Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/03/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 323

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/03/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 323

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Theo Von

Recorded 03-29-2016 – Release Date 04-03-2016

Production Number #323 – Theo Von

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Adam opens the show with Theo Von sitting in for the hour, making his ADS debut.

Adam plugs his Netflix special and podcast, Adam says the feedback was amazing from Theo’s ACS debut and Adam is reminded of a story from when he was on the road and he brought up “female orgasmic incontinence” due to Drew and his years of working with him and absorbing medical information.

Adam is talking about the Germany or Florida thing he was onto years before everyone else glommed onto it and he explains that New Orleans and Louisiana doesn’t get it’s due for weird and fucked up incidents and news.


Adam talks about the quiet racism of being let down the system vs. dyslexia and Theo is now adding ADD vs. wild as another form of it.

Adam is sharing how people used to argue with him and tells him that he’s dyslexic and he would argue he’s been tested and Theo brings up Lucious asking about this hypothetical black kid who is a metaphor for Florida vs. Louisiana.

Adam jokes about Louisiana governors having to do a stint in prison just by getting the job, regardless of criminal activity.


Theo calls New Orleans the Bermuda triangle of neglect and Theo brings up pedophiles and has a funny analogy for how it’s viewed in Florida vs. New Orleans.

Adam is talking about haunted homes and how people react to white ditzy chicks in a city who talks about ghosts but then entertain the same nonsense from elderly black people in Louisiana.

Theo talks about a guy who was trying to fake a haunting to from up tourism dollars.


Adam is back to the quiet racism of this stuff and brings up a conversation with Mike August about Colorado, Mike told Adam that these places are lily white and don’t have a large amount of Mexican citizens.

Adam then thought “who who who” is doing the yardwork, table bussing and dish washing, who is doing the masonry work.

Adam now compares the lack of questions about a missing black populace vs. a Mexican populace, Theo talks about “the sugar” and “the pressure” the real world concerns for diabetes and high blood pressure among the black community.


Adam is asking Theo about growing up in Louisiana and how that affected him.

Theo tells them about going to a service and attending his first funeral as a child as a neighborhood kid’s family was burying their grandfather in the backyard.

Theo has a killer “someone running away with your wishes” one liner.


Adam is bringing up the bogus secondhand smoke statistics and Drew references Adam’s joke about cigarettes being banned from firing squads in today’s world.


Drew is doing a Live Read

Theo uses


Theo asks about black people getting diseases different than other ethnicities and Drew brings up the real world facts and Adam plugs Theo’s dates.


Adam is now back to Secondhand Smoke and how we care more about pets in today’s world than we do humans.

Theo talks about looking for a 24hr emergency clinic and jokes about trying to go to one for pets and Adam jokes about him moving out east so Stern can adopt him as he likes rescuing animals.

They are now watching the PSA for Secondhand Smoke with a dog hanging half way out the window of a car, Theo has a funny white lab vs. black lab joke and Adam brings up the Loveline PSA’s and the dicktards who would list dangerous things in the airline turbulence PSA spots.


Adam is ranting against secondhand smoke death statistics and Drew is bringing up the possible agenda of the people behind the PSA’s they’re mocking.

Adam is now back to the current day dog in a car secondhand smoke for pets PSA and now Adam is asking Drew what the odds are for danger for dogs, car accidents or smoking, Drew refuses to give Adam a number.

Adam now gets him to go 2 to 1, from 100 to 1, down to 2 to 1.


Adam is mocking Drew’s foolish reply and Theo has a funny one liner before they get back to the ad with the kids skateboarding through orange smoke clouds.

Adam asks Drew about the orange smoke and the hypocrisy of exposing the actors to the same type of harmful smoke they’re supposedly targeting with the spots.


1st Caller Jared, he wants help with his business and explains he’s not trying to get on TV, Gary has the real world annual dog death statistics and Adam jokes about his dog “dipping” instead of smoking and Theo has a real world example of a dog living after smoke exposure.

Adam jokes about a veterinarian sitting down to quiz a dog about how man packs per day they eat.


Drew is doing a Five Four Club Live Read


They are back to Jared and he tells them about his business, he says he makes money like google, he uses google ads to generate revenue.

Adam jokes about Mark Geragos not looking for broke celebrities to represent, he tells them about starting this job after getting fired, he brags about trying to steal all of the client of his previous employer.

Jared wants to get on ‘The Profit’ and has been doggedly pursuing Marcus Lemonis, Adam and Drew both comment on his appearances on their respective shows, Take a Knee and Loveline.


Adam says that Jared has a bad business bedside manner, he says he’s sing songy and sarcastic and unlikeable and he now impersonates him and shows him how he comes off.

Adam says he’s a 40yr old entrepreneur and people are possibly annoyed by him, Adam says he doesn’t care and Jared is able to take insight, Adam says what he is doing is impressive, the way he describes it is unprofessional and Drew has a nice bit of advice for him too.

Theo is riffing with Adam as a hypothetical drop out.


Adam is now riffing about “Teddy” the down syndrome son who helped inspire Jared to achieve what he has.

Theo is doing a solid job as Teddy, hilarious replies, he only likes to eat warm stuff.


Drew and Adam are both quizzing him and Theo is delivering killer replies, he says he just drinks hot water for breakfast without his dad around, hilarious “hide them in the yard” one liner that leads to another joke about Jared smoking pot all day, he has a knowing “stoner” laugh in reply but they’re too busy riffing to stop and comment on it.

Adam is on fire and describes his horrible home life in contrast to Jared and Teddy, Adam is playing the booker for ‘The Profit’ and Teddy (Theo) chimes in again, Dr. Drew wants Narren to animate this scene, not happening Drew…

Theo jokes about who would want to call and talk to them, he’s mocking Drew’s dog death statistical guess from earlier in the show.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read


2nd Caller Chris, he is calling about outshining his older brother and Adam is interrupting with a “certain point” comment that he has to elaborate on, Drew shit on his point, keeping the streak alive.

Adam says this is a “cock is too wide” call and they move on.


3rd Caller Matt, he’s calling about naming his first child and wants some sage advice for naming a new human and avoiding dumb trends.

Drew asks for stately names and Adam is explaining the August vs. Tamarillo confusion that led to Mike changing his name to avoid wasting his life explaining how to spell his name to people.

Adam says you have to cut out a life that is unique based on actions and even if 1% of yourself is satiated by your cool name than that’s 1% too much coasting you’ll be doing in life.


Adam says he would pick a plain-ish name and Theo mocks the name Skylark and Adam brings up the name Chloe that is now widely used as they were trending about 10yrs ago and Drew comments on the parallel thought element of baby names.

Adam is trying to recall the names of his era, he remembers the Karen and Michelle’s of his childhood and he plugs Theo’s dates and wraps up the show, Theo crushed it just like his hilarious Netflix special!