Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/21/2014 – Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/21/2014 – Jo Koy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jo Koy

Recorded 04-20-2014 – Release Date 04-21-2014

Production Number #1307

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Adam is opening the show with a thanks to Jo and Dave for guest hosting last week, he’s saying some say that Jo did too good of a job.

Adam is telling them about the real world difficulties of filming a movie and how filming out of sequence can be tricky.

Adam is telling the gang about making out with Diane Farr who he’s known for 17 years, Alison wants to know if Adam has done lots of kissing in movies and he says he’s only done one.


Adam is now describing the autopilot of making out, trying to tell his tongue to stay inside of his mouth and how he wasn’t used to restraining it.

Adam is spilling the beans about the love scene and Alison wants to know if Adam got a boner, Jo says he’s lying and Adam is now having Alison try it again a couple times, he’s giving more nonchalant answers each time.

Adam is insisting he was without wood, Jo finds it improbable and Alison is bringing up the tongue point from earlier.


They’re discussing Diane Farr and Alison has a funny “she married and Asian guy” reply saying what everyone was thinking.

Adam is telling them about seeing Jon Favreau’s new movie “Chef” and how he saw an Asian man who resembled another Asian guy he met recently working sound, Adam is saying that Korean’s throw him off, he can tell the differences between Chinese and Japanese.

Adam is sharing Kevin Nealon’s silent movie joke about seeing the movie at Phil Rosenthal’s house, now they’re playing his new “Funny or Die” short Jewish James Bond.


Adam is saying what’s great about being a dude and telling them about Jon casting Sophia Vergara and Scarlett Johansson as his leading ladies in his film.

Adam is making a point about how believable it actually ends up because of the way society presents women and their attractions, Alison says she’s never understood the love for chefs and their rock star status.

Adam is making a point about personal trainers and chef’s and why they captivate women, the Tony Soprano of the kitchen as Alison puts it.


Jo is telling them about his cooking abilities and Alison is joking about his deflated delivery describing his skills in the kitchen.

Adam is telling the gang about a Bung Lu Su song, Family Affair (Sly and the Family Stone song).

Adam is now doing a live read and having them play some of the song to showcase how terrible it is, Adam is calling it one of the worst songs of all time and mocking the lyrics.


BB says he’s never heard this song, Adam is explaining how popular it is, and Jo wants to know how he became the lead of this group with the scary voice.

Adam is joking about him getting bored with his own song, falling asleep while he’s fucking singing.

Adam is mocking the lyrics and the delivery when he’s singing about the newlyweds, Gary is confirming that it was #1 song.


Bung Lu Su is now joining the track, he’s sharing about his homeland and joking about the one child policy in China, “we have to kill that baby” and Adam is now chiming in as the producer trying to get him to change the topic.

Hilarious Sly/Shy back and forth and now Bung is trying to say Element in a way that Adam can understand, hilarious bronchial condition line about Sly from Ace.

Bung counts in Japanese and Alison is seemingly the only one to notice with a telling laugh.


Adam is once again taking it from the top after Bung crossed the line, he’s now joking about Chinese men having kids to then use them as slave labor.

“You better make that shoe!” and Bung doesn’t like the girl who keeps singing on the track.

Adam is closing out the audition bit with a Nature Box live read.


Adam says it’s not fair, regarding craft services and how the most important person on set is often the last to eat, he’s making a point about Chris raiding all of the Nature Box goodies and they’re touching on Adam stealing Alison’s box.


Jo is asking them about Fructose and MSG, Adam has a hilarious one liner and he’s telling the gang about his grandma’s love for MSG, she would buy “Accent” and use it for her food.

Adam is wondering how bad it actually is, Jo is correcting him and now Alison is wondering too while asking food nuts not to tweet her.

Adam is making a point about asbestos and other things that are unhealthy, he says we’ve all eaten a dump truck of MSG and wants a true quantification of how bad something is.


Adam is referencing the nuclear isotope poisoning from the Russians a few years back and Alison thinks he’s talking about poison gas.

They’re now going to break.


They’re returning from break to another “Attack Ad” from a Carolla Superfan who does this for his profession, Mike Lynch and Mike August. Adam says they finished the audiobook for his book.

BB is now asking Adam for advice on book signings, he’s giving practical advice about not having cutoff times, he’s explaining why.

