Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/14/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 326

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/14/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 326

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Sean Patrick Flanery

Recorded 04-14-2016 – Release Date 04-14-2016

Production Number #327 (Aired as #326) – Sean Patrick Flanery

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Adam has a good day intro and welcomes Sean Patrick Flanery to the show making his ADS debut, Adam plugs Sean’s new book.

Adam is bringing up the bad information regarding the Toyota Grand Prix Celebrity and Pro wins, turns out Sean did it first, he won the celebrity race and then came back and when the pro race, 1997 and 1998.

Adam is asking him about his history with racing, Sean talks about growing up watching Formula 1 racing and his first opportunity at the celebrity race.


Adam asks him about the techniques and skill and how he was able to race so well right off the bat, Sean tells them about the concepts his dad educated him on, he says he didn’t get into kart racing until after the first Toyota race in the 90’s.

Adam predicts some carnage for the upcoming final celebrity race at Long Beach and Drew brings up Kobe’s final game, Adam and Drew don’t get the people who wanted to be there to watch it, Don’t tell Norm!


Adam is telling Drew about the professional racers and celebrities and what the pro designation means in these races.


Drew is doing a Five Four Club Live Read

Adam pontificated about work ethic to the sponsors edition


Adam is talking about the similar mindsets among all of the racers in the celebrity division and Sean makes a point about everyone being on the same page regardless of their political affiliations.

Adam talks about the competitive sport background and plugs Sean’s Brazilian Jujitsu studio ‘Hollywood BJJ’ and now Drew is asking Sean about his novel.


Sean talks about the short story he wrote for Jane magazine and the story behind the first kiss he ever had, Sean shares the details of the rights optioning and how he wanted to make this into a film.

It’s a beautiful story and he explains how it’s a roadmap of his life of sorts.


Sean talks about the achievable goal of getting this script made into a feature film, Adam loves that wording and Sean tells them about his latest movie project he’s currently filming.

Sean talks about his intense schedule and how worn out he is, being burned at both ends.

Adam has a funny “Silver Spoons” joke aimed at Ricky Schroder their fellow racer.


Adam is talking about being a rich guy and the street value of getting to race in the Toyota Grand Prix, mentioning the guys who bid on it.

Sean says despite not having the time to do the race he had to make it work, the beckoning call of the track made him make room for it.

Adam talks about people trying to get overwhelmed with your busy schedule and Drew talks about neurobiology of people who can’t rally, like Adam’s mom.


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read

Now Featuring used cars edition


Adam is bringing up a story form the Hollywood reporter about the “support animals” getting out of control and he uses the people who steal all of the candy from “please take one” Halloween bowls as an example.

Adam is now talking about the former actress and now designer lady who uses her 150+lb dog to alert her to take her seizure medication.

Adam is now asking Drew about the medical logic behind this, Adam references his idea for a children’s book called “Kimmo (Chemo) Skinny Claves” that he hasn’t referenced in many years in reply to Drew bringing up Samoans and their calf size.


1st Caller Tyler, he’s calling about his friend who recently came out as bisexual and attempted suicide, Tyler has the details and explains what’s going on.

Drew says things are spiraling and Adam is mocking the case of the “cyber bullied” kid who killed himself, Adam says this is about depression and not about cyber bullying, that’s not the urgent conversation in this case.

Tyler asks what he should do, he doesn’t believe bisexual males exist and thinks he’s gay and is ok with it, does he help him?


Adam is getting to the ancillary details Tyler brought up and the overall big mess as Dr. Drew puts it.

Drew has a “pine needle” analogy and tells Tyler to help him with his sobriety and be there for them.

Drew is now reading about the seizure service dog, Drew says if this person has uncontrolled seizures they shouldn’t be driving, then this would make sense.


Chris and Gary are on mic verifying they were shutdown trying to get a picture of the service dog with ear protection on, Drew talks about the airport dogs that work without ear protection.

