Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/03/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 131

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/03/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 131

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 03-31-2014 – Release Date 04-03-2014

Production Number #131 The Golden Buttplug

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Adam is opening the show with the normal intro, Drew thinks Adam might have a cold, he says he’s jut nasally and Adam tells Chris to check the levels.

Drew brings up the event from Thursday and now interrupts Adam to explaining the Polyvagal theory from episode #090: Adam Carolla and Dr. Stephen Porges of the Dr. Drew podcast.

Adam is explaining his nature and how it relates to this new study Drew was listening to, regarding the sensitivity of people like Adam when it comes to sound.


Adam is explaining how he was never told about how this plays into noise and sleep, he’s explaining how he battled with this for years.

Drew is sharing how the Dr. in the lecture was pointing out how this could negatively effects kids and result in them misdiagnosed as ADD.

Adam is explaining that it’s not all sonic or audible with him, movement and other pieces play into it as well, Adam is making a sad point about wiring and assumption.


Adam is giving his take as a sane and rational human dealing with these people who choose to go through life living in crazy fiction and denying logic.

Adam is bringing up his car race from about a year and a half ago, he’s sharing how he did the math regarding the 935 Porsches that would catch up to him by lap number 7.

Adam is going very in depth on his reasoning and logic, he’s telling Drew about staring in a “wink mirror” and says that Drew might remember this from his childhood.


Adam is now seemingly breaking down some images of the race, he’s telling Drew about how he was almost clipped by these cars despite being aware of their presence.

Adam is now sharing the variant on the race this last year, he’s saying that he was going to be the guy passing the lower HP naturally aspirated cars in front of him.

NOPE! Adam is explaining how he wasn’t given the same lane for passing, Adam is telling Drew about how he would have ended up T-boning the idiot in front of him had he not pulled off into the sand.


Drew is telling Adam about having to bail for Loveline from the Benefit Show and Adam says he had fun hanging with Susan Pinsky without Drew around.

Adam is now setting up the latest footage for Drew and he’s telling him about the slide and Adam is once again taking the high road saying it wasn’t that guy’s fault, more his fault.

Dam says his hyper vigilance benefits him in the edit bay and other places where he notices things others cannot or will not, Adam is telling Drew about the NFL Carolla rule regarding the goal posts.


He’s going in depth on the decade of suffering he must endure until people remedy these mistakes with simple fixes.

Adam is bringing up the Denver vs. Cleveland “The Drive” NFL battle that ended with a kick that was unverifiable, Adam is explaining how history was irrevocably changed because of this one moment.

Adam says that was nearly 30 years ago and still hasn’t been remedied, Adam wants to know why the owner of the Cleveland Browns didn’t object and try to remedy this back in the late 80’s.


Adam just did a variant of his 2008 Joel McHale pool rant “NOTHING!” in reply to Drew trying to make excuses about the cost of these goal post extensions.

Adam is now sharing what would happen if an NFL team owner was told of mandatory renovations, assuming 10’s of million, only to find out it’s a 2200$ fix.

Drew is now launching into a live read.


Adam is now taking it back to prioritization and working big to small, Adam says everyone is sleepwalking through life in a haze, he’s bringing up the trip from August’s home the other morning, Adam saw a double line of cars waiting to turn left.

Gary is now on mic confirming that Adam went around the two lanes of cars backed up waiting on a red turn arrow, Adam is making a point about the uselessness of these red turn arrows.

Adam is now talking to Drew about the flashing yellow lights now in Pasadena and Adam is taking it back to “Verdugo Street” when picking up Mike August and the idiocy of having red turn arrows on such a straight street.


Adam is citing the smart people he knows and tries to communicate to regarding these turn arrows and how they seem to be unaware they even exist.

Adam is now saying that when 2 cars make it through an intersection when it changes, how about 3 cars instead, Adam is explaining how he is able to get 33% more traffic cycled through, but it’s actually 50% of what was going in previous, it becomes 33%.


1st Caller Kim, thinks her mom and Adam’s mom could make good friends, not fully understanding who Adam’s mom is, Adam is responding to the Jon Stewart story being mentioned, Adam calls her a super boring Volcano.

Adam is now giving a thumbnail sketch of the story, Drew has a “Ring of Gyges” reference and explains the story to Adam.

Adam is feeling sorry for Jon who has now been abandoned by Adam’s mom for the past decade, Kim is explaining her status in life and how her mother reacted to them moving away from her area.


Adam has a hilarious “Golden Buttplug” reply and Drew jokes that Adam is now making everything about him, recreating Kim’s relationship with her mom.

Adam and Drew are giving super practical advice about trying to force things out of others that they don’t want to give, Adam says don’t set her up for falling into one category, he’s explaining how it works and how women can get caught up in this type of “steering” more often than men.

Adam is bringing up how he saw this happen years ago when his sister and his father were trying to reconnect after their troubled time during her adolescence.


Adam and Drew are doing a Bark Box live read, Drew is referencing the bloody scene as discussed on the Adam Carolla Show #1290


2nd Caller Davis, He’s 26 and looks much younger, he says it’s given him some self-esteem issues and he’s explaining how it negatively affects him.

Adam and Drew are telling him that it will only suit him later in life, Drew is asking him if he’s possibly suffering from a prolactin secreting tumor in his brain, the Ken Baker story.

Holy shit Dr. Drew is now referencing Ken Baker and his book “Man Made” and how the treatment for his tumor lead to his changes in life.

Adam is now cutting off David to make a point about playing sports in contrast to keeping statistics, Adam is asking what Davis is doing, he even has a “right now” and is currently in Korea teaching English.

Adam predicts that he wanted to go somewhere with people who have less hair on their bodies than him, Davis explains that he was lured by the myth of the women’s preference for smaller penises.


Drew is referencing the saber rattling between North and South Korea, David says he has relatives in Israel and whenever you are living in the country you don’t feel the impact of the drama of this kind of stuff like you do from the outside.

Adam is now doing a live read.


3rd Caller Archie, He wants to ask Dr. Drew about painkillers, he’s recovering from surgery after a bad bicycle wreck.

Archie is aversive to painkillers, Adam is accurately predicting that Archie is toughing this out due to his wife and her former addiction, Adam is being very wise about the cleansing and understanding he might to embrace.

Adam is mistaking Oxycontin for Vicodin and is bringing up the time he finally took one and needed to activate it with a beer as it was such a non-event.

Adam is now wrapping up the show.