Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/10/2014 – Jillian Barberie, Matt Atchity and David Moxley

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/10/2014 – Jillian Barberie, Matt Atchity and David Moxley

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jillian Barberie, Matt Atchity and David Moxley

Recorded 04-09-2014 – Release Date 04-10-2014

Production Number #1300

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Adam is opening the show with Matt Atchity in studio, he’s telling the audience how much they rely on all of us to support them and he’s joking with BB about his book raising over 1100$.

BB has a classic #TopDrop from Teresa Strasser, Adam is giving out a plug for his book presentation in NYC.

Adam is now sharing his difficulties in dealing with people, he’s citing people misspeaking and mixing up details, Adam is explaining how there was a mix-up between Rob and the movie producer, Adam is explaining how he started to feel a gaslighting coming his way.


Adam is bemoaning how much harder his life will be if he spends his time trying to sift through who said what to whom, Adam just said “Gary, that was sent to you buy Superfan Giovanni and you fucked up royally?”

Gary is on mic, they’re now setting up the Donna D’Errico clip Adam referenced on #1297, the one with her so drunk on white wine she messes up her own last name.

BB is rightfully predicting it’s from 1997 after they play the clip, is BB still trying to explain why he didn’t know the infamous drop?


Adam is sharing his recent “When did paying for everything count for nothing” interaction with Mark McGrath where he was quoted as saying “Wherever you smell funnel cake” in regards of the venues his band is now playing.

Adam and BB are saying very kind things about Mark, Adam is clarifying the Loveline date, awesome!

Adam is asking Matt about the new crop of films, he’s telling then about Nicolas Cage’s new film “Joe” and the game will now be based on his work.

Adam is calling for a class action lawsuit against the IRS for making artists go out and make crap to pay them back, he’s now going in depth on Joe Lewis and what the IRS did to him, and BB has a nice assist.


Adam is setting up their interview with David Moxley, making his ACS debut.

He’s a goal post expert and Adam is explaining his 14yrs of experience and how he says the extended goals are not that easy.

Adam is explaining how a gusset could be used to further stabilize the goal posts, BB is saying the football dunking will be sorely missed and Adam is explaining it’s been banned.


Adam is now talking to David, asking him about the measurements for the goal posts and going in depth.

Adam predicts the exact gauge of aluminum they use and is asking him about the rain caps for the posts, David is telling them about the options for various stadiums.

David is telling Adam why he prefers structural solutions for the game in lieu of laser beams and the future tech everyone always brings up.


Adam is now bringing up the movie “Ghost Rider” and he’s bringing up the 300ft “goalpost to goalpost” controversy.

David is telling them about the soil, seismic and regional conditions that come into play, Adam is now correcting the man on his own work, and he actually agrees and thanks Adam.

Adam wants to know what you do with the old posts, Adam is suggesting a charity auction and now David is sharing his similar idea, Adam says he laughs like Chet from Weird Science, he’s right.

BB is now playing the Chet drop and Adam is thanking David, he predicts we will have to raise the goalposts again at some point.


Adam is now going off on “Ghost Rider” and says that anything with nerds writing sports always ends up in a disaster.

Adam is now doing a live read after BB blows the intro, Adam is going off on the Nature Box shipment that everyone seems to love, especially today’s shipment according to him.


Rotten or Fresh – Nicolas Cage

Adam comments on the “shlubby guy” line and Matt says that every time it plays Adam looks at him as if waiting for him to get angry, gold!


1st Movie Windtalkers (2002) BB, Adam and Alison have never seen it, Adam and BB both know the true story and Adam even went in depth on it during Classic Loveline.

Adam proclaims himself “Every Man”


2nd Movie Con Air (1997) Adam says mission accomplished, the movie may not have been art, but it fucking pulled off what it set out to.

Adam is now on a long protracted rant as “Mark’s buddy” the friend of the guy who was picking on Nic Cage in the opening scene of the movie.

Adam is further mocking the movie and the cutaway from the bar fight to the sentencing, Adam is going in depth on all of the great scenes from the movie.

Alison is commenting on the movie poster that displaces the actor’s faces and names, Adam says it’s due to agents and billing requirements.


3rd Movie Knowing (2009) Adam is mixing this up with NEXT his other movie with a similar premise.


4th Movie The Wicker Man (2006)


5th Movie National Treasure (2004) Adam is saying what a fan he is of this series and hopes for a part III, he’s referencing their guest Brian Koppelman, nice assist from Gary.

Alison says she’s doesn’t even know what extreme is anymore.

Adam is citing a review of a movie that called Diane Kruger a “horrible actress” and Adam is explaining how to offend him in a review vs. how not to offend him, he’s explaining that it’s extra offensive for Diane as if her acting talent was a forgone conclusion.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Matt, Who would Adam sleep with who is dead, Adam says Lee Marvin and Adam says he would make him gay, this is wonderful.

Great dirty half dozen, bottom and peg comedy from everyone.

Adam says that sex after Lee Marvin makes him a sexual omnivore and asks BB what dead celebrity his dick smells like, Alison’s reaction is priceless.

