Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/08/2014 – Tracy Morgan and Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/08/2014 – Tracy Morgan and Jo Koy

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Guest Tracy Morgan and Jo Koy

Recorded 04-07-2014 – Release Date 04-08-2014

Production Number #1298

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Adam is opening the show with Jo Koy in studio, he’s giving a nice fund anything into and BB has a classic #TopDrop, Adam is giving out Jo’s plugs and bragging about his popularity.

Adam is giving an update on Road Hard, they are wrapping up Pre-Production and begin filing next week, Adam is telling them about the medical physical required before filming.

Adam is now riffing about “the herpes doctor” because everyone in Hollywood gave herpes to one another, BB is now pondering if certain actors lost key parts due to being uninsurable due to herpes.


Adam is describing the little old Dr. Ruth ’esque woman and how she has that famous Bernie Mac headshot right outside her office.

Alison says if you’re a doctor you might as well take down all of the dead people on your walls, Adam says he gets it, she’s the “celebrity doctor” and now he’s bringing up Bernie’s “weird” disease that took too early.

Adam is now sharing the details of Bernie’s death, he’s riffing about Pneumonia sweeping in while you’re sick with other diseases to “complicate things”.

Adam is riffing with BB, doing an improv, Adam is Pneumonia and BB is cancer, Adam is trying to encroach his turf, this is comedy gold!


Adam says pneumonia is the pillow the angel of mercy drops on someone’s head, Alison is asking about closing someone’s eyes with your fingers and Adam is riffing about messing it up, like Doll eyes moving around.

Adam is now joking about pointing in photos, how black comedians are almost forced to do it, white guys like Conan O’Brien have can only do it ironically.

Adam is now coining the name of Jo’s new character “The Other Black Comedian” and he’s now in an improv scene with him.


Adam is sharing the advice he got from a white photographer, The Other Black Comedian is now riffing with him and Alison is laughing in the background, solid!

TOBC is now yelling at Adam for removing his sunglasses and doing “that weird shoulder shrug default move”, this is wonderful!

Adam now calls him “Incensed black comedian” as he closes the scene, and scene.

BB is asking, Adam says no he doesn’t have herpes and the woman tore up the form, yay!


Jo says he thinks Jay Mohr has herpes, he kissed him and Alison recorded it last week, Jo says his lip has been itching ever since, Adam says Jay in his movie so he hopes he doesn’t.

Alison says she doesn’t think it happens that fast and Adam is once again referencing the Bernie Mac “You’re next!” poster from the doctor’s office.

Adam is now doing a live read.


Adam is now sharing Alison’s role in the movie, Adam says she was first going to be cast as the stewardess/flight attendant but had already reached out to the woman they cast, they’ve found a better role for Alison.

BB plays some “Cherry Pie” hmmmm?

Adam is telling them about his daughter’s newfound love for him, she was watching “Catch a Contractor” and was admiring Skip’s muscles and wanting to know if he had a “6 pack.”

Adam blames Katy Perry, yikes.


Adam is telling them about his grandma discussing rim jobs at the dinner table, he’s giving the full story with hilarious “haggard Vietnam vets” wording.

BB has a hilarious “yell out Pete” one liner as Adam describes his urgency to reply and tell her while stifling it as it’s such a gross subject for discussing with grandma and around food.

Adam is now sharing the Clitoris pronunciation argument that he had with his grandma, Adam is now arguing against dictionaries having say both uses are accepted.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Rick, wants to know if he’s discussed swearing with his kids, Adam says he realized he and his wife both swear all of the time, it’ll be quant when his kids are adults.

Jo agrees, Adam is explaining how 2 girls 1 cup and the savagery of media have ruined cursing as a faux pas, he says cursing/swearing is novelty concept from a bygone era.

Adam is now bringing up the 6yr old who told him he wasn’t allowed in his kid’s classroom, Adam is asking if the gang can imagine ever doing that.


They’re all giving examples of being intimidated by adult men as children and how the presence of a friend’s dad would make you clear out of their house.

Adam is sharing the “editing assistant on The Hammer” story to make a point about what he would like to instill in his kids about dealing with authority and employers.

Jo is surprised she was that bold, Adam tells him she didn’t give a shit, because nobody does anymore and Adam says bosses dressing down have done a wild disservice to their employees by not dressing up in the office.


Adam is now sharing his practical interview advice and how his goal is to train his kids to impress people, Adam is sharing some revelatory phrasing for trying to prove your worth in a job interview, even when possibly underqualified.


2nd Caller Alex, he wants to know if Chris heading to the lobby to shit when sharing a hotel suite is J.V. or All Balls, Adam is asking why they can’t beef up the fart fan in hotel rooms, Adam wants more powerful versions.

