Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/16/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 230

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/16/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 230

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 04-14-2015 – Release Date 04-16-2015

Production Number #230 – The New Now

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Adam has a mandate to get it on intro and thanks the fans for sharing the show, “other people like it” and cites how he saw Drew’s keys in the bag he brought, Adam says he used to see the keys in the fridge with Drew’s flu vaccinations.

Adam says that Drew knows he could easily leave the studio and forget his flu vaccines, Adam is on a tangent about avoiding error, and he references landing gear.

Adam brings up 22 year olds who smoke who never see them as 64 year olds who smoke, he uses his buddies Ray and Chris as examples, saying its how animals think.


Adam is now bringing up how dogs react to being dropped off at the vet, Adam says a dog is a dog and they can’t understand the temporary nor the possibility of future.

Drew is stepping in to flesh out what Adam’s saying, Adam says that the same imbecile is living in their own “New Now” and Adam explains how he and Drew both know about the future ‘New Now’ scenarios.

Drew says it’s like trying to hold a thought across time, Adam is telling Drew about doing ‘Catch a Contractor’ and how the earbud works with the control room.


Adam had to tell them to use the fucking name, telling him to address family members.

Adam says he has them now coached up on that, many other things too.

Adam talks about the expensive “earwigs” they wear, how he’s not being fed jokes but gets feedback on what the control room has got and if it’s enough and they can move on etc.


Adam talks about how the sound guys are very concerned about the mics and audio gear, Adam says he now puts his earwig in his left front pocket, it’s now become kind of a joke.

Adam explains how he doesn’t think about his earwig, it’s always in his left front pocket.

Adam says there are no calories burnt and he doesn’t it without even remembering at this point, Adam says that everybody is guilty in some way shape of form when it comes to overestimating themselves or their abilities.


Adam talks about people texting and driving, texting and talking etc.

Adam is now going on about people trying to wing things, wondering what these people could have thought what was going to happen, he cites his own attempt at winging a report on Benjamin Franklin.

Adam is joking about someone’s hand being somehow possessed into giving the correct answers over a Scantron sheet.


Adam tells Drew he spent his weekend alone in his shop staring at car rims, he notes that Drew will hate this.

Adam is back to the static rims vs. racing rims as discussed previously.

Adam is telling Drew about his 1985 and 1986 champion Newman cars, he’s trying to explain to a very curious Drew why he chose to restore one over the other.


Adam is explaining the idea of him bringing in the wrecked 1986 car to place side by side with the fully restored 1985 car.

Adam is sharing his knowledge about silicone tubing and how he doesn’t want anything on the cars that wasn’t on the original, so he asked for the tubing in black to match the original details of the cars instead of the electric blue.

Drew asks if they’re going to replace them and Adam says it’s up to him if he decided how nutty to go.


Adam talks about he wants a layer of dust on the beater car, he wants a greater chasm between both cars and how the tires and rims were sent in to be replaced and finished like the rims for the restored car.

Adam is asking Drew about people who work with them but seem to be confused about their goals, Adam is now sharing a fire suit photo detail, Adam and Drew are talking about “Horse Sense” and Adam says it’s something that is honed on a daily basis and we’ve ignored it as a society.

Adam is talking about how he was offered a bunch of Paul Newman stuff from Bob Sharp and doesn’t like the idea of sending his truck across the country to get a car and they come back but he would like his guys doing the work.


Adam explains the same guy who screwed up the rims, came up with an idea about driving someone else’s car back east to offset the cost of the fuel to get there.

Adam says his mind immediately went to waste, Drew is jumping in and throwing Adam off of his explanation. Drew can’t find his wallet.


Adam is doing a life lock ultimate plus live read


Drew explains that a guy called Loveline about the recent story of an Orange County pediatrician who is proposing mandatory vaccines for children.

Adam is not following, Gary steps in to agree and say that Drew isn’t making it clear.

Drew explains the caller was under the belief that his own learning disabilities were caused by vaccinations.

Adam is talking about people who whine about their problems regarding raising kids, Adam says sorry for everyone’s lot in life but what does that have to do with a vaccine, it’s a narcissistic endeavor to blame them because something happened to you or your children.


Drew is still searching for his missing wallet and jokes about a check his wife requested, hilarious “high comedy” reply from Drew.

Adam is telling Drew to trust his invisible unconscious motor system, his discipline, Adam says he keeps his wallet in the car.

Adam is now back to the earwig story, he tells Drew he doesn’t know why he doesn’t have a more responsible plan for his wallet.


Adam talks about the last time he’s has a car broken into and how he weighs the risks of keeps in his wallet in the car and feels safe.

Drew explains that his daughter wanted him to edit a few pages of her thesis paper, Adam jokes about their white people problems.


Adam and Drew are doing a Dollar Shave club live read

Ralphie May “double dipping” on those asswipes edition


1st Caller Brandon, he says he agrees with Adam and everything he’s ever said, Adam says why should he have to worry about saying that, Adam is right all of the time.

Drew confirms Adam’s STD/Cancer sniffing dogs.

Brandon says his wife’s sister recently committed suicide and then Adam replies “I predicted that in 96!” which is hilarious.

Brandon explains the Tamiflu anecdotes he’s read about online regarding depression, Drew says that medicine saved his life when he had the H1N1 infection.


Drew is now being realistic about medications and their relative side effects vs. possible benefits.

Adam asks how old she was, Drew and Adam both marvel at her going in her 30’s and Drew says typically they don’t complete unless it’s violent, Brandon happily doesn’t know the details.


2nd Caller Oscar, he’s got a hypothetical molestation question, asking if it would be worse for his daughter if she was abused and he was to then go kill the abuser would it be even worse for her.

Adam is now talking about a dad who seeks vengeance already takes the kids further down the list of likelihood of being abused, Adam says that’s for some other kid in Florida.

Drew brings up Mackenzie Phillips and Adam has a killer reply, Oscar rephrases his question and Drew does think it’s possible the kid would take on the blame, Adam says there is a hero element to this as well.


Adam laughs at this type of question and tells Oscar to take up videogames.

Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show.