They’re now doing a 2nd lap trying to figure out what dead guy Adam’s dick smells like.

Adam is now taking it back to a disappointed caller Matt who didn’t know Adam was going to rape Lee Marvin.


2nd Caller Vito, He wants to know about the new 3rd Mangria flavor, he wants a champagne flavor and keeps hammering it home.

Adam says he’s gay enough to buttfuck Lee Marvin’s corpse but not gay enough to release a champagne flavored Mangria, but he does tease a possible Mango variant.

They’re now going to break, Adam is teasing an episode of a home makeover show he saw with Jillian and her husband the sniper, her ex-husband.


Jillian is now making her ACS debut, Adam is saying how much he likes her and telling her he’s listened to her new radio show.

Jillian had 9 appearances on the 2006 Adam Carolla Show on KLSX.

Jillian is telling them about the Toyota Celebrity Grand Prix and how she thought she knew Adam but never gets to spend time with him, she’s citing his elusive nature when training for the race.


Adam is telling her about how sleeping in his own bed is a treat at this point, he’s taking it back to her and the radio show.

Jillian is telling them about her schedule for T.V. vs. radio and Jillian is assuming about prep, Alison jumps in with a wait, wait, wait.

Adam is telling them about his buck slips he uses for important moments, he’s telling them about his daughter asking him to the father/daughter dance at school.


Adam is now asking Jillian about her divorce, she’s going in depth on her marriage and the divorce.

Adam and Jillian are in total agreement about gender roles, feelings and who does what in a marriage.

Adam is praising Jillian’s ex for not going after her money, he likes that there is still a shred of dignity in society.


Adam is bringing up the comments Jillian made about the pressures on women in show business, Adam is making a point about good looks playing a role in getting a job.

Jillian agrees with Adam and he’s further clarifying his point.


They’re now discussing “Good Day L.A.” and how she was booted off the show with 2 other 45yr old women in a 6 months period.

Adam is going back to her origin and he’s asking her about the Howard Stern party from about 4 years ago where Lynette assisted Jillian after she got sick from drinking.

Jillian is going in depth on the party, she’s telling them about her first period after breast feeding and how she used a vicodin for the pain, the combination of opiates and booze led to a mess.


Jillian is quoting Lynette’s “Uh Oh”, nice impression of her voice too.

Adam is asking her about her upbringing and bring adopted in Toronto.

Jillian is once again telling Adam about her journey searching for her long lost parents, she’s giving a nice thumbnail sketch of the story while not rushing it too much.


Adam says he’s been waiting for that phone call his whole life, a long lost rich brother, hilarious Richard Branson phone call improv from Ace.

Adam is asking if her siblings got pissed off for the reveal of her parents past life, Adam is referencing Alison’s story, she has a great penis one liner and now she’s telling the story of how she found out she was Jewish.

Jillian did predict that Alison’s dad had another family, but they move past it.

Adam is now doing a live read with a very supportive Jillian reacting.


Adam is now asking about the reunion and how her adopted family feel about the birth family.

Adam is inviting Jillian to stick around for the news and she’s possibly the most excited a guest has ever been.

Alison’s News

1st Story Is on the stabbing spree in Pittsburgh, she’s reading all of the known details and citing the “blank” look on his face.

Jillian is making a point about gun control arguments, Alison is sharing her reaction to how he was able to stab so many people in such a short time, Adam wants to make the argument that this kid should have been bullied, go home and kill himself.

Adam is making a point about violence in the media, he’s not blaming video games or movies but he is citing the “Red Dead Redemption” poster, ironically made by a huge fan for a video game that preaches family values and has an old west premise Adam would actually enjoy.


Adam is arguing that sawed off shotguns are meant for killing, Alison says that’s her argument for assault weapons and Adam agrees.

Adam is clarifying once again he’s not blaming video games and isn’t even sure if violence has increased.

Alison is arguing for video games to be a release, Adam has an excellent rape simulator analogy that does have flawless logic.


Adam has a great point about observation and achievement among humans, he’s telling the gang about Tony Hawk’s 900 that went from un-land ‘able to a trick children do in a matter of weeks.

Alison is bringing up dead bodies and how it’s hard for her to discern if she’s seen one in person or just on TV and movies, Adam has a killer Lee Marvin corpse callback.


2nd Story Is on a car that careened into an Orlando Daycare, resulting in the death of one child and injury of many other children.

Alison is giving the details and Jillian is lamenting the news these parents received, Adam is advising concrete posts around the front wall of a daycare, that’s some government intervention he would be ok with.

Alison is sharing some personal news, she has a photo of a car she was behind in traffic.

Adam is now doing a live read.


They’re now looking at the marathon sticker on the back of the truck in front of her, she’s bringing up how she has been misunderstanding the sprint/marathon saying people use.

Adam is joking with Alison about the length of marathons, Jillian is taking it back to her mysterious Judaism, and she wants to know what Alison thought she was ethnically.

They’re wrapping up the news and the show, great closing comedy and laughs, Jillian is a fantastic guest!