Adam says this is akin to the middle aged guy getting a gold stud earring and how his wife should stop him, blame that person, not the crazy person, blame the enablers.

Drew takes it back to Tyler and his friend, they move on.


2nd Caller Joey, he shares how the income statement at the end of one of Adam’s live shows led to his newfound career working for himself, he says working 70hrs for yourself beats working 40 for someone else.

Joey asks if either Drew or Adam were ever caught beating off by their parents, Adam explains how he didn’t live with his mom during his beat off years, he would have had to have whipped it out at the dinner table.

Drew brings up his former Loveline Co-Host Mike Catherwood who would scream at his mom as she caught him so many times.


Adam is talking about the people who ask you what happened here when you get a ding or dent in your car.

Adam is now asking who these people are and says he doesn’t want to walk in and bust anyone doing anything, what is in it for him.

Adam talks about arguing with his nanny and shares his “so I don’t get divorced” reasoning for having one.


Adam talks about the cultural differences between Guatemalan people and American people, in particular how they breadwinner is treated.

Adam is getting to the arguing and talks about the time Olga walked in on him shitting and she did the knock and walk in move, Adam mocks her recounting of the incident and the scene he describes is pure insanity while breaking down the scenario she was describing.

Drew shares his lack of care about food and meals being provided for him, he doesn’t care as much as Adam does but gets the sentiment.


Adam is now talking about hanging glulam beams and rebuilding your house then heading to Denver for a live show and a signing, Gary has some pictures for the guys and Adam tells him to go grab his phone and get something more current.

Adam describes getting back on a Sunday to eat what he left over from Thursday night and Drew agrees that it would be nice to have something to eat waiting for you.

Adam talks about farming out the cabinets and Chris tells Adam to setup a slow cooker, for 2 ½ days?


Sean asks about the food, is the food or the symbolism and Adam cites Jimmy Brusca and his employed wife who would make him breakfast every morning.

Drew says he needs to be touched more than fed, Adam jokes about him needing to be touched in the car as described in a very recent episode and then broken down further on a recent ACS.

ADS #321 ‘Earthquakes’ where the “Affectionate Play” was first brought up and then on ACS #1784


Adam and Drew are doing a BirkSun Live Read

Hilarious comedy about Drew edition.


3rd Caller Thomas, he talks about going out with a woman and having a mental block on kissing her, Adam uses the “something in your teeth” scenario where you go out with a person, he goes deep on this one and it makes sense.

Drew asks what troubles and tells him to stop repeating that he has a mental block, Drew gets stern on him and is trying to get him to reveal more.

Adam is asking him if he’s very attracted to her and tells him to have a couple beers and give her a kiss, Drew just doomed with him boner failure for the first time he makes love to her, Adam tells him that by just bringing up the probability he’s now guaranteed him some erectile dysfunction.


4th Caller Ara, he’s asking them about vocal fry and Adam says this has been creeping up on culture over a longer time and cites the sports bar with Mike August and the pumping techno chick music.

Adam blames Drew for destroying society by constantly expressing how superior women are to men, even though it may be true it has only sent society off the fucking rails.

Drew apologizes and tells Adam it is all true.

Adam jokes about micro-aggressions and “triggers” Sean, hilarious reply!


Adam and Drew are talking about the origins of the vocal fry and Gary weighs in along with Chris, Adam tells Ara about his swimming pool, he says it’s missing a diving board but now has a Baja shelf.

Adam says that we have done away with the springy thing with an element of risk, we’ve replaced it with a lazy not dangerous lounging platform.

Adam is now saying how you build a house with nincompoops, you need one grand poohbah, Adam uses Jimmy Kimmel as an example of a necessary person.


Drew drops a killer joke and gets an appropriate response, he used up his one joke of the year sadly.


Adam is doing a Sideline Live Read

Drew is getting antsy due to his call time at his “22nd crappy job” edition


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show