Now he’s touching on the emotional component that might take place and BB says he’s never considered it, of course not.


Alison is surprised he didn’t think of that and now Jo is telling them about seeing Leon Spinks at a sports memorabilia event and Adam has a great one liner about Leon eating a sandwich sans his two front teeth.

Adam is telling them about shooting Road Hard and how he requests his script, he’s explaining the order due to how they film out of sequence.

Adam is telling them about David Alan Grier filming the black kids names birth control bit from 2005 Classic Loveline, Adam is explaining why he requested cue cards with the names of the medications.


Adam is getting Caelan Biehn on mic, or ready on mic to confirm or deny if he exaggerates any part of the story.

Adam is sharing how the cue cards showed up with the script on the cards, Adam wants to know how everything gets fucked up.

Adam is getting Caelan to confirm that “in a black women’s voice” was on the cards buts they couldn’t figure out who added it.


They’re skipping Baldywood until tomorrow to do some news.




Alison’s News

Adam is now doing a live read and has a killer “Westside Story” joke in reply to BB.


1st Story Is on a woman who found a decomposing body under her deck while orchestrating an Easter egg hunt, Adam wants to know how someone doesn’t find a dead body from the smell alone.

Adam is sharing an anecdote from a woman at Sonny’s basketball game yesterday, he’s telling them about family members who can offer services or goods to the rest of the family.

Adam says you make the same living as your peers but have a bonus, Adam is now asking why does his dog have to just be a dog, dog?


Adam wants a cadaver or drug dog, he’s explaining that all dogs can do that shit all they need is enthusiasm, it seems his theory on humans has now made its way to every species on earth.


2nd Story Is on the death of Hurricane carter, Adam is explaining why he won’t miss him, mostly due to his treatment and respect for the kids who freed him.

Alison agrees, fuck him!

Adam says he doesn’t mind that Bob Dylan song and BB says the movie felt like homework, Adam is getting to the grey area of life that he operated in and how they movie tried to turn it into a folk tale by leaving out his negative actions.


Adam has a great riff about Matt Fondiler never getting trumped up on charges and taken to prison, Alison is now sharing the details of the case.

Adam is now playing Mr. Brightside and saying that it could be worse than an Academy Award winning movie being your legacy.


3rd Story Is on Andre Johnson cutting off his penis and then jumping off of a balcony, Alison has the gory details and Adam has a killer joke about the first responders moving Andre’s dick like a dolphin outside of the water.

Great pineapple soda joke.

Adam says this is not a black guy crime, he’s making a point about black vs. white crimes and says the PCP breaks down the color barrier of crime.

Jo has a new classic “you might cut your dick off” drop and now Alison is chiming in.


4th Story Is on the earth sized planet found by NASA, Adam is joking about the woman in the repot gaining 20lbs with every big word and he’s citing the women who work with the local seismic activity.

Alison screws up the word habitable leading Adam to break off on his weight tangent, she’s back in the story and reading the quotes about the discovery.

Adam says he doesn’t want us to find any planets that would be habitable to us, he’s citing how we already treat the Earth like a rental car, he’s talking about “fuck it mode” and how he wants the word to go out that this is.


Alison is wondering why it’s such a big story, because we could one day get there or because it means there may be life in the universe outside of earth.

Adam says it only means someone could make a more realistic movie, he’s telling them about watching Pacific Rim and of course being bumped by how they trivialized modern weapons and aircraft.

He’s getting to the inability for bunker buster bombs to penetrate the flesh of inter-dimensional space lizards and has a great Doolittle reference, Alison laughs I assume because she thinks he’s referencing a comedic name instead of a historical figure whose “Doolittle run/raid” Adam is obsessed with.


Adam is sharing his love for the warthog and spent uranium ammunition, he’s now mocking the idea of the military giving up after 1-2 tanks are destroyed.

Alison is closing the news making up for her misspeaking earlier.

Adam is now doing a tire rack live read, Jo wants to ask a question and Adam is trying to guess his tire size.


Adam is now giving out the plugs and reading Jo’s tire size to Adam, Adam is upset and Jo says he was just shrugging his shoulder as he didn’t know.

Takes a big man to admit when Jo Koy is wrong – Adam Carolla wrapping up the show.