Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/17/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 327

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/17/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 327

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 04-14-2016 – Release Date 04-17-2016

Production Number #326 (Aired as #327) – Eye for Design


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Adam has a “spread the word” intro telling fans to come find them, they both hate the people who lament the loss of them on air together, they’re still alive and doing this.

Adam is telling Drew about the Gunite frame of his pool and jokes about the weird one that was at his grandma’s house, the weird little pond that you could stand in with your dick out of the water in the deep end as Adam puts it.

Adam is talking about “I was a staff writer for The Man Show” line people use to get hired on other jobs, he cites Letterman writers and other shows that got more jobs.

This seems to have been recorded before #326 as this discussion is cited at the end of that show, weird out of order episode.


Adam talks about the grand poohbah that’s needed at these places and cites weird conversations with their wives about actual dangers, re: pool gate vs. purified water.

Adam talks about Toyota Leaving Los Angeles and the end of the Toyota Grand Prix and how corporations aren’t your friend, like a snow shovel they have a job, to make money.

Adam talks about the actors in commercials and the reason they cast attractive women to give the business a friendly face, the accountant crunching numbers doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you or the image of the company.


Adam says the choices for businesses are simple and the bottom line is the reason for everything, Drew asks if they bring some financial analysts on the show, Adam is hesitant anyone would actually come on.

Gary is on mic and explaining the types of guys to book, Adam is talking about another type of person and job.

Adam jokes about Gary playing golf with these guys and knowing what he’s talking about.


Drew talks about the capitalism and why it’s good for the consumer, subtle segue into a live read.


Drew is doing a Live Read

Slick Dr. Drew edition


Adam is now getting to his point about thinking like chicks and his now prophetic book written with Mike Lynch, ‘In 50 Years We’ll All Be Chicks’ and he gets to some other points.

Adam cites Indian vs. native American vs. indigenous people verbiage and how it doesn’t help a culture, he says meanwhile they sit around end up a little worse off than they were while we bitch about mascots.

Adam is only interested in results, Adam talks about us suspecting companies to think like chicks and Drew asks why the employees can’t move to Texas.


Adam is now talking about the crazy women who think their dog knows and feels them, it’s not reality, stop thinking that they care, companies want money and your dog wants to eat, shit and nap.

Drew says the right thing and caring are terms that don’t even belong as they imply some form of humanity or personhood.

Adam mocks California for losing huge fortune 500 companies while fighting Walmart about opening stores and bringing them more business.


Drew brings ups his kids plans to move to sensible places like Tennessee, Drew talks about having patients who told him about building the Camaro and there were good union jobs in California.

Drew was stunned by the insane wages made by the manufacturers due to their employee unions.

Adam is bringing up statistical analysis and mentions the stereotypes of the world, they won’t get traction if they don’t make sense.


Adam has a killer Samoan Golfer riff that then gets referenced in #327, Dre pretends to be outraged and now Adam is bringing up the Toyota Grand Prix and the variety of winners including female soap stars, the only comedian to ever win is Adam.

Adam is now confirmed right, comedians are useless and helpless, Drew talks about comedians using their art to deflect aggression, someone who needs to scrape by and avoid aggression.


Adam talks about Nicky Glazer doing standup while in college and cites Adam’s life before comedy to make a point and Adam says Jeff Ross will never be a carpenter but could have made a good accountant.

Drew uses Paul Mecurio for an example and now brings up the trickledown effect of Toyota leaving the Long Beach Grand Prix, the now lost jobs involved with the event etc.


1st Caller Joe, Drew stops him to ask about his accent and his trek from New Mexico to Denver to see Adam live, Drew picks up on his pot laugh.

Joe wants to know how to deal with is wife and women in general and talks about his wife and her yelling that he doesn’t approve of in raising their kids.

Drew talks about yelling at his kids and how his wife was disturbed by it, Adam has a killer Operatic bit of singing to the tune of “Kill the Rabbit” and Drew comments on it without praising his excellent tone.


Drew is now talking about the behaviorist that came in and changed the family dynamic within 2 weeks, Drew tells Joe he must’ve came from a permissive environment and they need an expert to weigh in.

Adam is talking about the learned people, the 3rd parties who tell you to honestly explain why it’s important to you and how to properly approach things.

It still never works, no results, the 3rd party is the way to go and he mocks the “so important to me” self-help nonsense.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read

Stolen tax refunds numbers look legit according to Gary edition


Adam says he’s talked to several lady therapists who have told him the light will never get shut off, that’s the answer!?


2nd Caller Matt, he recently bought a Nest Cam and set it up in his room, Drew asks why and Adam jokes about his “good deal” reply.

Adam is asking if Matt’s Spidey Sense was tingling and he says no, he reveals that one of his roommates was caught on camera going through his belongings.

Adam says this could be nothing but drug related and breaks down the logic, Adam says this is someone searching for drugs.


Drew thinks if he confronts her with this she will lie and Adam talks about women not being able to lie on the spot, they need planning and staging time to execute their agendas.

Matt says that his roommate saw the camera and had a horrified look on her face, turned the camera around and then checked the brand on a return trip.

Adam says she must be confronted now.


“defecating on my comforting or anything” – Adam as Matt

Adam says that you should get right into it, Drew says they should stay as positive as possible and Adam says he’s never gone through anyone’s footage or phone, he’s never checked the security cameras there.

Drew says he intrinsically trusts people too and that’s why they get screwed, Adam says he never gets screwed and uses his partial ATM pin on the back of his debit card as an example.


Adam is doing a High T Pro Live Read

Dr. Drew’s rolling bedroom edition


Adam gives out the live dates and Drew tried to gripe about Adam travelling with Joel McHale unaware he’s going to be beamed in with a robot.

Gary explains it and they plug PodcastOne and the back catalog of shows.