Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/09/2014 – TJ Miller and Morgan Spurlock

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/09/2014 – TJ Miller and Morgan Spurlock

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest TJ Miller and Morgan Spurlock

Recorded 04-08-2014 – Release Date 04-09-2014

Production Number #1299

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Adam is opening the show with an unusual whiney intro, with deflated comedic delivery, BB’s playing the predictable #TopDrop of Tracy from ACS #1295 yesterday.

Adam is sharing his experience returning from Vegas, he just got off his flight and headed over to the studio, Adam is making a point about the lack of fun he has in Vegas, a place traditionally associated with fun, and all of his visits in the past decade have been for work.

Adam is sharing his take on work, it’s having to be somewhere and do something you don’t want to do, it’s not about the things you’re doing, and it’s about your time being constricted and being trapped in one location for a set amount of time.


Adam says it wasn’t school and learning that was the bummer, it was being trapped in one place for 8hrs, and he’s making a point about the evolution of his life.

Adam is sharing how this glad-handing session in Las Vegas may or may not mean any actual business or money, Alison and BB are giving their take on how much of their time is spent on non-paying work and meetings.

Adam says that half of his endeavors end up a huge goose egg, he’s citing the broken contract with telepictures, he’s saying that he’s been to Vegas 2 times in the past 2 weeks and he doesn’t know what that will mean for his Mangria sales.


“I don’t know what the Formula is, I do know what the formula isn’t” – Adam on how he makes money, followed up with a Self-Satisfied Sniff in reply to Alison’s query.

Adam says what guarantees the loss is staying at home, he’s explaining how tricky it is for a pilot to be picked up for series, he’s giving his insider expertise.

Alison is bringing up the Ask Women gals from Friday, she’s citing how Marni gave an almost Christina Dolce ’esque reply, “Don’t not go for what you want”, they all agree and move on.


Adam is bringing up the half marathon and the street closures in response, Adam wants to know who is impressed by this, Alison seems to think Marathons aren’t set amount of distance, Adam and BB correct her.

Adam has a killer “I ate half a pussy last night” reply mocking people who run half marathons, BB is mocking Alison’s reply including “25k” and Adam is being more considerate while also funny.

Adam is going to play some clips, he was setting this up about 2min into the show but BB played a drop and distracted him, now over 10min later he’s going to get to it and BB interrupts to show off the hardcover of his book.


Adam has a great update on the presale book BB is offering on Ebay, joking that it’s only valued so high because of the connection to Adam and his fame/fans base.

BB is telling them about the misspelling on the blurb on his book a quote attributed to “Tessa Strasser” hahahaha, book publishers, man!

Adam is sharing what you learn when dealing with people in the literary world, Adam says they’re essentially Parisians wanting to be on permanent fucking vacation.


BB agrees and is now sharing an anecdote about how he was informed that most of the employees take Friday off, Adam wants to know who is the softest employee vs. the hardest, what professions?

Adam is now doing a live read for DDP Yoga.


Adam is setting up some old Classic Loveline PSA’s forced on the show by “The Ad Council” and the FCC, Adam is reading the jobs with the most vacation time, he’s explaining its not official time off, it’s a lot of manuscript reading in the Hamptons on a 3 days weekend.

Adam is explaining his desire to speak to one of the employees of the Ad Council, he’s now playing the “Airplane Turbulence PSA” cut from an old Loveline episode.

Gary contacted me at work asking for these, he was able to go in and edit the file himself and find the full PSA from a Classic Loveline episode from 1999.


Adam is now ranting about the ad council and the lack of pressure, Adam has a great Time machine back and forth mocking Alison’s news, she set it up beautifully.

Adam says that childbirth related deaths preying on women is a hate crime, when he’s in charge he’s going to take care of that, equality.

Adam is asking who was even hearing these PSA’s and benefiting from them.

Adam – “I can’t make the label of Mangria a piece of tissue paper that I wipe my ass with, then blow a snot rocket & wrap it around the bottle…”


Adam is now asking them to play the “super uplifting” Gun Violence PSA, BB mistakes it for the “Where have all the children gone” one, Engineer Anderson once combined the gun shots from this ad and put them into the other, he was reprimanded for “Remixing” their ads.

Adam and BB are now doing a great improv bit riffing about someone calling the hotline number to ask how to help end childhood gun violence.

Adam is having them play the starving kids PSA, now he’s riffing about calling to shoot a hungry kid.


