Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/02/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 226

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/02/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 226

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 03-31-2015 – Release Date 04-02-2015

Production Number #226 – The Towering Inferno

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Adam opens the show with a standard get it on mandate, he thanks the fans for the support and immediately gets to a conversation with James Babydoll Dixon who was doing the ‘Catch a Contractor’ math about Adam calling him so early.

James was asking how Skip was doing on the show, he brings up a contract negotiation that didn’t go the way Skip may have wanted it to go.

Adam is now talking about cable TV and how it’s akin to hot girls who have 101% of the power in high school, unlike the short guy with glasses who is unsure about what to do with his hair.


Adam is now making a point about people coming up in the world, Cable TV can only underpay and disrespect you until your star rises and you have all the juice.

Adam says the juice and power shifts, in reality TV you start with 0 juice and then at some point you end up like the duck dynasty guys.

Drew is bringing up their lack of juice during the pre-MTV Loveline days, citing the “Dubba Dubba WB” commercial.


Adam comments on what a great guy Skip is and how they enjoy lunch in the hot sun everyday even though they have air conditioned trailers.

Adam prides himself on his relationships with his partners, Drew, Jimmy and Skip.

Adam comments on the separate everything for David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen who were performing on Kimmel this past week.


Adam talks about two difficult people and how that ruins a partnership, Adam says that Drew is easy and Adam is similar in that he doesn’t read into things, trailer size, proximity, parking etc.

Adam explains how Jimmy is far more complex than Drew, he says complex can lead to difficult but that’s not Jimmy, he’s now citing some behavior that Drew finds surprising.

Adam says he doesn’t read into these things and they don’t matter to him, coming from a place of security helps him, he has the one two punch of insane confidence while not giving a fuck.
Drew is in disbelief over the demands of celebrities, Adam cites people circling the block as not to arrive first, Adam brings up ‘The Towering Inferno’ and Adam asks Chris if he slept last night.


Adam is talking to Chris and joking about him strumming his guitar trying to get his dick sucked all night, Chris has a knowing laugh and Drew asks him how much coke he was doing.

Chris says he was only up until 1:30am and Adam jokes about the guy he was trying to get to blow him.

Adam is now talking about the credit demands for the cast in ‘The Towering Inferno’ and they’re breaking it down, Adam tells Gary to get rid of the poster as Drew is getting sidetracked.


Adam is talking about the cool people who get fired for saying the wrong thing, Adam is commenting on the injured souls out there who ruin the lives of nice people.

Adam comments on Matt Fondiler being a nice guy and how he coupled with an asshole there is no issue, with another easy guy also a non-issue but two assholes will ruin things.

Adam says he doesn’t know how different Adam, Jimmy and Skip could be and says one would have to be of another skin color to get any more different, he praises all 3 of his partners.


Drew has an anecdote about Julia Roberts and her entourage that moved around her like a hive between her dressing room and the stage of a show Drew just did.

Adam is telling the full “you’re late” story from his daughter and his recent trip to film ‘Catch a Contractor’ and he now elaborates that his daughter did the math and after commuting with him last week.

Adam proclaims himself the star and Drew launches into a live read.


Drew is doing a live read


Drew asks about Mark Geragos filling in last week, Adam says he was great and now explains all you need to be captivating on a show.

Adam is now pre-sniffing this proclamation, he’s talking about the variety of breeds for drug/bomb sniffing dogs and how they don’t need to be one kind of dog, Adam explains how they go to the pound and they choose the most enthusiastic dog.

Adam is now making a point about what they look for, dogs who are excited and enthusiastic.


Adam says that 7/10th’s of life is us just wanting a little enthusiasm, using blowjobs as a key example.

Adam is now bringing up drapes vs. curtains and people who can’t stand for that discussion of minutia.

Adam says that Mark has the smarts to host a show and remain fascinating.


Adam brings up his hypervigilance and cites how his wife can get laser focused in on something, he tells Drew about getting his wife a Tesla.

Adam notices the door handles were stuck open, the car was unlocked in the drive way.

