shitty taste in general, making a point how much it easier to market simple/dumb things.

BB gives it an A


They’re wrapping the bit.


Adam is now explaining how they filmed the standup material and how he stayed or an hour to do real standup to payback the club.

Adam is bringing up the sign language interpreter from ACS #1259 back in February, he’s explaining how that worked its way into the movie.

Adam is telling them about the deaf sign language interpreter who was hired for the movie that negates the bit, she must speak and be able to hear to recreate the scene, and Adam is sharing his back and forth with the people in charge of casting.


Adam is bringing up the “but you’re going to have to pay her” reply, he wants to know why the 542.00 is out of his pocket.

Adam is saying because you assume adults listen you then move on and consider it done, Alison is incredulous that Adam was having the 2nd conversation with the same person.

Adam wants to know why you can’t cancel a booking and pay someone a smaller some, Alison says in writing they call it a “kill fee” and Adam is explaining the difficulties in getting the performance out of her, Alison wants to know how they auditioned her.


Adam is getting to the set dressing and how the schematics for a lawn chair showed up on the cork board for the comedy club.

Adam is riffing about Adirondack chair schematics and he’s getting to the “nobody will ever care like you” conclusion he comes to with this wife and BB has found 34 typos in his finished book, he says there were less in the version he handed in.

BB says he will be detailing all of them on his website, people won’t be happy but it will be satisfying he says.


BB is telling them about the cancer/concerns typo, gold!

Adam says he will not rest until everyone else is an asshole, he says he turned Dr. Drew and says how you become one is by trying to create things and participate in various media.

Adam is getting to how the book publisher will come back with a shitty email wondering what the deal is, Adam says he can say what went down, and he’s allowed to state the facts.


Adam is now doing a live read.

They’re heading to break.


Adam is now welcoming them back from break with Asa making her ACS debut, not too many adult performers on the podcast, so it’s a rare booking for the ACS indeed.

Adult performers/models were staples of Loveline and the ACS morning show on KLSX.

Adam is joking about everyone having a podcast, he’s transitioning to her past work as a dominatrix, and Adam has a killer one liner.


Asa is sharing how she volunteered to work in the adult industry after following a man back to his “dungeon” and she’s now telling them about how many men she would service per day.

Adam wants to know if she ever had a black or Mexican man, confirming Adam’s theory on this.

Adam is sharing why he has this theory, it’s about getting treated like shit during the day and not wanting to then pay for it in the bedroom.


Asa is saying that black men are very “vanilla” in bed, not even performing oral on women or into anal, she’s got a great “Ass is my favorite hole” line that will surely be a new drop and of course a #TopDrop too.

Adam is further exploring his idea on the clientele of a dominatrix, Adam is now quoting the “I don’t eat anything that gets up and walks away when I’m done” line from a former teammate.

Asa is sharing the Hasidic Jewish angle and Adam is now on a tangent about “naughty” and how he’s never needed anything else baked into his sex dish.


Adam is on a great riff about getting his kids a porn view master, he’s old-school and progressive at the same time.

Adam is now asking Asa about where the men leave their jizz when they beat off “at” her in the BDSM dungeon.

Adam has a killer “Every Which way but loose” joke about semen and she’s telling them about guys high on cocaine booking 6hr sessions without orgasm.


Asa is telling them about how much she doesn’t like coke or coke users, she’s telling them about smoking crack and Adam is bonding with her over the high, saying it’s fucking great!

Adam and BB are now doing a reenactment about a man who was left hanging upside down in the dungeon before it was closed down.

Adam is riffing about the women violating the men with stap-ons, “yeah you can’t leave your johns hanging” – Adam


Adam is riffing about trying to orgasm before the session ended and how her “wrap it up” talk would only prolong him, he’s making a great therapy analogy.

Alison is asking her about things guys asked for that made her uncomfortable, she’s sharing about the men with micro-penises who visited her.

She draws the line at shitting on strangers, BB has a killer one liner and Alison has a better fiber closer.


Asa says her favorite thing was butt-fucking dudes, she’s telling them about the power trip and Alison has a crazy reaction.

“By the way he’s paying you by the hour to be anally raped” – Adam, Adam is now asking her about a jar of barbicide for her strap-on.

Adam is saying that having your own strap-on is like showing up with your own bowling gear or pool cue that you rape with.


Asa is telling them about the biggest spade butt-plugs she’s seen inside men, she’s telling Alison and Adam in great detail how big these items are.

She says bigger than a bowling pin for sure, Alison has a killer “speak for yourself” in reply to Asa’s statement about women not competing about how big of phalluses they can “take.”


Adam is now doing a live read.


Asa says that anything you do with a woman is not gay, maybe not straight but not gay, Adam is joking about his dissertation about straight he is, he only gets started after he’s done being penetrated.

Asa totally agrees with Adam and his riff, she’s got another great drop and is telling Adam about all of her married clients.

Adam is asking her if she ever had any young guys who came into the dungeon and Alison is offering her own theory about young guys being able to get this weird shit at home.

She says the oldest guy was at least 80 and liked to lick her shoes while beating off.


Adam is now joking about looking around and wondering “who amongst us?” and now Asa is saying that you’d be shocked but someone on staff has to be into getting fucked with a strap-on.

Adam says god bless the old guy licking boots and Alison has another solid one liner.

Adam is back to the floor and commenting on his obsession with it, Asa is using the boners they had to explain their lack of concern.


She’s telling them about “the boner state of mind” and how it changes up your priorities and now Adam is getting to his “monkey brains” theory.

Adam is now checking Fondiler off the list, hazardous duty indeed!

Asa is now sharing her theory on how fucking a dude in the ass is gayer than getting fucked in the ass by a woman.


Asa now says the summit of Mt. Gay is sucking a penis, Alison agrees even for women too.

Asa gets bumped by the Sonny drop and everyone else is fine with it, Alison comments on the bizarre twist in morality.

Adam is now asking Asa about anal scenes and he’s joking about hitting his “mark” her asshole, they’re joking about guys who are too large for anal sex, she says that’s never happened for her and her warrior spirit.


Adam is now joking about the Devine Wind, he’s working the island campaign of WWII into this butt-sex conversation.

Asa says she feels lucky to have her job and this opportunity and now Adam is further defining her Asian warrior spirit.

Asa is explaining how she charges more for men with large penises as she would be “out of commission for the next week” and Alison has a telling noise in reply.


Asa is sharing the itemized billing she does for her different scenes and encounters, Adam is once again riffing about guys wearing clown and gorilla masks to gang bangs.

Asa says they can be very intimate and likes looking in the men’s eyes, Adam says Asa and him have a very different take on other people’s semen.

Adam says they agree on many things but not other dude’s jizz, Asa has a killer monkey brain callback and Alison’s stifled laughs are gold!


Adam is now wrapping things up and telling her to come back next time she’s taking a week off, funny hemorrhoid pillow comedy.

Adam is now doing a live read.

They’re closing the show to a great drop from Ace after he gives out the plugs.