Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/10/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 133

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/10/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 133

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 04-01-2014 – Release Date 04-10-2014

Production Number #133 It’s a Weird Life

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Adam is opening the show with non-enthusiastic intro, Drew mocks him and they have some pen confusion, Adam is telling people to do themselves a favor and buy a good quality pen.

He’s telling Drew about Dennis Prager and his love for a fountain pen, Adam is making a point about enjoying the things you own and treating yourself to better functioning items.

Adam is citing how he took this pen off of Kimmel’s desk, he’s praising the uniball elite line, and they’re going sick on the topic of pens.


Adam is telling Drew about a full glass of milk he’s been eyeballing in his fridge, he’s saying it’s a never ending cavalcade of things waiting to spoil before they’re eventually disposed of.

Adam went for the glass, realizing that it had a puddle of milk at the bottom and a ring of dead milk around the circumference of the glass.

Adam is explaining his non pejorative “give it a rinse” advice and how it’s for everyone’s benefit, not just his, he’s using urinals and ketchup containers closing to make his point.


Adam is saying that everyone tries to paint his rules/advice as crazed narcissism and demands, Drew says that most of Adam’s things are simple logic and accurate/healthy.

Adam says he’s had the conversation with Lynette 271 times but it’s no can do, he doesn’t understand why spraying water into the dishes in the sink is such an issue.

Adam is now using moist toiletry wipes containers left open as his other topic, he wants to know why others are unable to close it and leave them moist for the next person who uses the bathroom.


Adam now has dry ass wipes and doesn’t know what to do, Drew has two back to back mix-ups, and Adam says he’s been working on Lynette and the spritz of water for 15 years.

He’s telling Drew about trying to train his kids, he says the number one reply is “I’m distracted, I’m busy” and why it doesn’t’ work if Adam says that, Drew is letting loose some of his own resentment about this topic.

They’re doing a live read.


Adam says it’s a weird life and how “forget about it” is not a satisfying answer, Adam is bringing up how in construction you learn from people who know more than you.

Adam is explaining how he learned to use a highpoint saw for cutting laminate, how he wishes he only learned it earlier.

Adam is sharing his “look around” bit he does with Olga, asking who she wants to listen to.


Adam is explaining his Crossroads in life, at 28 he met Shelby Coffey and trained him in boxing at “Bodies in Motion” Adam is sharing his intent to work with him and learn from him, Drew calls Adam a kiss-ass.

Adam has a great “hold, hold hold huuuuuuld” interruption for Drew, he’s now getting to the bathroom rules at Carolla Digital and getting Chris and Gary on mic to explain how well the system works.

Drew is now doing a live read.


Adam is telling Drew about getting paid to come perform standup at a guy’s 40th birthday party, Adam says that he and Drew could never do this, he wants to know if Shawn who did this is just further evolved than them.

Adam is listing the reasons why they wouldn’t allow themselves to indulge in an experience like this, Adam is citing the cruise that Drew took with his kids through the Panama Canal.

Drew is now citing the balance and Adam has a great “Chumlee” reference from “Tennessee Tuxedo and his tales.”

Adam wants to know what matters most, when you step back and look at your life, is it experiences or things that truly mattered?


Adam says he would like to do more of what Shawn is doing, he’s now citing making The Hammer while his kids were being born into this world.

Adam is telling Drew about the reactions to The Hammer from Judd Apatow and Kevin Costner, he’s asking Drew to dig this psychology.

Adam is citing how he gave Vince Vaughn the movie, saying he hasn’t seen it and doesn’t want to see it.


Drew says a movie it a large time commitment, Adam is protesting that reply and asking him why he thinks these people never see the film, Adam is mocking his violins all the time, whining about not seeing movies.

Adam is talking to Drew about having time to watch movies while on airplanes, Adam asks who is busier than him, dickhead?

They’re now going to break.


Adam is explaining the reason why people don’t want to watch his movie, he’s saying that when you make movies, part of your job is to watch other people’s work.

Adam says they don’t want the film cause they assume in advance it’s going to be bad, they know they will have to see you again and dread having to lie or have an uncomfortable encounter.

Adam is now mocking Drew and his time limitations, hilarious noises from Adam, now Drew is insulting him right back with a shitty film one liner.


1st Caller Chris, he’s married with kids and his wife discovered his affair of 4 months just this past week, Adam is asking him about the details of the affair.

Adam is asking him how he was caught, he’s joking about trying to keep a secret with a 20yr old chick vs. if he was fucking Matt Fondiler, hilarious!

Adam is now dreaming up their ultimate gay fantasy with Drew, joking about them never being discovered by anyone, only witnesses were them and the carpet.


Adam is now citing the Kennedy themed episode of this show, Adam predicted the age of the woman Chris has been having the affair with.

Adam is getting to the emotional component of men and sexual relationships, saying he has that with women he’s with and they tend to minimize that.

Adam and Drew are going in depth on what Chris needs to do in order to improve this, Adam tells him that he’s at the height of this “thing” the testosterone impulses of youth as it were.


Adam is now doing a live read for Bark Box.


2nd Caller Marin, Her daughter came home from school describing some inappropriate behavior from her classmates, tickle my pickle.

Adam is telling Drew this was common behavior from everyone he grew up with, Drew is taking this to the serious and Adam is giving some practical advice.

Adam is tired of the nanny state and tired of the “boys will be boys” defense.

Adam is now giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.