Adam is now connecting those vague messages to the “end human trafficking” bumper stickers in Los Angeles.

Adam has a great “I’ll see ya at the port” and is now joking about Gary being involved with Human Trafficking, BB tells Adam to shut the fuck up about it.

Gary is now on mic with some funny replies, good stuff.


Adam is now asking for “Be nicer” and “Stop Externalizing, don’t blame the world” bumper stickers to improve moral in L.A. he says it couldn’t be worse than the current stickers effect.

Adam, Alison and BB are all singing the praises of TJ’s new show Silicon Valley.

Adam is now doing a live read for Draft Kings with BB.


Adam is now telling the gang about a compliment that Stern paid to Adam on his show, they’re now playing the short clip.

Adam is joking about the clip and Alison as well as BB think it’s very nice.

BB is bringing up Morgan Spurlock’s “30 Days” FX TV series that’s about a decade old, Adam is saying it’s hard to fuck that stuff up, most documentary stuff.


Adam is sharing his love for King of Kong despite not liking video games, BB is bringing up “Murder Ball” and they’re talking about the guy from the movie, Adam says he was a guest on “Too Late” with Adam Carolla. Adam can’t come up with the name, it was “Mark Zupan” from 08/11/2005

Adam has a great follow up marathon burn on Alison, gold!

They’re now playing a new tribute/parody song about Matt Fondiler and his legendary pooping, it’s pretty great!


Morgan Spurlock is now joining the show for his 5th appearance, he was on ACS #414 from 2010, ACS #551 from 2011, ACS #629 from 2011 and ACS #819 from 2012, and he first appeared on air with Adam in July of 2006 on the KLSX ACS and then returned in 2008.

7 total interviews, Adam also appeared in his documentary “Mansome”- Carolla Amazon Link Applied!

Adam is asking him about season 2 of his new television series “Inside Man” and they’re going in depth on his time as a Paparazzi to give an example of how the show works.


Adam is asking Morgan about the airline insiders that illegally give out information to tabloid photographers in exchange for information, Adam first learned of that scam from the Superfan!

Morgan is confirming he’s been made aware of people doing that too, Adam is right.

Morgan says that in the case of the Kardashian’s he was actually tipped off by her “people”.


Morgan is telling them about the “Accounts” the Kardashian’s keep at the photo houses so they get paid for their own tabloid photos, it’s insidiously smart according to Morgan.

Adam compares these accounts to something like BMI or ASCAP.

Adam wants to know why people like Tom Cruise doesn’t just set up an account, just to get the bonus residual as the pap’s are going to take the pictures and they’re going to get publishing anyway.


Morgan says they make 300k+ year selling celebrity pictures, Adam wants to know if his attitude about them changed after working with them as one of them.

Adam is asking Morgan what episode really popped this season, he’s telling him about the one dedicated to College Athletes and the question if they should be paid for all of the income they bring in to their schools.

Adam is arguing a point that the athlete/students don’t get a full education, due to the demands of the field, Morgan is telling them about the school where they were allowed to film.


Adam is now bringing up “Paper Lion” and he’s explaining the plot, similar to Morgan trying out for a football team in middle age.

Adam is now asking Morgan about George Plimpton and he says he’s a big fan, he’s a hero of his and Adam says he still can’t figure out if George is related to Martha.

Morgan is now arguing an impassioned plea for former college athletes to be allowed to come back and get advanced degrees on the school’s dime, he’s citing the overwhelmingly unlikely statistics for someone to go from College to pro sports.


Adam says that whomever is making the rules tends to make them in their favor, he’s citing none of the topics the schools and the NCAA will budge on when it comes to caring for former players.

Adam is bringing up the U in Miami and wants to know how a 19yr old is supposed to say no to bribes and payouts, Morgan says that a full time athlete shouldn’t be having to struggle through college.

Adam asks about seeing your jersey for sale in the student union, with your name on it.

Morgan is bringing up the rule about the names that changes that, but he says the number still indicates the star players from the team.


BB is bringing up the use of likenesses, he’s citing a case from a couple years ago and Morgan is familiar but says they didn’t get them for the episode.

Adam is giving out a plug for the show and thanking Morgan for joining the show once again.

Adam is now giving out his plugs for this upcoming Book Promotion/launch with Greg Gutfeld and the live show they have booked for the ACS in SFO.

BB is now updating Adam, Martha Plimpton is a distant relative of George and her father is Keith Carradine, Adam is now saying how much he enjoys her work, they had her co-star from Raising Hope Garrett Dillahunt on the ACS too.


