Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/12/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 229

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/12/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 229

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 04-08-2015 – Release Date 04-09-2015

Production Number #229 – All You Need to Know About Life

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Adam opens the show with a plug for ‘Road Hard’ and the upcoming premier of his new documentary about Paul Newman’s racing career ‘Winning’ he explains that a lot of celebrities will be there but don’t want him mentioning it as not to sell tickets based on their attendance.

Drew asks mostly racing guys, Adam jokes about Jimmy Kimmel being a racing guy and tells Drew about Lynette’s involvement in ‘Mangria’ and how she’s now coming through.

Adam talks about all of the stuff his wife cannot do to support the family, he’s having Chris get a photo of the lines at these Mangria signings.


Drew says Adam has mentioned this before, Adam says that he would tell Lynette she could simply check the website and make sure it’s updated with new dates.

Adam says he’s not into anything but he does it to support his lifestyle and his family.

Adam has a killer up your ass line for Drew who was asking about the pub crawl, Adam says his wife recently told him she didn’t know what she was doing before when it came to the wine business, Adam says he didn’t know either and has a funny reference to some wine makers.


Adam is explaining how he would bring in a genius to solve a problem, regardless of their area of expertise, Adam is on an epic “Start Doing It” bit of motivation.


Drew is launching into a live read


Drew brings up engineer Chris’s podcast ‘Resume’ and asks if Adam has heard it, hilarious reply from Adam.

Drew is now addressing why he hasn’t been on ‘Take a Knee’ and he explains why he feels weird about having him on, interesting but not a necessary worry or burden Adam should have.

Adam is talking about the amount of work he does 24/7, he says that Mark Geragos told him about not having work hours, Adam talks about finally getting a weekend off and how awesome it was, he will be working next weekend though.


Adam doesn’t like it when people make excuses about a full time work schedule precluding them from getting and education or honing a craft.

Adam is now responding to Drew’s recounting of Paul Mecurio his upcoming podcast guest, he mentions reality on reality’s terms and his lack of indulging in “what if” thoughts.

Adam is telling Gary to dig up Nick Santora’s email, he’s going to read it for Drew and describes how he shared it with his wife, kids and Olga.


Adam is doing an extended ‘Take a Knee’ plug and Drew has to ask who “R-Z-A” is.

Adam is setting up the email, Drew has him explain who Nick Santora is and how they became friends.

Adam is sharing how Nick sources life stories and thinks up movie projects, he then mentions his buddy Chris and the time his dad stayed with them before going to prison.


Drew asks about him and Adam reveals he just recently passed, as discussed on the last ‘Ace on the House’ with Adam and Ray.

Adam is now telling Drew about ‘Get Hard’ and the similar premise to Nick’s idea, Drew says he liked the movie and unlike most film going experiences where he sits and thinks “life is too short” he was able to enjoy this movie and not have that thought.

Adam is now reading the email from Nick.


Adam is breaking down the email line by line, this recently came up on the ACS recorded later this day ACS #1547.

Chris is on mic using the last ADS to make a point about Adam taking responsibility for being late, Drew mocks him a bit.

Drew is now sharing a story of his other co-host/partner Mike Catherwood sharing an experience flying 1st class and feeling bad about it, the Don Draper story as it were.


Adam is sharing his “Literally a Millionaire” designation and tells people to fuck off who hate other people for obtaining wealth.

Adam is now explaining how he was always self-deprecating while bitching about the finer things in life, Adam says he never pretended he was “one of them” and asks Drew who told him to stop saying he was a millionaire and flew only 1st class.


Adam is getting Drew to agree he’s always been the same, Adam asks what we do now to fix everyone but him.

Adam says we started electing people based on feelings, wanting things that feel good rather than accomplish healthy goals.

Adam says that everyone else is guilty as their parents paid for college, Adam can say whatever he wants and doesn’t feel guilt as nobody gave him shit.


Adam is now mocking the school to prison pipeline, Adam says the only thing missing from an email he was sent was “family” the fastest way to solve this problem.

Adam is mocking the idea of trying to level the playing field and Adam brings up attraction and says if you really want it even, get out of the scalpels.

Adam says the ultimate advance in life is being beautiful, get the knife out to make it fair.


Drew says that Abraham Lincoln knew this best of all and quotes him regarding “Equal in all respects.”


1st Caller Justin, Adam is going to him because someone on twitter told him that Dr. Drew made up “Hyper Vigilance” and he explains it’s a descriptor not a diagnosis.

Justin is anxious and his speech is pressured, Drew is explaining the difference between Justin and Adam, Adam says he’s into all that makes sense.

They wrap up with Justin after giving some brief advice.


2nd Caller Paul, he wants to know about how absentee fathers effect young males, Drew breaks down the differences between men and women.

Adam acts fake surprised about the “unregulated aggression” result in young males, Adam is mocking the people who tell him he’s too simplistic with his solutions, he cites Huffpo.


Drew tells Adam that his being a big brother is the one way to help besides dad’s sticking around, Adam brags about his time as a big brother.


Adam is doing a True Car live read


3rd Caller John, he has allergies.

He wants to know about a type of therapy to treat them, Drew is telling Adam about hookworms and Adam asks John how much of this is crazy and how much biological.

Adam shares how he accepts a nut allergy but multiple ones lead him to suspect a trauma history, John shares how he was hit with allergies later in life.

Drew is asking about childhood trauma, he says it’s perfectly fine and reveals he’s a beer importer and Adam is now hilariously backtracking to apologize for any insinuations he made.


Adam is killing it with a fake stutter and everything, Drew tells him this is an awfully aggressive therapy with a possibly unknown risk, Drew talks about the standard of care and how it’s the best we got.

Adam reveals he’s allergic to not having a sixer of IPA’s in his fridge, John should’ve never revealed he works as a beer importer.


Adam is now giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.