Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/07/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 324

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/07/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 324

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Martin Moreno and G Reilly

Recorded 04-07-2016 – Release Date 04-07-2016

Production Number #324 – Martin Moreno and G Reilly

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Adam opens the show with Martin and G Reilly on the show, Adam is giving them some mic tips and asks them about their show, they go on the road with Gabriel Iglesias and they talk about their newfound respect for boxing after working out with a former pro.

Adam talks about how everyone should do a boxing workout in order to better appreciate what someone like Roy Jones Jr. was doing in the ring.

Adam talks about his cock fighting hobby and explains why he’s ok with them fighting as we eat 200 million of them per year, if it was horse fighting or dog fighting he gets the outrage but chickens, ok.


Adam is now mocking people and their rules about eating meat, citing the majesty of blue fin tuna fish.

Adam is asking about Fluffy working out with them and Drew asks about Gabriel’s son, Fluffy Jr. or Fluff as Adam calls him.

Adam is talking about the gifted athletes and hard workers in the gym, explaining the difference and citing how you get the exceptional athletes when those with talent apply themselves and he brings up Roy Jones and his pre-fight basketball league games he used to play.


Drew is asking G about working in the NAVY, using light to send Morse code as a signalman, he says it was a competitive field and explains the term “dashing” to them.

Adam is now going in depth and he tells them you can see the light for 12 miles in most situations and he says one day you will stop seeing light and will just see words, that eventually happened to him.

Adam is asking G about being under radio silence and references the wolf pack and submarines.


G says he went back into the reserves as the job was so much fun, Adam is talking about how often they need signalmen, he says he got out of service in 1991, before they were replaced with newer technology.

G shares how long it took to get around by aircraft carrier.


Adam is now doing a T Pro Turbo T Live Read


Adam asks about Fluffy and his social nature, citing the cases of Mangria he ordered for his gatherings and he praises Fluffy’s good nature for bringing his friends into success with him.

Adam is having Drew blame Matt Fondiler for not contributing a talking head comment for his 5th year anniversary of the HLN show.

Adam is now crapping on people who take the day off for their birthday let alone half birthday and Gary gets on mic to yell at Adam telling him it was a Saturday, so they just yell at both hosts on air now on this show!? Not pleasant to listen to, Anderson only yelled on air once and got labeled as anti-Carolla.


Adam talks about his wiring and not caring about anniversaries nor birthdays, Adam says nobody gives a shit nor notices, Adam jokes about Drew’s multiple crazy hairstyles over the past 5yrs, funny.

Adam is explaining how Matt’s wedding led to Adam missing out on giving Drew a congratulations message for his show.

Drew is asking about things that are needed now vs. soon and Adam mocks the way he walks out of the studio with Matt in tow trying to work on scheduling and get things done.


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read


Adam is asking Drew about the next 5 years and he comments on the average of 11 jobs people will have throughout their lives.

Adam is talking about his mom working at a book binding place and his grandmother working at the VA hospital and how she could have bought a house on the west side and avoided all of that traffic for decades.

Adam says he could now have a nice house to flip on the west side, he loves her dearly…


Adam is sharing his advice about change and how it’s never bad, lose a job or a girl and you move on.

Adam says that losing a limb and bear attacks excluded change is almost always good, humans are good at transitioning, funny Philippines callback from Adam.

Martin is talking about marriage and his feelings about it and fidelity, he cites the catholic fears regarding masturbation as an analogy to fidelity in relationships.


Adam is talking about humans fighting their instincts at all times, Adam jokes about stuff involving your cock and how those instincts should be celebrated according to Martin.

Martin is impassioned and in pain about the expectations for fidelity in a committed relationship.

Martin shares a swinger anecdote from the Myspace days, he talks about cheating while in relationships and he makes a point about how possessive people are with sex and their partners.


Adam is sharing how people who say “I’m not lying” often lead him to fearing they are lying and Drew cites a dedication from Cameron Diaz’s new book and her tribute to her husband Benji Madden and his fear of how that could end badly.

Adam is talking about infidelity in the modern age and the electric paper trails, he bemoans his childhood dreams of robbing banks and getting BJ’s now being impossible without getting caught.

G brings up necrophilia and Drew is mentioning some stories from unnamed patients about finding drugs and those who have drugs on them, it’s instinctual.


Adam has some comments from a drug lord about spotting dirty vs. straight cops and how important that is for their field of work.

Adam is saying if you have been thinking something long enough you will start looking that way, Adam jokes about Dr. Drew taking up cock sucking and ending up looking differently.

Adam talks about angry racist guys and pious religious people with certain looks, people who look uptight are often uptight and he brings up the clue of using “gosh” and Drew asks about the tell that the other person is into necrophilia and Adam says he belches out formaldehyde.


Drew is doing a Five Four Club Live Read

High Pitched Drew incredulous voice because the deal is so good edition


1st Caller Drew, he’s calling about a family member dealing with chronic pain and he goes through the standard story.

He wants to know about alternative treatments and Dr. Drew is quizzing him and explaining how the pain will mostly go away once the addiction stops.

Drew talks about the trauma survivor work she will probably need as well; Caller Drew reveals the woman is 55.

Adam is talking about back surgeries and how they’re mostly unnecessary.


Adam is asking some great questions and making some great points, commenting on his lack of a fucked up back after years of hard labor and how his situational depression used to cause him back pain.

Drew talks about his own bulging disc and why he would never get a back surgery.


2nd Caller Mark he’s a service dog trainer and has some tips for training him, Adam talks about throwing his water bottle at the dog and the mystery of why he was wet being brought up by Lynette.

Adam says the dog is far more disciplined than the family, the dog is fine Adam and his family are the mess according to Adam.

Adam says they are going to send the dog away for training and Mark is defining the roles of the family in the dog’s eyes, hilarious.


Drew talks about his anxious dog that has excessive licking and must lick people when they show up.

Drew brags about selecting only smart dogs and explains that’s how he knows to train and raise dogs.

Adam jokes about the necrophilia eye, funny.


Adam is now asking Drew about people and he explains how he has not left his bathroom door open one day since the dog showed up, his daughter always leaves her door open and cannot seems to grasp shutting doors behind her.

Adam talks about his daughter screaming and yelling about her brushes, slippers and dresses being destroyed and references his son shutting his door and he jokes about flag football being a sport where kids try to grab other kids cocks, wow!


Adam asks why it’s almost impossible to get someone to change their behavior to avoid the outcome they don’t want or claim to not want.

Adam talks about Phil being so new to the world and his limited faculties somehow superseding his families, Drew is getting intense and doesn’t feel comfortable attacking Natalia.

Adam talks about people leaving wallets and purses in the car and how their excuses they offer is the exact reason the thing happened.


Adam is mocking people explaining what just happened to get out of blame and he quotes Matt Fondiler’s “I Did My Best” incident.

Adam wants to know when this became acceptable.

Martin is sharing a story of post-surgery football practice; he broke his finger catching a spiral from Ron Rivera.


Adam plugs the show ‘Fluffy Breaks Even’ and wraps up the show with a plug for Jay Mohr’s podcast also on PodcastOne.