Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/21/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 328

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/21/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 328

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 04-19-2016 – Release Date 04-21-2016

Production Number #328 – The Evolution of Ads

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Adam has a standard intro that he immediately nosedives and Drew threatens a good day but then takes a hit off some bad coffee, Gary gets on mic to explain that he’s getting some of Caelan’s handy work and quotes his “I smoke pot that much anymore at work” response from his “Know Your Lackeys” Segment on the ACS.

Adam talks about only caring about intent, honest mistakes don’t result him abusing people and he says “Maxifuckingpada” and then talks about Nick Davis taking his bags home stranding Adam without his stuff while out at the race track.

Adam explains how that was an honest mistake and shares how most people react to honest mistakes, he’s right, 13yrs of customer service over the phone confirms he is 100% right.


Nick says it was a group effort and tries to throw everyone under the bus as Gary laughs in the background and Drew mistakes Nick for Caelan.

Nick takes it in stride and Adam shares how his wife very kindly checked him into the room, she didn’t take his bag, he presumed that she must have taken it and not Nick.

Nick says he got a scary text from Lynette on Saturday night, Drew asks “Scary?” and has an “uh oh” moment and he explains that former assistant Jay, now Mangria co-runner also sent him some texts.


Drew is doing an Uber Live Read

Matt Fondiler likes doing it and it was one of the only reasons he could get married, two of Drew’s sons are both drivers and one is fully supporting himself that way.


Adam talks about people walking behind cars and overreacting as if the person was trying to hit them.

Drew shares a story of Mike Catherwood stopping and never making contact with anyone and still getting screamed at by a crazy narcissist.

Adam says that because Monday is a holiday we’ve decided to make Friday a half day, that’s what we’ve done with society, and uses the too high or weekend concert excuse for getting out of work as a main example.


Adam is telling Drew he loves watching commercials as an indicator for where society is at any given point.

Adam is now recalling the ‘Laugh In’ era of commercials from the 1970’s and the 1980’s variants of TV advertisements.

Adam says the Yuban “2nd Cup” ads from the 1970’s is among the greatest indicators of what society has devolved into and jokes about the future with is son being beaten with a coffee maker by his angry wife and some Columbian guys with sacks of beans.


Adam is asking Gary to find the right commercial, it’s the right series but not the exact one he wants and Adam mocks the attempt to age the guy in his 30’s for the commercial.

Adam and Drew are mocking the use of a saucer and open cup for the road.

Gary gets on mic to mock Drew and his “I’m just saying” busywork request.


Adam is now retelling the story of his grandma and her rules about making fresh coffee vs. instant coffee and Adam comments on his father’s lack of altering his mood with outside means, not even a bottle of wine nor a playboy to be found in the house.

Drew is asking about the angle Adam is pursuing and wants to know if he’s angry because his father didn’t do anything mind altering.

Adam comments on his two parents both not being into coffee and he mocks his mom’s lack of morning activities.


Adam talks about eating his grandfather’s goulash and eating for the next two weeks during one meal, Adam makes a point about BB and his ability to enjoy his life despite his modest income.

Adam is bringing up the “Know your Lackeys” Segment with Caelan from the ACS.


Drew is doing an Live Read

Adam busts out some Chief Thunderbear and says Paprika Edition


Gary has another ad and is explaining how the other one was much more apt to what they were describing initially.

They’re watching the 2nd Yuban commercial and Adam says there is still a 3rd spot out there and it doesn’t have hair nor a black person like that spot.


Adam is back to commercials and how they are miniature chunks of society of a specific era when they were filmed.

Adam has a great point about filming in a craftsman home from the 1920’s and how they wouldn’t film there, they would build a modern kitchen set and film that.

Adam is back to the instant coffee story with his late grandmother.


Adam is going in depth on this story and how he would try and encourage his stepdad John to jump in on the coffee request so he could get the good stuff.

Drew is shitting on Adam’s point without even knowing it and he argues that society hadn’t bought in on freeze dried instant coffee, his grandmother knew it was the substandard choice.


Drew is doing a Life Lock Ultimate Plus Live Read

Drew has some stories of scams that Adam cuts short edition


Drew has a photo of a pipe threader, from his wife’s father’s hardware store and Adam talks about pipe threading and how things used to be done on site, people would need every pipe custom made and Adam explains the modern era of plumbing.

Adam is now asking Gary about solid pipes and gas, he wonders if they have a PEX system equivalent.

Drew thought that Adam might want the old timey pipe threader for his style and collection.

Drew asks people to come down and buy stuff.


Adam says a few years ago he would have jumped on the pipe threader and now he’s more realistic about what he will actually use, Drew says he’s getting older and Adam is making a more refined point.

Adam is taking it back to Caelan and his reduced pot smoking on the job, he’s making another point about that as caller Steve waits on the line.

Adam says motivation has not changed one iota, when they would fuck around they would lie and tell their boss they were sick, the part where people miss Monday has been going on since the first job, the not lying part is the new element.


1st Caller Steve, he’s calling about his daughter and her absentee mother who is now back in their lives and he wants advice on how to balance her mom’s role in his daughter’s life.

He wants to help his daughter and instill some coping mechanisms, Drew recommends therapy for this young woman in her teenage years.

Drew says they need to figure out what is going on with her mom, is it drugs and addiction or a psychological disorder?


Drew preemptively addresses critics he might get for not recommending therapy now.

Adam has a scale of best to worst mommy idea for kids, he shares what he wished someone would have told him about his mother and her life as a lazy sack of shit and how it wasn’t about him or reflective of his being.

Adam is trying to tell Drew about something weird and shares an anecdote from a buddy with a mind like a steel trap and a disagreement with his wife about some key for example.


Adam is now using his Toyota Race to make a point about the big bold letters on the windshield of the car behind you, the pro racers get a different reaction than Wanda Sykes, think differently when Dr. Drew says something happened, they have a track record of great memories.

Drew is now getting intense saying when he recalls something then is not the time to tell him it’s inaccurate, that’s not true.


Adam is doing a BirkSun Live Read

Perfect for the Long Beach Grand Prix edition


2nd Caller Pete, he’s a shop teacher and Drew is trying to get his last name and Adam tells him not to ask that, Pete is sharing his opportunity to move from teaching to an administrative position.

Adam is asking about the pay bump and Adam is unsure he would part with the ability to shape young minds and be part of the class, the sedentary life and job doesn’t lead to happiness.

Adam talks about the guys on their feet on all day at a construction site and how the least complaining at work happens on construction sites, his best job was probably teaching boxing.


Adam is doing a Blinds Galore Live Read

Abrupt cut off to the live read edition


Adam gives out some live show plugs and mentions some signings and Drew plugs his shows and gives a strong hint about something.