Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/09/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 228

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/09/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 228

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 04-08-2015 – Release Date 04-09-2015

Production Number #228 – Car Rims

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Drew opens the show with some sick voice, Drew threatens to bust Adam’s balls for Adam being late again and now Drew is asking Gary to confirm this becoming a habit and now Gary is explaining why Adam must do his weekly ‘Kevin and Bean’ phoner from home.

Drew is explaining how he’s getting the exact symptoms as described by one of his coworkers who got him sick with this virus.

Drew lets Chris plug his new show ‘Resume’ on Carolla Digital and Drew laments his time as a security guard, Drew brings up the Paul Mecurio podcast he did and Chris’ episode of Résumé with him guesting.


Drew is bringing up Paul’s interesting journey into comedy, Drew brings up Ralphie May and quotes him asking if he ever gets time to be himself removed from his profession.


1st Caller Vicki, she as in an AA meeting and two people came in with emotional support dogs, Drew says he’s not as angry about these support animals like Adam.

Drew now makes sense of the people who need to project their shit into the world and how they’re the same people who bring their pets with them everywhere.

Drew makes a point about “triggering” someone and he’s asking her about her recovery, she says she was drinking too much and did a meeting a day to overcome her addiction.


Drew makes note of the fact it cost her nothing to get that therapy of sorts, he compliments her and tells her to take care.


2nd Caller CJ he gives a quick backstory about his addiction/abuse of Marijuana and he describes his insomnia caused by the withdrawals.

Drew is breaking down the most common complaints of quitting THC.

Drew brings up Benadryl and Melatonin and he tells him Trazadone via a doctor might be another short term solution.

Adam is asking him about his plans to stay sober and he compliments NA meetings to be helpful, Drew recommends MA and how the syndrome is universal in all of the people who need the program.


CJ is addressing the people who argue about the addiction connected to Marijuana and now Drew is engaging in an insightful dialogue about being pro legalization and for the reality of addiction.

Gary brings up the picture going around the internet of a kid hitting a bong in a hospital bed, Drew says now that this drug is legal in WA and CO we can talk about the realities surrounding it.

Adam enters the studio, he apologizes and explains how he was lazy.


Adam says he should’ve got ready and done before doing Kevin and Bean, Drew says he has the exact same relationship with his weekly phoner into the show.

Adam is commenting on the traffic patterns he’s built his life around.

Adam talks about season 3 of ‘Catch a Contractor’ and how he’s less miserable than he was for Season 1 and 2.


Drew is bringing up his new experiences in daytime AM radio vs. his previous experiences he didn’t enjoy as much.

Adam says that season 1, the half hour shows were part of the problem, and season 2 it was the extra workload.

Adam says he hates wasting time and how they would overshoot the shit out of it during season 1, he’s making a point about them becoming a more lean production that doesn’t waste time filming shit they won’t use as often.


Adam comments on how long it can take to film something, it’s about efficiency, the days are just as long but they’re getting more done in the same time.

Adam is commenting on how the network has relaxed as they’ve proven their abilities, Adam says he’s getting paid the most out of anyone there and he realizes that.

Adam says he’s not there to eat other people’s lunch and be an asshole, he just doesn’t like wasted time and was feeling like a bad person the first two seasons for complaining about his situation.


Drew shares Adam’s distaste for wasted time, Adam is saying how he used to tell these “asswipes” he was making their jobs in the edit bay that much easier.

Adam is bringing up how people ask him about happiness, excitement and things surrounding all of his projects, he brings up his latest audiobook and how open thoughts he goes over when without preoccupation.


Adam explains that “Car Rims” are just about all he thinks about when he has free time to himself, Drew is asking him for how long this has been going on.

Adam is telling him it’s mostly aesthetic and he’s actually trying to get something done, Adam asks Chris how many sets of car rims he has.

Adam is telling Drew about how most of his cars come with extra rims, Adam says this is not a constant thought trumping all of his other work, it’s free association time.