Adam says the vent in the hotel room they were in didn’t have the fan, just vent.

Alison says the vented fart fan at the studio is so strong she couldn’t smell her own asparagus urine when she first started working there.


Jo is now sharing a mystery fart anecdote, Adam is bringing up the guys we all know who always have smelly gas, Adam is the kind of guy who can fart without odor most of the time, but he argues it’s worse because it lures you into a false sense of confidence, while stinky farters never risk it and can’t be tempted.

Adam is now quizzing everybody about their farts, he’s now riffing about his “Central Casting Farts” that are novelty esque, Alison wants to know who has the worst farts.

Dawson is now on mic explaining that his farts are especially bad after returning from tour, a steady diet of meat and cheese has led to his farts smelling like “South America”.


Jo and Adam are now riffing about Dawson being the stereotypical looking farter and everyone’s prime suspect for leaving a stinky fart.

Adam has a killer new nickname for Dawson that he questions of being “too soon”, gold!

Adam is doing a live read.


3rd Caller Tyrell, he’s bringing up Molly’s declining health and wants to know if it’s time to put her down, Adam says that Lynette is now getting upset with people tweeting at her and giving her a hard time.

Adam says she thinks it’s not being fairly represented, Adam is now citing Molly’s vitality despite her condition, and Alison is quoting “whole body wagging” from Lynette.

Adam is bringing up the “doggy peanut butter” that was bought for Molly, Adam thinks it’s a great example of stupid people paying more for something they don’t need.


Adam is telling them about his early AM schedule and how he fed Molly her pills via a finger full of doggy peanut butter he tried to apply to her face while she was sleeping, then he smeared it on the kitchen floor leaving it for her to find.

Alison is now defending Lynette’s point and so is Adam, both citing Molly’s vitality, Adam says Lynette is a saint, Molly is a trooper and her quality of life is still better than his.

Jo is riffing about Adam’s comment, Molly barking outside trying to ask for help due to her wounds and the family that won’t put her down.


Jo is telling them about his dog being put down and how traumatizing it was for him.

“Like a super expensive drunk blonde I can’t fuck, living under my own house. I mean, I’m not saying I can’t fuck her, I choose not to…” – Adam on Molly.

Adam is now joking about flushing Jo’s dog and putting other dogs into garbage disposals, Jo is now in character as the man who puts the dog into a juicer, complete with sound effects.

Adam is now doing a live read.


Tracy Morgan is making his 2nd appearance on the ACS, he was on ACS #1079 from last year, Tracy and Adam are now singing “The Jefferson’s” theme song.

Adam is touching on controversy in response to Tracy’s point about TV not being like it was, Tracy interrupts Adam for defending all standups and says he was listening.

Adam has defended Tracy through all of his controversies over the past 8 years, Adam is bringing up the bloggers and internet trolls who claim to be media that are going after Adam, Tracy and Stephen Colbert.


Tracy Morgan uses an old asshole/opinion analogy, Adam is making his point about the waitress who dropped a wine glass reactions in a restaurant.

Tracy is going off and agreeing with him, Tracy is emphatic in his delivery about the role of a comedian and has a funny Pat Sajak one liner.

Adam is sharing his Steve Harvey is the black Dr. Phil theory, he’s now riffing about black people and white people at war trading one man for another.


Adam is asking Tracy how be built the material for his latest album, he’s telling them it’s piece by piece and even comes down to testing out singular words.

Tracy has an artist analogy for his own character and Adam is asking him how he’s doing, Adam says he found Tina to be delightful and Tracy agrees.

They’re talking about Alec Baldwin, Adam is now telling Tracy that he has him between two different black actors on sitcoms.


Tracy is telling them about his 14yrs of regular TV work, now he’s listing all of his other series and guest work over the years.

Tracy is giving his take on his dad being a Vietnam era comedian, Adam is sharing his big dick theory with Tracy, Adam doesn’t remember but he and Tracy talked about this in 2006 when Tracy guested on the KLSX ACS, whoa!

Tracy is telling them about his dad dying of AIDS, Tracy’s oldest son is 30, he was 20 according to Tracy in 2006, and he must be rounding up.


Adam is asking Tracy about the prison example, BB is clearing things up, Adam gets him to clear up the math, and his son is 29, ah.

Tracy is saying he doesn’t believe in racism and differences among people, he says his home life was like the band WAR, he’s telling them about his dad getting kicked out when Tracy was 6.

Adam is going super in depth on Tracy’s childhood.

