Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/19/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 231

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/19/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 231

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 04-14-2015 – Release Date 04-19-2015

Production Number #231 – Tiger Woods Envy

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Adam credits the fans with the show’s success, Drew is now hitting Adam up regarding an email with his wife Susan, Adam says he finds himself saying “I’m only talking about what we’re talking about” about 3 times per day to various people.

Drew is telling Adam he’s lacking an emotional connection element to his logical thinking, he can go exclusively logical and not include other details.

Adam talks about this convenient thing that’s not called lying but is a very convenient move people do, Adam and Drew both cite marital examples of said behaviors.


Drew is explaining the email chain, an invoice for several thousand dollars of upholstery costs. Drew is now reading the email.

Drew is sharing how he couldn’t see the address on his phone, Adam is now defending Susan and telling Drew he should have included a key detail sooner.

Adam explains the chairs are not yet paid in full as they’re still not shipped to his home, Drew is asking why they need a deposit and now Adam clarifies what Susan was asking for.


Adam is sharing the differences between estimates and invoices, They’re going further down the rabbit whole, Adam shares his “if it’s exactly half then it’s not a coincidence” trick for figuring out bills/invoices.

Gary gets on mic, super polite, almost timid and delivers exactly the info Drew was looking for, now they’re reading the definitions of the terms.

Adam is talking about going down the “retard highway” when it comes to confusing emails and requests, Drew has a great bit of comedic exasperated yelling.


Adam says that women believe that men should know much more about them than we can possibly know, coming from a feeling angle and perhaps an enhanced perception ability they possess but most men do not.

Adam and Drew riff about Chris Laxamana as the shitty coworker they’re pissed about and come home and bitch about to their wives in a funny role reversal.

Adam is now giving an example of how men and women are different, talking about the way women will react if you don’t intuitively inquire about their day, Adam and Drew have a killer series of replies about how women claim they behaved which is more reflective of their feelings, hilarious scarf one liner.

Adam is talking about how it would be great if men did respond to the various clues about a woman’s mood, Drew is in defense of men and the differences in brain structure etc.


Adam is getting Drew to explain the need for prompts for men to respond to things that not part of their normal thinking.


Adam is doing a True Car live read

“The Genesis, We’re out!” – Adam on the dealers almost bragging about being out of brochures

Drew shares the mileage on his Porsche, saying he needs a new car and pledges to use their sponsor.


1st Caller Patrick, he’s asking Adam and Drew about his theory regarding all men secretly being a Tiger Woods type but lacks the opportunity.

Patrick shares his conversation with his girlfriend, Drew strongly disagrees.

Drew explains the disagreement he has for married men, if Tiger was single and young like Patrick, that makes sense, but a hot wife, kids and a stable family should be able to override a man’s penis.

Adam is now citing the Frank Sinatra documentary and now using the statistics for people who bash in car windows vs. pocketing some cash from a found wallet.


Adam is now sharing the story of John Ritter and an extramarital affair that was then written about in a book, as they discussed while flying to tape their pilot in the mid 90’s.

Drew brings up the constant surveillance we live under and the lack of opportunities for people to get away with this behavior without consequences.

Adam is now riffing about Kennedy and his abuses of power and women while president, Adam is talking about him banging women connected to the mafia and Drew brings up the drug abuse of opiates and speed.


Drew does a Zip Recruiter live read


Drew brings up the “special man” thinking around horrible narcissist sex addicts with power, Adam is talking about the lack of options for women to leave in the past due to unfair divorce rulings for women that have now swung back in an equally horrible way.

Adam loves it when wealthy women are forced to pay alimony and give half their wealth to an ex, just because of their reactions to it, as if it couldn’t be real.

Adam is explaining how women always have the ejector seat of taking half of the income and leaving with everything, Drew brings up the law unintended consequences.


Adam is talking about guys driving a Ferrari for fresh pussy.


2nd Caller Greg, he’s a huge fan and bought Road Hard and compares it to any of the Albert Brooks oeuvre.

Greg has a question about going for shoulder surgery and paints a picture regarding the bruising after his vasectomy, Adam talks about how everyone reacts differently to pain and surgery.

Adam says it wasn’t intestinal fortitude that motivated him to hang doors after his hernia operation, Drew shares his 6 month recover after prostate surgery, Adam cackles like a madman, gold!


Adam says that Drew is more in touch than most, Adam said he didn’t let his psychological override his physical, he brings up how doctors always tell people to “Stay off the skateboard” when they get injured from it.

Adam tells people to listen to their body over a doctor, Adam tells people to “put her there” and shake hands when they’re sick, he never gets the bug that’s going around.

Greg has more prepped one liners, they go back to their conversation without him.


Adam is talking about his knee surgery prior to the race at Coronado, the time he drove into the concrete barrier.

Drew asks why Adam ended up that way, he explains he profiled a driver and how he can learn who is aggressive or not.

Adam is sharing that people shouldn’t paint themselves as victim even when it comes to the common cold.

“Dr. Drew hero to the pussies!” – Adam

Adam goes on an extended riff about Drew being the Jesse Jackson for the puss community.


3rd Caller John, he compliments the trailer for ‘Winning’ the Paul Newman documentary.

Drew says he was looking for ‘Road Hard’ on DirecTV and couldn’t find it.

Adam says this is how his life works, he shares a conversation with Nate Adams regarding this same topic and shares that DirecTV would have it by the 8th.

Adam heard it as the 1st, Nate argued back and claimed it was always the 8th.


Matt Fondiler then pulled the emails and found out it was the 1st in the email chain, Adam had Matt search for Road Hard on DirecTV and he was able to find it right away.

Adam thanks Dr. Drew for looking for it.

Adam says he doesn’t know anything about computers, Adam has Gary and Chris confirm his thinking and he says he doesn’t know what to do.


Adam takes it back to John and asks him what he’s supposed to do, John shares he bought his on iTunes and is now getting to his reason for the call.

He explains that all of his friends are getting married and having kids, he says he feels like he’s a step behind and Adam shares his comments to his kids about how lucky they are he had them later in life, they would be super pissed off adults had he had them at 25.

Adam is now sharing his advice for delaying gratification, he’s sharing the “swap ‘em” rule for skinny vs. fat rims in the front and back of a car, bigger tires on the back and smaller on the front is better, swap them to prove it to yourself.


Adam and Drew are doing a live read


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.