Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/18/2014 – Dave Dameshek

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/18/2014 – Dave Dameshek

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Guest Dave Dameshek

Recorded 04-17-2014 – Release Date 04-18-2014

Production Number #1306

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Dave Dameshek is opening the show to the delight of many, many fans.

Alison is thrilled to be there and once again queues BB for his #TopDrop and Dave says it’s going to be a gay old time, Dave has flawless makeup covered skin and Alison points it out.

Dave is telling them about filming some material for the NFL network, he’s plugging BB’s appearance on his NFL network podcast.


Dave is bringing up eyebrow grooming and asking the gang for their take, wondering if men have taken it too far.

Dave is joking about people lying about their school and work history for resumes, they’re going in depth on college and how important it truly is.

Dave is bringing up Bukowski and Alison is giving her take on his work, she says that she’s reactionary and so many people she doesn’t like enjoy his stuff that she gets turned off by that.


Dave wants to know the reverse bucket list/the fuck it list and Dave says he doesn’t use swearing on air, guest or host, Alison says she didn’t know that and BB is explaining it.

Dave has a funny riff about what a fine gay man he would make if he enjoyed “Wang” and he’s riffing about being the male equivalent of Medusa.

Dave has a buck slip on the back of his receipt, Dave wants to get to know Alison and BB.


Dave wants the “Life Resume” and explains that math encapsulates his anger with school and organized learning.

Dave is talking about guys ordering for women and Alison has an anecdote about a date who cut up her steak for her, Alison wants to know why people insist on ordering different dishes.

Dave is bringing up Dave Feeney and referencing their podcast “Dave of Thunder”, he teases that he wanted a DOT reunion but Dave was busy.


Dave is telling them about “The Wheel” of appetizers that Feeney employs to impress dates, they’re all discussing other restaurant and menu moves.

Dameshek says he likes waiters who are honest and tell him what dishes to avoid.

Dave wants to know who has the most twitter followers, Alison guesses that Kim Fields has more than Mindy Cohn.


Alison has a great “Living Single” reference.

They’re now riffing old bad TV and nostalgia, BB wants to know why people have affinity for the crap of their youth.

Dave is using modern movies to make a point about the evolution of filmmaking and he’s riffing about bringing George Washington to the future, he realizes he’s aping the “1780’s Guy” bit.


They’re further discussing Facts of Life and twitter followers, Dave has a nice Molly Ringwald mention betting she has the most followers.

Dave is asking BB about his book signing in NYC, joking about him not having any people in line and Alison is joking about them moving on from her life resume.

Dave is telling them about a hooters radio promo he had to attend in Los Angeles in 2006, only 1 person showed up and Dave is now riffing about that.


Dave is praising his parking space fining ability, he says it’s a skill despite Alison probing with mystical implications about luck and such.

Alison just had a great “oh I don’t give a fuck about the news” that I hope BB as able to capture, he was seemingly distracted though.

Dave is telling them about the time of year he loves Chicago and BB is bringing up the modern timed stop lights.

They’re now heading to break.


They’re back from break with Dave giving some plugs and now some William Howard Taft trivia, he’s joking about the man’s legendary obesity.

Dave is joking about messing with Adam’s stuff while he’s away, Alison is taking it back to fresh milk straight from the udder.

Dave wanted to ask the gang the “Inside the Actors Studio” questions, he says he’s going to abandon the bit but then asks them about their favorite curse words.


Q and Dave

1st Caller Pete, what’s the poop? He thanks Alison for her podcast and Alison invites DD on her show for a 3rd visit, Pete wants to know Dave’s opinion on Lando Calrissian appearing in the new Star Wars trilogy.

Dave is sharing his JJ Abrams/Lost anger about being burned regarding the ending of the series.

Dave is sharing how the prequels burned him as well, after 16yrs of waiting, Dave is now citing Basic Cable Classics, and he means Basic Cable Commentaries.


BB is bringing up Starship Troopers and Alison is bringing up American Beauty, Dave says it suffers the Sam thing as Forrest Gump, good but not enough to win Academy Awards.

Pete is getting Dave to clarify his take and lack of enthusiasm.

Pete is bringing up the “is this a must win game?” question that Dave asked that went viral online, BB does the old “measurement of distance not time” nerd trump card regarding “parsecs” in the Star Wars universe.


2nd Caller Nils, he says that BB is the most positive element of the ACS and Dave is immediately incredulous calling it a grim state of affairs that BB is regarded as the nice one.

Nils is asking BB if he’s has any seizures or symptoms post tumor, BB has a funny joke telling Mills to spit it out, DD tries to set this up off air for them to finish this call.

BB refuses and then gives him the pat advice, he’s telling BB about his recent seizure and he’s telling them about his brain injury.


Dave is joking about baby names, Nils, Gary, Glenn and how unlikely they are for babies.

They’re all riffing about names and nicknames, Dave’s explaining how he could’ve been Billy Dameshek and Alison is joking about him being a rambling man.

DD is plugging his podcast and bringing up a topic that BB wanted to address with Alison, she’s joking with them about the new study about beautiful people doing better in life.


Dave is asking how Alison obtained a role in the movie, she’s admitting that she may have expressed interest and she’s got a nice Sean Young reference.

BB is explaining the story to Dave.

Dave is now sharing some movie trivia, he’s bringing up Michelle Pfeiffer, and Dave is telling them that she knocked the heads off of 4 mannequin with a whip in one single take.


Dave says the best movie fight in history is the Flash Gordon battle in the movie, a whip fight.

Dave wants to know why Alison is checking her phone, she clarifies that she was joking about being bored for the listeners ready to write to mean comments aimed at her on social media, hopefully defusing them.

Alison is telling them about people trying to explain football to her, she’s sharing her understanding of the game.


Dave is now bringing up the most handsome men in football, Alison is giving her take on the prettiest QB’s.

Dave is commenting on the photos of players that Gary is throwing up for them to rank, you can see them all via the show page link above.

Alison and Dave seemingly have the same taste in men and Alison is getting Dave to share the “kill yourself” tweets he gets for taking sides.


Alison is further commenting on the NFL players and Dave is having them tally up the most handsome list once again.

They’re wrapping up the show discussing the looks of NFL players and Alison is citing the rape charges against Ben Roethlisberger and she’s saying he has the same face structure and a doofus named bob she once dated.

The originally posted show file cuts off at 01:16:00.


Alison is saying that Jay Cutler resembles Joe Francis and Dave is sharing his double chin insecurities.

Dave is working DFG into the mix saying this latest QB resembles him, Alison is asking for and Aaron Rogers and Tom Brady side by side.

BB has a killer “podcast host” joke in reply to Dameshek asking what job he definitely wouldn’t want to attempt.


Alison chooses Tom Brady and Dave is explaining why Mark Sanchez wasn’t included in the list due to his limited abilities/performance on the field.

Dameshek is bringing up Rick Rossovich and Dave promises if he ever hosts the show again, Alison will play drums and Dave Feeney will join them for a DOT reunion.

BB is now giving out the plugs and they’re wrapping up the show.