Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/14/2014 – Jessimae Peluso and Super Dave Osborne

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/14/2014 – Jessimae Peluso and Super Dave Osborne

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jessimae Peluso and Super Dave Osborne

Recorded 04-13-2014 – Release Date 04-14-2014

Production Number #1302

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Adam is opening the show to a great “juice fast” opener from Dawson and Lynch, BB has an ok #TopDrop “Hey, hey, hey” and Adam is giving an update on “Road Hard.”

Adam says this upcoming schedule of long days has left him very excited as opposed to a long day of 13 different jobs.

Adam is sharing their plan to shorten the running time for the show and use guest hosts in order to get us new content while Adam is filming, they say it should be fairly seamless, Alison has a funny quip.


Adam is giving an example of people who tell you things and are uncertain but present it as if they are sure, he’s citing his request for Mike Altier to come run lines with him for the movie, awesome!

Adam is sharing how Mike was at the Toyota Celebrity Grand Prix and he wanted to know who won the race and the pro race, Mike was unintentionally gaslighting Adam and he’s sharing his reaction, BB is trying to give a positive spin and Adam rejects the logic outright.

Alison has a great sigh reaction that seems to showing empathy for Mike, for Adam and an almost embarrassment for this situation for Mike, wow!


Adam is explaining how he told Mike he wasn’t calling him a liar but had to go to another source to find out the actual winner, they’re citing the time they thought Alison won the RT game.

Alison says that Adam is “answer lube” and now Adam is riffing with it, gold!

Adam has a killer “then why didn’t you just yell out Magellan!?” and Alison is asking if Adam called him back to let him know how wrong he was, Adam is really going off and citing how he has to ask multiple people what happened to discern what really took place.


Adam is telling them about running into Jay Leno at the Peterson Museum, Jay got a 110 Plasma from the Tonight Show and the Mahogany Ach from the set, and he set up a theater in the Bugatti room.

Adam was invited to bring an early copy of the doc and now Adam is explaining his 1970’s’s esque drive in theater sneak in idea, he’s telling them how he was going to use 2 cars to drive to his gate then Trojan horse/clown car it from the gate up the driveway.

Adam is sharing how he was inadvertently busted at the gate by an unsuspecting Jay, he’s now jumping into a live read.


Adam is telling them how the screening went, he’s explaining that a shotgun sound effect in the documentary blew out the speakers to Jay’s setup.

Adam is saying this is the white man’s burden, being beholden to some nerd AV guy, Adam is pitching his son on being gay and marrying an AV guy, scratch that.

Adam says that they all got up and left and that was that, 37min and then over.


Super Dave is now joining the show and Adam is bringing up the very stilted interview that Dennis Miller conducted with Dave, Adam is getting into the topic from the interview about black basketball players.

Adam is plugging the documentary “When Jews Were Funny” and Dave is telling Adam how he got involved in the project and what he thought of the director.

Adam is asking Dave what’s going on with “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, he says it’s very disappointing and he doesn’t think they’re going to do any more episodes.

Dave is telling them about the message he left for Larry.


Adam is bringing up the story that Dave told about his dad literally dying on stage, Dave is explaining who his dad was and going in depth on the story.

You can hear Dave’s first appearance on ACS #216 (feat. Doug Benson, Teresa Strasser, Bald Bryan & Super Dave Osborne) for 89 cents.

Adam is bringing up how proud Dave’s father would have been to live to see how successful his sons are, Adam is bringing up the lost 5ht brother Chet he hopes exists and works in a batting cage.


BB is bringing up “Defending Your Life” and citing the crowd work scene with on the “died on stage” one liner and now they’re pondering how it ended up in the script and film.

Adam is teasing their guest, oddly this is the first time I think I’ve ever heard Adam speak that last name.

Adam is now doing a live read.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw “Draft Day” and he’s giving a nice sketch of the actors and director, Adam is commenting on the screen wipes used for editing, Adam is sharing how he got ¾ thought movie but didn’t finish it.

Adam says he didn’t think it was great but did like the reality portrayed in it, he says it almost felts like a documentary.

BB is listing some of the things he liked and Adam is explaining how the code required two step verification to watch the movie and now Gary is on mic explaining it.

Adam is sharing that Matt was out at a concert that night, at 10:15pm right as Adam wanted to finish the last 3rd of the movie but then Ivan ended up cancelling on the show, then proceeded to guest on 2-3 other podcasts.


