Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/16/2014 – Jim O’Heir

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/16/2014 – Jim O’Heir

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jim O’Heir

Recorded 04-13-2014 – Release Date 04-16-2014

Production Number #1304

Show Page

Adam is opening show number #3 from Sunday’s recording, he’s giving the new standard Road Hard intro and BB has a solid #TopDrop “Germs, Germs, Dogs.”

Adam says that Jim will be joining them soon, he’s also starring Adam’s movie as one of the club owners and Alison says she loves him, Adam says he liked to hire solid actors for roles such as “Club Manager” and why Howie Mendel would bump him if cast the same role.

Adam is bringing up Ozzie and “The Hammer.”


They now have Pat on the line, “It’s like if you won AIDS!” – Adam on Pat winning BB’s book for over 2200$.

Adam is joking with Pat about the rules of radio contests and has a funny “hospice” closer.

Adam is asking Pat about how he was able to put in the winning bid, he’s clearly a huge fan.


Adam is going super in depth with Pat about his work in air compression/compressors and they explain to Alison just how it all works.

Adam and Pat agree there is a quite a bit to be had, Alison makes Pat clarify and his reply I’m guessing will be a new classic drop, lots of pussy drops in the drop bank.

Pat is telling Adam it’s all delayed gratification, like Adam says and BB does another lap making sure he’s satisfied in paying so much, he’s a Superfan!


Adam is now saying when you sit back and look at your life you want a few moments where you splurge and go wild, Adam is using “Defending Your Life” and Albert Brooks 1st class ticket scene.

Adam says everyone in the course of their lifetime should have a 100$ glass of scotch, Adam has a funny 19$ is overpriced for BB’s book joke.

Hilarious produce joke with Casaba Melon closer, BB has a very nice thank you to Pat and now Adam is commiserating about the fear in listing something for auction and worrying nobody will bid on it.


Adam is giving an update on his audiobook and mocking Dawson’s “Dawson-Speak” trying to figure out if he’s over the 5hr mark and Alison has Adam clarify that it takes so long because he’s such a shitty reader.

Adam is explaining that nobody is busier than he’s been these last 3 weeks and how he’s had to get the audiobook schedule into his limited time, he would rather lay on the floor and cry but instead he’s chipping away at it.

Adam says when people stop a project it ends up getting stopped forever, he’s using home improvement as an example.


Adam is now doing a live read.

They’re heading to break.


They’re back from break with Jim O’Heir making his ACS debut after a fantastic appearance on Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend #233

Adam is talking to Jim about his role in Road Hard and he tells Adam it’s a good script and that is the game changer, he’s telling them about his return trip from Monaco.

Jim and Amy Poehler were both in Cannes and missed each other, BB and Jim are talking about the lounges at LHR.


Adam says they need to tell you if it’s a nice lounge or a shitty lounge, he’s got a funny riff about the LAX ones and contrasting that against the ones that are so nice you want to skip your flight.

Alison is skillfully getting Jim to get to his flight delay and the incremental delays, Adam’s pet peeve.

Adam is now riffing about gathering all the people that died at sea trough history and then having Jim rant at them about how shitty his delayed flight was, to really rub it in.


Adam and Jim are now talking about bidding at auctions and not wanting to win, he’s referencing the “dogfighting” prize he didn’t want to win when he was with Dr. Drew back in the day.

Jim is saying that what they do now is come up to you afterwards and offer you a duplicate prize, Adam is sharing how it works in the car auction world.

Adam is asking Jim about his origins in comedy, he’s telling them about his radio days and now Adam is discussing “Carts” with Jim and explaining them to Alison.


Adam is now marveling at the old photo of Classic KROQ, Dr. Drew, Poorman and Scott Mason, you can see it via the show page link above.

Adam is explaining how everything is trade in radio, he’s saying it’s a slippery slope and Adam accidentally predicts that the station owner Jim is discussing drove a Cadillac.

Adam is explaining that when he used to work on construction crews, they would know only half of the paychecks would clear, and the mad dash scramble to cash them before they bounced.


Jim is telling them about working at a driving range and Adam is telling him about seeing a guy wearing a mattress to protect himself.

Adam is now discussing Zambonis and the Brodie knobs they have on the steering wheels, Adam says any gig that includes a Brodie knob is a sweet/Cush gig.

Adam is telling them about the driver at his daughters skate completion and how the driver is always recognizable because everyone sees every inch of them.


Adam invents Zamblin’ Man for a rambling Zamboni driver, they’re all now riffing about Zambonis and the drivers.

Adam is doing a live read and had a nice Zamboni connection and brings Jim into the mix, he drives a Volvo.


Alison’s News

Alison is reading the Wikipedia entry on Brodie Knobs

1st Story Is on David Ortiz taking a selfie with the president, Alison is giving the details of the events and the controversy surrounding it.

Alison is giving the White House Response, Adam says its game on and has a great response for what Clinton should have said to “Boxers or Briefs?”

Adam says there is no more order in the society anymore, Adam misses the days before presidents guested on “The View” and were concerned with the trivial dude stuff everyone else was into.


Adam and Jim are discussing the lack of respect in modern culture, Adam says it’s a youth movement, the zygote to fetus demo.

Adam would prefer an insane introverted dick who was smarter than everyone else over everyone’s buddy, Adam has a hilarious “peeing in bottles, what it’s April” one liner, almost describing the character “Rick” from the series “Rick and Morty.”


2nd Story Is on a Cornell researcher who wanted to investigate the most painful place to be stung by a bee, Adam is now joking about the bee who stung the researcher on the ballsack.

Adam is now riffing in character as a bee mocking the dying bee for stinging the balls, Adam says he wishes the bees knew that stinging was a death sentence before they did it, he’s now riffing it with Alison.

Jim is sharing his lack of fear of bees, Adam says he’s cool with bees but he doesn’t like the yellow jackets, Alison wants to know how you know the difference.


Alison says the most painful places to be stung are, nose, upper lip and penis.

Adam has a great sucker your own cock “what the fuck!?” reply, comedy gold!

Alison is now sharing the pain rankings from this guys “data” and a new “big flappy scrotums” drop was born, thank you A-Rose.

Adam says he adds 5 bonus times anytime something is on his cock, he’s explaining the psychological math of involving genitalia.


3rd Story Is on the “Fast and Furious” theme park ride, she’s giving the details and Adam says that nothing can have any degree of success that we can’t run into the ground.

Adam is once again waxing poetic on a bygone era where art could exist by itself, without being recycled into every other former of media.

Adam is making a point about regurgitating movies, hilarious “On the Waterfront 15” joke.


Adam is now riffing about his flume training and flume work, gay code!

Adam is now doing a live read.

Alison wants to know where people’s fascinations with logs and flumes comes from, Adam blames “The Banana Splits” and he’s citing the visceral birth metaphor going on, Alison has a great wow realization.


Adam is now riffing a birth simulator ride and joking about lumberjacks turning into bearded toothless meth heads in the public consciousness.

They’re now playing the intro to the series but it’s the wrong version, Alison and BB both don’t know it, BB says he’s never heard of it.

Adam is commenting on how everyone had to have a Banana back then.


Adam is mocking TV openings of the 1970’s and how you could get away with such crap, he’s mocking all of the tropes featured in “The Banana Splits” and the majority of other shows.

Adam is now doing a live read.


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.