Drew is amazed and Adam is going further in depth explaining how they solve a lot of his problems he is now giving Drew a concrete car rim example.

Adam explains how the rims are how you tell the age of a vintage car, Adam is talking about vintage Libra rims for his Datsun 510.

Adam is talking about the 13 inch rims that weren’t wide enough for his tires, Adam had to find a guy to split the rims and solve his problem of them not manufacturing 14 inch Libra rims.


Adam is telling Drew about magnesium wheels and the accident with the Dekon Monza racecar.

Adam is explaining how this guy sheered his rim off and it flew into the stands, Adam was in the race and he fails to mention his co-hosts/stars were in the stands thanks to him and his generous invite.

Drew says this making him sad that this is Adam’s reality.


Adam is telling Drew about displaying one of Paul’s old cars and it has the wrong rims on it, it’s driving him crazy, he doesn’t want to display the car with the new style rims, he’s telling him how he has the old rims being redone and touched up for display purposes only.

Adam is telling Drew to look at it as problem solving instead of this petty car stuff he sees it as now, Adam tells him it’s art to him, it’s more art than any painting.

Drew is sad for Adam with the wheels flowing around his head, he gets the reality but the wheels leave him feeling blue.


3rd Caller John, he’s calling for Drew’s expertise on mental health issues and addresses his PTSD regarding his birth father and wants to know the best breed for dog for him to have as a companion animal.

Drew brings up the woman who called about the two dogs at the AA meeting.

Adam asks if Adam would give John a pass citing his dad and the “pimp” comment and Adam says that enabling him and Drew brings up the growing movement he labels it ‘The Carolla Movement’ about not catering towards people’s anxieties.


Drew brings up his own tough love approach to his college depression, Adam is talking about his proclamation form the ACS this week about not buying into victimhood.

Adam is joking about an adult bringing a yellow Tonka truck with them everywhere and how most people would react to that being with someone 24/7.

Adam says he does everything without his dog, Drew is commenting on how we’ve now elevated the lowliest of creatures in history to something above human now, he wonders if it means something about the collective self-esteem of America.


Drew like the poster for ‘Winning’ and Adam brings up the nets in the car, Adam explains how they made his eye bluer and added a sunset to the poster.

Drew says he saw the trailer, Adam is telling Chris to skip it and gives out a plug.


4th Caller Tom, he can barely hear them and he tells them about being a longtime fan and his binge eating disorder, he wants Drew’s take on the new drug on the market for it.

Drew cites the various tricks out there you can try if you must, he cites a specific medication.

Adam is asking him about his binge eating and says its hard now not to do this, Adam tells Chris to remind him about the meat pie in his back seat.

Adam jokes about that being the nickname of a chick in his car.


Adam is getting to how his family eat whatever they want and how he still has the energy of poverty and deprivation surrounding food, he’s got nutty energy and mocks the kids he grew up with who could overlook the Jell-O pudding in their cupboards.


Drew cites the pie filling and mini marshmallows feast Adam engaged in, Adam is joking about how he hasn’t created weirdness for his kids but now the joke is on him as he tries to ignore the food surrounding him.

Adam says it’s created this weird misery for him, he cites the great Joan Kimmel who makes him a meat pie that he wants to eat so badly, but has to resist due to the caloric content, he brought it in, he will only have one wedge and the rest will go in Maxipada’s trashcan he calls a mouth.

Drew has some practical advice and now Adam is takin it back to Tom, he’s bringing up his late night stare down with a moo Shu burrito he resisted while getting his buzz on last night.


Adam is talking about the wasted calories of pie eaten while on the phone with your mom, Adam is trying to give some sensible advice about avoiding binge eating.


Adam is doing a life lock ultimate plus live read


Adam gives out the plugs and is wrapping up the show, he even brings up the correct rims for the Newman car that will be on display.