BB is saying that Adam saved himself some heartache by not finishing this movie, he’s saying it’s very boring and it could have been made to seem far more interesting.

Adam is bringing up “Moneyball” that BB cited as the blueprint for making this type of material interesting.

BB gives it a D and Adam makes a joke about trying to get Ivan rescheduled.

Adam is arguing against BB’s “terrible” and says he needs to have some room for a C- in there, Adam is quoting the audience having it at 72%.

Alison says she’s really uncomfortable that Adam is trying to mess with BB’s critical integrity, funny one liners from everyone.


They’re now heading to break.


They’re back from break and Jessimae Peluso is making her ACS debut, she’s telling them about having not slept in 24hrs and enjoying a bloody Mary before flying and one with brunch, she’s telling them about demanding the cheese plate on flights.

Adam is sharing his idea for everything past a security checkpoint being “international waters” for boozing, he’s sharing his logic about the aluminum tube next to the bar serving booze at the time that the bar is closed.

Adam has a great series of replies to Jessimae’s “nips” question, he even brings Maxipada into the mix, gold!


Adam is lamenting the lack of straight cranberry juice and is now walking them through his drink mixing on the Koala fold out changing table in the airport bathroom.

Adam says being altered is awesome and it’s what people crave, Jessimae just told them about trying a Xanax for the first time.

Adam is asking her about her origins in comedy and riffing about improv classes and the physical movement stuff you have to do early on, he’s bringing up the “lift the manhole cover” exercise.


They’re now doing a live read.


Alison’s News

Alison wants to know if everyone is just going to gloss over Adam getting his hair cut when they all walked into the studio, Alison brings up his haircutting place of choice “American Model Cuts” and he’s explaining Lynette’s attempt to tell him that his hair is too difficult to cut.


1st Story is on a shooting a Jewish Cultural center she’s reading all of the details and Adam says that anytime you shoot something we should call it a hate crime, he’s now using shark attacks to make a point about the body count of hate crimes.

Adam is now making a point about the producer from Tosh.0 and how if he was black what would have happened, Alison is sharing the part where they said they mistook him for the suspect.

Adam is now saying that’s exactly his point and you can’t argue against it, he’s got a killer “why isn’t Donald Trump coming to town and raising a rally.”


2nd Story is on the death of the Tosh.0 producer, she’s giving the details and quotes from the cops about why they had to shoot him.

Adam says cops are assholes and fuck ups and racists 3rd, he’s now listing all of their shitty behavior and Alison wants to know what their track record is.

Adam is getting to the settlements from L.A. and Chicago from police shooting the wrong people, Adam is bringing the idea of suspension with full pay being a punishment.


3rd Story is on the death of John Pinette, Alison is giving the details and Adam is sharing his conversation with August about the man’s health and age.

Adam is sharing the full anecdote of their interaction and he’s making a point about being 500lbs shaving time off your life, Adam closes it out with a nice eulogy for the man.


4th Story is on a an Ohio man sentenced to wearing a shaming bullying sign after 15yrs of abusing his neighbor and her disabled children.

Adam is joking that he would instinctively give the guy a buck, cardboard and crayons equal him giving a person money on a street corner.

Alison reports that someone honked at the man and now Adam is sharing his experience getting the world’s pussiest honk from a car waiting a red turn arrow, waiting to die man!

The person attempted the shame honk on Adam, his impression of their whiney tone in their car that he images they had is wonderful.


Alison is sharing her own honking anecdote, she describes it in positive terms, Alison is sharing that the man in the news story hated the smell of her laundry and used kerosene as a countermeasure.

Alison is sharing the rest of the details of his punishment, Adam is citing his douchey neighbors and their crazy behavior, Adam is asking “why don’t you have a fucking job!?” to these neighbors with too much time on their hands.

Adam has a crazy rape/sweet love dog/wife reply and Alison stops him to make sense of it, comedy gold!


Adam is ranting about the jobless neighbors with al this time, get to work you lazy sack of shit – Adam, Adam is saying these people never leave the house and are annoyed all the time because of their self-imposed house arrest.

Adam tells them to kill themselves, great rant, and Ace Awards 2014 material for sure!

They’re wrapping up the news and Jessimae has a nice comment, Adam assures her he does this every show and it’s not special.

Adam is doing a Tire Rack live read.

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping the show, BB closes it with a new drop.