Adam got a “Yeah Okay!’ from his wife who was trying to sync her phone into her computer, Adam was just trying to save her car battery, not trying to get something from her.


Drew asks Adam about the cars he gets for free, he explains he does but she doesn’t.

Adam is now breaking down the prism of how his wife sees that interaction, she didn’t need to get short with him and gave him an angry grunt as if he was annoying her.

Adam is saying there is no ill will behind this and they are engaged in something else, Adam comments on women not being able to break themselves into 5 pieces the way men do.


Adam is commenting on how he had to do a comedy phoner while his dad was in the hospital, he can compartmentalize emotion from actions, it says it’s what makes his wife a better parent but is what makes him a better earner.

Adam can truly compartmentalize himself due to his wiring, Adam is commenting on this and how Drew and his wife would react to a specific scenario.

Adam and Drew are commenting on the “you’re asking too much of me” reaction due to them asking for attention when they’re otherwise focused on other tasks.


Adam comments on being able to take calls while making on the fly decisions and Drew respects and appreciate that as it feels like he’s being efficient with time.

Adam explains that his daughter left the door open to the car or something.

Adam is now telling them about running 240 watt power to his driveway, Adam says we’re wired to thank the guys who did the physical labor while skipping past the person who ordered it and paid for it, commenting on his wife’s urge to thank the people who work for him and not even mention his involvement, he connects all the dots and it’s an metaphor for paying taxes.


Adam is commenting on trying to earn a nickel off of his movie ‘Road Hard’ and now Adam asks who the real winner is, Drew doesn’t know, Gary doesn’t know either and now Adam resets what he just said and they pick up on his point about taxes.

Drew is sharing his be like Don Draper theory, about enjoying and embracing the money and benefits you earn.

Adam is commenting on the long negotiations with various entities about releasing your film, with the government you don’t get to negotiate the rate at which they tax you, Adam says he’s fine with it and chooses to do the extra work but don’t shoot him the fucking stink eye.


Adam is now playing a clip of Mark Geragos from ‘Take a Knee’.


Adam says he loves doing a podcast with Drew and its low on his “Dread-o-meter” and he says that early mornings fly in the face of comedy, using his scotch and prime rib at 6am analogy.

Adam is telling Drew about 3 show nights of Standup, Drew reacts as if he’s never heard about this before.

Adam gives out some plugs.


1st Caller Kevin, he wants to know when Adam finally decided to give comedy a shot and see if he could escape working construction.

Adam says this story is found in his book ‘Not Taco Bell Material’ and how he heard Brad Delp from ‘Boston’ on Rockline talking about his life and the song ‘Peace of Mind’ and how that was his “moment” and he now explains you don’t need just one, you have 135 small moments that lead to an everyday process.

Drew brings up Adam’s inner confidence about his abilities, Adam comments on how he thought he was funnier than many other people and could do this as a career.


Drew brings up the funny coincidence that Adam finds the same “who cares what you have to say” attitude among most of this coworkers recreating the trauma of his family of origin.

Adam is commenting on working on Loveline and the lack of fans among the crew, he brings up Anderson and Producer Anne, nobody is referencing “Emotional Chiropractor” the term I coined on ADS #09.

Adam says he would like to internalize the negativity at Loveline more but he didn’t know any of the staff outside of the show, Adam and Drew take it to BB and Adam says it would be nice if he wouldn’t disagree with 100% of things he says.


Adam and Drew are doing a Lifelock live read


2nd Caller Eric, he’s got a long intro, he’s a bit pressured in his pitch.

He’s asking about choosing masturbation over sex with his wife, Adam asks him about his relationship and cites Drew’s extreme passion making him biased on this topic.

Eric is explaining how his wife was caught flirting with another guy and Adam is commenting on the intimacy required to maintain a loving relationship.


Adam says tough shit, he jokes about fucking the garbage can with a killer one liner while describing the work and partnership of marriage, his wife probably doesn’t love driving the kids everywhere all of the time but she does it.

Adam is now using two hobos fucking over a dumpster vs. the most romantic notions to make a point about humans trying to deny their animal nature, he uses working out and other examples of things people should do even if they don’t want to.


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show.