BB and Adam are praising “Parenthood” as a great comedy and Adam is also citing “Election.”

They’re heading to break.


They’re returning from break with a great new “Attack Ad” book promo for “President Me”

Adam explains TJ is late due to a scheduling mix-up


Alison’s News

1st Story Is on a school shutdown caused by 6 Habanero Chili peppers, Alison sharing the details and now she’s explaining the Scoville scale for measuring heat in food.

Alison has a great marathon callback, she’s giving the details on the peppers and their intense heat.

Alison is describing the Wikipedia entry and now reading it, to explain how the scale works, bell pepper ranked at 0, no heat.

Adam is explaining that he got a side of steamed zucchini instead of the green beans he asked for, the zucchini was more akin to water being loosely held together.


TJ is joining them, Adam is telling him how he watched the show and enjoyed it, tickled Pink.

Adam is praising his acting abilities, forgetting they first met him on the KLSX ACS when he was starring “Cloverfield” in 2008, he was also on “Carpoolers” from 2007-2008.

TJ has a nice zucchini callback, Adam says when they first met TJ it was during the “Yogi Bear” tryouts, BB brings up the show “Carpoolers” and they’re misdating his first appearance on the show.


TJ is telling Adam he’s really good at radio and Adam says he feels about different comedy related jobs the way the guys in the rat pack felt about women.

Alison has a great cat/pussy reply, comedy gold and it’s an official “The More you know”.

TJ gets a plug in for his podcast with Cash Levy, Cashing In.


Adam is now quoting Dom Irrera, Alison says that Adam coined that, BB is now chiming in that Greg Fitzsimmons told them that quote, Joe Rogan also told Adam the same quote too, both times attributed to Dom Irrera.

TJ is telling them about a flight delay due to a broken seat on a plane, he’s sharing how he was forced to miss the gig.

Adam is sharing his love for the reactions of airline employees who refuse to check availability on other airlines, despite their mandate/job duty to help you.


TJ is telling them about a gig at a black fraternity, he’s sharing the story of an initiation ceremony he witnessed, Adam is now giving his POV on them from bad movies.

Adam has a nice “keloid scar” reference and BB has a solid joke about white fraternities being called simply a fraternity.

TJ is telling them about the 3 members of the fraternity, Adam has a killer basketball joke.


TJ is telling them about his discipline and work schedule, how if he wasn’t booked after the podcast he would go do 2 sets.

TJ is joking about everything being all downhill after Yogi Bear 3D.

Adam is being very honest about taking breaks from live performances and going on stage without your “fastball.”

Adam is now doing a live read.

Alison wants to ask about “Silicon Valley” some more as she really liked the show, TJ is agreeing with Adam about what a genius Mike Judge is, hilarious diablo one liner.


They’re going in depth on the show, his facial hair choice and the cast he’s working with, TJ is telling them about they came up with the facial hair.


2nd Story Barbara Walters has once again announced her exit from the view, Adam says he feels like her and Cher have been leaving since before they got there, he’s now riffing a scenario where someone hasn’t left a party after telling you they’re heading out.

Alison is sharing her own difficulties in rallying party companions, Adam says he gets super extra douchey when his wife exits a party and insists upon saying bye to everyone.

Adam is now joking saying the best episode of the View ever would be hooking the other cast members up to a functional MRI and ask them a select series of questions.


Adam says the one who cries the most on her last day is the one who hates her the most, Adam is asking for us to cut the bullshit “the I’ll be watching” reply.

Alison is now reading Barbara’s quote upon exiting, Adam just predicting what Barbara would say, only TJ is commenting on it and how impressive it was.

Adam is explaining why it was so easy to figure out, bull-shitters always use the same wrap.


Adam is now bringing up the Classic Loveline episode with Alexandra Paul, he was asking her about “Baywatch Nights” and was told it’s for “the art” and he’s an artist in regards to David Hasselhoff.

Adam is making a complex analogy to what Barbara’s career amounts to, Alison references Donna D’Errico and Adam is telling them about the classic, Classic Loveline intro clip from 1997.

Adam is now having his mind blown that Lou Rawls starred in season 1 of “Baywatch Nights”, I’m more obsessed with the idea of Mitch Buchanan killing Dracula and traveling through time then returning to lifeguard duty on regular Baywatch, wtf?


Alison is wrapping the news, Adam is now doing a live read and giving out the plugs.