Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/05/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 227

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/05/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 227

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 03-31-2015 – Release Date 04-05-2015

Production Number #227 – Is That a Duster?

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Adam opens the show with a Happy Easter and says its fun having young kids who enjoy the holiday, he asks Drew about his plans for the day.

Drew brings up Adam’s lack of a “Get It On” mandate to open the show, Adam then does a halfhearted one, he doesn’t always do it Drew, he mixes it up on occasion.

Adam is talking about Jimmy’s mom baking him a meat pie for Easter, he says it’s funny and interesting because Jimmy’s mom lives in a part of North Hollywood between his dad’s first single guy apartment and first house.


Adam comments on his family never meeting Jimmy Kimmel’s family in the 20+ years they’ve been friends and Adam says he thinks that Jimmy’s family are afraid to ask about Adam’s parents and Drew asks if they are afraid of upsetting Adam and triggering something with him or afraid of them showing up.

Adam says it makes it extra weird because his parents are in the same town, Drew asks about his kids never bringing up his parents.

Adam says his kids have never been to his mom or dad’s homes, Drew asks if that isn’t weird to him, I’ve never been in one of my grandparents homes either, maybe Drew has a point.


Adam says his parents never babysat his kids, his mom may have done it twice and one time she turned it down which led him to paying someone to watch them instead.

Drew is shocked by this and now Adam is telling them about all of the photos of his kids growing up without grandparents around.

Adam is commenting on how Uncle Jim and Aunt Joan are who his kids look for around the holidays, Adam is commenting on the legacy you leave behind and the memories that people in your family will have of you.


Adam is commenting on how during his Grandma’s last Christmas Lynette’s dad had visited, he asked about why she didn’t celebrate with them for the holidays, instead spending the holidays with the Rosenblatt’s.

Drew mixes up Adam’s mom and grandma, he’s not tracking much today.


Adam says there was no Christmas for the family this year, citing his mom and sister having some words.

Adam says crazy middle aged person and crazy old person can argue about nothing, a couple grand doesn’t really matter, Adam steers clear.


1st Caller Phil, he is referencing the “how do you know you’re good” discussion between Adam and Drew, Adam is having him clarify if he means good at something or good as a human being.

Adam says your friends are the marketplace and they will speak for you, for your character by being your friend.

Adam says it’s the 2nd date that determines if you’re wanted, the marketplace will determine that.


Drew say’s Phil’s experience and thoughts about this are very healthy, Adam is riffing about the lack of fresh garbanzo beans.

Adam is explaining that there is not a big of chasm between being a good guy and achieving in life, he’s now citing Pat Smear and his fandom of Adam’s career.

Adam says he really admires Pat too, their proximity also helps and Adam is trying not to say where Pat lives, Drew is trying to get him to say exactly that and Adam politely explains to him what he’s trying to say without saying it.


Phil says he’s had 4 sex partners in the past 10 years and can’t have an orgasm unless he’s alone, Phil tells them about tumor he had removed in the past and Drew wants him to get his prostate and testosterone checked.

Adam is bringing up the masturbation position and how people get stuck in the same physical position and become dependent on that.

Adam is now riffing about how to adapt ones masturbation position to a sexual encounter with a partner, Drew is walking him through this theory.


Drew jokes about having the woman hold his laptop, Adam then rejects Drew’s suggestion and says instead he should have her hold the computer over her head like John Cusack in ‘Say Anything’ and riffs about the duster.


Drew is launching into a live read

Adam and Drew are now riffing on the duster worn by John Cusack in the movie poster for ‘Say Anything’ and Drew utters the quote that lead to the title of this episode.

Drew is finishing the live read and closes it with a bitch.


2nd Caller Chris, he’s telling them about a neurosurgeon who was making the rounds in 2012, Adam says he’s jealous of the weeklong coma the doctor underwent.

Chris is telling them about his brain scans that showed no activity while in a coma, he says its doctor Evan Alexander and Drew is now giving his expertise and offering up some actual science about the state the doctor was in.

Drew is now making a point about brain function and uses Bobbi Kristina’s liquefied brain with limited activity to make a point about a patient who will never come back.


Drew is now talking about the recent data on the brains of dying cancer patients who would get a final burst of brain activity before death.

Drew is telling people not to mix-up experience and reality, Adam is saying that every single person who has walked the earth since the beginning of time has thought about their own demise.

Adam says of course there will be tons of these anecdotal stories of these experiences, it’s an intense and universal desire to know what happens when you die.


Adam is now making a point about the biological impulse to procreate and how it’s lead to millions upon millions of rapes also since the beginning of time, if both urges are so prominent of course there are going to be many tales told about both.

Drew is now sharing his open mindedness and the energy common among all humans, Drew says there is something more and he walks both sides on this one, he says that particular guy Chris noted might be misrepresenting the scenario he describes.

Drew is making a point about people willing things to be the way they want, Drew is commenting on right brain thinking.


3rd Caller Scott, he says that when he was 10 it was discovered his father was sexually abusing his older sister.

Scott wants to know how to include him in his life now that he’s out of prison, Scott says his sister and mother won’t bring him up and Drew asks if he was ill at the time, something that was correctable in him.

Scott is telling them about the long history of his dad’s abuse, including his own sister when he was younger.


Scott is praising his father and how knowledgeable he is, Adam says he gives people a pass to not associate with people who engage in heinous behaviors, Adam is joking about his dad joining the KKK and jokes about him being a couch racist, Drew has a killer one liner.

Adam says if there isn’t some brain tumor or something medically causing this that gives Scott a pass, Adam says there is as version of this where he confesses about his own sexual abuse that led him to commit these evil acts upon his daughter and sister.

Adam and Drew says anything a molecule short of what Adam just said means Scott should run the other way.


Scott is elaborating and confirming that his dad was sexually abused as a kid and Drew is sharing the likelihood of further crimes and how Scott might not want to be near this.

Scott says he just doesn’t know how someone can be that selfish, Adam tells him to not look at it as selfish.

Adam brings up the 1980’s inner city shootings for sneakers, he’s making another analogy to this wildly uncomfortable conversation he needs to ask him to have.


Adam is talking about the encounters on ‘Catch a Contractor’ and the inability for the contractors to just give a straight apology without qualifying and wishing about a different outcome.

Adam is giving an example of a time he just got fed up and yelled at the guy, due to his refusal to internalize things and take the blame for their actions.

Adam is now giving out some plugs, he mentions ‘Take a Knee’ with John Ridley.