Tracy is wrapping up his story and BB is telling them his mom has only slept with two men in her life, Adam wants to know how he knows, Adam is now quizzing him about the various questions, this is great!


Adam is asking Tracy about his mother, she’s still alive but he regrets that they don’t have a relationship, Tracy says he wrote about it in his book and understands the staff “did their research” but he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Adam is trying to get him to share something, Tracy is hesitant while making sure not to insult or disrespect his mom in anyway.

Tracy is explaining how he didn’t want to end up a statistic, he says he grew up on the same block as Jay Z, Lil’ Kim, Lil’ Cease and J. Mafia, he says they all know the same dead people who became statistics.


Adam is asking Tracy about his thoughts on Bill Cosby and advice for raising kids, Adam is joking about his nanny policy, Tracy mistakes the 6 race cars in the warehouse for Adam’s “living room” hahahaha, genuine mistake of comedic phrasing, either way that was hilarious.

Adam is now doing a live read.


Alison’s News


1st Story Is on the death of Mickey Rooney, Tracy is bummed and singing the praises of “Requiem for a Heavyweight”, Adam is unfamiliar and Tracy is incredulous.

Adam is saying it’s sad as he bridged the gap between eras, Alison is now giving the details of his final projects and Adam is saying what amazes him about people who lived to see things evolve from the early 1900’s a world made of “leather and burlap” until now.

Alison wants to know if we’ll experience the same thing, Adam says no, it’ll just be us yelling at updated iPhones.

They’re all praising Gravity and using it as the prime example of the evolution of what man can do.


Adam is now sharing his minivan ground up and dusted over your cereal over 3 years theory about easing people and things into changes.

Alison wants to know if Adam really believes we won’t see those same drastic changes of a life like Mickey’s, BB is now weighing in and Adam is say they should find the most boring eras to live, he’s joking about the changeover from bronze to pewter.

Adam is joking about a time before taco seasoning, Adam is going even more in depth on the changed Mickey saw in his lifetime, Adam says he would just show Mikey a slideshow of all the women from his past, Alison is backing Adam up as he defends his puss-hound record.


Tracy is defending short guys and says he has a huge Darth Vader esque dick, Adam jokes that he has a horseshoe crab penis, Tracy is telling them he has a shark tank in his basement with a horseshoe crab.

Adam is now saying that Darth Vader’s helmet is loosely based on a Horseshoe crab, Adam jokes that he could take a 200 million year old version of a horseshoe crab and put in in Tracy’s shark tank and he wouldn’t know.

They’re now looking at a photo of Tracy’s shark tank and they’re quizzing him about taking care of marine life, he says he’s loved them his whole life and is explaining why he keeps tanks and how much work it takes to maintain them.


Adam is now joking about the tank cleaner having friends who think he’s talking in gay prostitute code, Adam says he would love to have a tank but thinks it would end badly for him, he’s joking about going in drunk with squeegee to clean the tank.

Tracy says he wants to own a bald eagle, he says he would love it but the climate in New Jersey is not hospitable.

Adam wants to know if Bald Eagles know how famous they are, committed to official documents and logos, currency and stamps.


Alison has a great “is that custom?” and Adam has a killer Ikea reply, mocking her as Tracy points out the recreation of Quint’s boat from “Jaws”.

BB is asking about the smart octopi, Tracy says they have to lock the tank overnight and Adam is confirming that he’s seen footage of an octopus breaking out overnight to dine on the fish in a nearby tank.

Tracy has what I’m sure will become a new favorite drop regarding Chimpanzees using keys, gold!



2nd Story Is on the death of Peaches Geldof, Alison is giving the limited details and Tracy is being very considerate, Adam agrees how much more important “Momma” is to his kids echoing Tracy’s point.

Alison is sharing the statement from her father.

Adam wants a happier story and is about to do a live read, Tracy interrupts to ask about the Oscar Pistorius case.

Adam is now doing a live read.


3rd Story is an update on the Oscar Pistorius trial, Adam is giving his take and predicting he’ll walk because of the slight possibility of doubt in the jurors’ minds.

Alison is now reading his statement from the witness stand, Adam is responding to his words and he’s citing his own transcripts from his arguments with his wife, where he could then be tried in court and framed.

Adam is being clear, he’s not giving and excuse nor saying he didn’t do it, he’s saying that most couples have fucked up fights, he’s citing the shitty text messages of 20yrs olds.

Alison is now wrapping the news.


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show, BB is joking about taking some of the money from his presale book on Ebay, and Alison is plugging her show.

Adam is plugging up the plugs and Tracy is telling them about his new tour, Adam is telling people to view his website for the dates.