Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/02/2013 – Seth Green and Dave Dameshek

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/02/2013 – Seth Green and Dave Dameshek

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Seth Green and Dave Dameshek

Recorded 04-01-2013 – Release Date 04-02-2013

Production Number #1047

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Adam is opening the show with Dave Dameshek in studio, some great opening drop work from Bald Bryan after the hilarious Lynch/Dawson intro.

Dave is now complimenting Adam on the sales and they’re going over the trip and the popularity of the booze after a quick tangent about the new white Mangria.

Adam is now quoting Babydoll about Mike August and he’s describing how August never tires and is a money making machine. This is a hilarious story and there are some great quotes from the whole gang.


Adam is now telling the guys about Salt Lake City and how beautiful it was and how it only reinforced how awful Los Angeles is in comparison.

The control room just fired up some pictures to compare Mike to K.D. Lang and Fred Ward, they’re now all weighing in and asking for alternate photos, Adam is slightly condescending about the photo selection, never gets old!

Dave is now asking who Adam gets compared to, he’s got the Pete Sampras example chambered and now Alison is telling the gang who she’s been compared to.


Adam is now sharing a priceless moment with his daughter, she got a role in “The Wizard of Oz” and Adam had a funny reaction, great story.

Adam now has a funny doppelganger for Babydoll, he’s telling the gang about some progress with his new movie/kickstarter campaign. Adam just dropped some huge names and I can’t wait to see how they’re used for this project.


Adam is now making an example out of Cranston flying from New Mexico straight to Toronto for another film and what it means for and about Los Angeles.

Gary is now throwing up some choice images comparing Babydoll to Karen Allen that you can see on the show page via the link up top.

Adam is now sharing the super ironic detail about Seth MacFarlane’s schedule and the super “Great Magnet” timing.


Adam is now telling the gang about Jimmy’s mom giving him a pie, interesting side note Adam ordered this Superfan to cut into it at the studio and by all accounts it was delicious/perfect!

Adam is telling the gang about Jimmy and his wonderful family while Dameshek confirms and tops every detail about them.

Alison has a question about them and now Adam is sharing an anecdote about the time he put his foot in his mouth about families who use a single letter naming convention.

Adam is now telling the gang about celebrating Easter with the Kimmel family and how Jimmy gave the kids some cash because he was sympathetic about “Sonny Gate 2013”.



Dave Dameshek’s #1 Sports

Dave has a great attempt to top his last “Roku” riff and is opening the segment with his take on college basketball and the final four, he’s declaring it the cotton candy of sports.

Dave is now bringing up the footage of the injured “Louisville Guard” and how the footage is ready but the production team didn’t think Adam would want to watch it, Adam is now explaining why he doesn’t want to have it play.

Alison is now weighing in and explaining her take on it and bringing up the online beheading videos, Dave is now explaining his reason for watching the footage of the injured player.


Adam is now segueing to something that depressed him at the SLC airport, he’s telling the gang about the photo he took of an anti-rhino poaching sign.

Adam is bringing up the noticeably absent comments about erectile enhancement.

This is a hilarious riff, Adam is killing it with how this sign forces people who most likely will never encounter poaching or poachers to think about it despite not being able to prevent it.


Adam just topped himself with a hilarious twist about what Dr. Drew might have been up to during this trip and now he’s tying it all together by bringing it back to the injury footage.

Adam is now riffing on the photo he took of the parking enforcement vehicle and all the bumper stickers that have no effect, you can see this photo via the show page link as well.


Dave is bringing it back to the sports, telling the gang about his friends watching “Hoosiers” and why the movie doesn’t sit well with him.

Dave is setting up a clip and the control room has now fired it up. Dave is now giving himself the blaster and pulling an excellent transition into creep of the week.


Creep of the Week

Dave is bringing up the “Easter Bunny” and how it’s now equaled the same status of a mall Santa, he’s warning we must put a stop to this before Leprechauns and other holiday mascots work their way into this game.

Adam is now riffing on all the things the Carolla’s boycotted, Alison wants to know where his mom got her information about the world and he’s breaking down her social circle.


Seth Green is now joining the podcast for his 3rd visit, he’s was on ACP # 203 and also made a brief cameo on the behind the scenes episode from the “Haiti benefit”, he has over 7 appearances on “Classic Loveline.

Adam is asking Seth about the movie and how people can find out about it, Seth has what could be seen as a series of condescending replies.

Seth is breaking down the plot and there is a brief and hilarious “Nell” tangent. They’re now discussing the nature of entertainment and the role reality TV and the internet have now taken.


Adam is getting an update on “Family Guy” and “Robot Chicken” and now getting Seth to go over some of his journey for the gang.

Seth is breaking down his childhood acting experiences and now they’re discussing “Radio Days”

Adam is now having Seth grab his copy of “Not Taco Bell Material” to read a passage in character as “Chris Griffin” which is reminiscent of some Classic Loveline and KLSX ACS appearances with Seth.


Hooray for BaldyWood

Bryan saw G.I. Joe Retaliation and is now giving his review, Seth has some good insight and is also a fan of this genre.

Adam wants to know if the movie has anything to do with the toys or the cartoon at this point, Bryan and Seth are now explaining why the first one was such a disaster.

Adam is now teasing his upcoming matinee experience in Phoenix and how he just might see this movie, Bryan is sharing some recent experiences of witnessing random out loud comments in the theater.

Adam is now riffing on how people don’t mature as they used to, Bryan is recommending Seth’s remake of “The Italian Job” instead and Adam is praising it too.


Alison’s News

She’s asking Seth about his work in a “Facts of Life” episode and now Adam is rubbing her nose in not ever attending a taping, hilarious.


Her top story is on Chris Brown discussing the domestic violence incident with Matt Lauer, they’re now playing clips from the interview.

Adam’s got a hilarious and earnest reply about how he could never hit a woman with two hilarious asides. Seth is now giving his take and essentially saying it’s none of our business and Alison is now taking command and giving her take.

Adam is now giving his take on Rihanna, he’s got a hilarious comment about her coming off as obnoxious and he’s now on a tangent on Seth’s beard.


Adam is telling the gang about old-school G.I. Joe’s buddy rocking the same beard that Seth currently has, hilarious and awesome compliment!

Adam is now getting the control room(probably Gary) to fire up some photos of the old-school G.I. Joe dolls and Seth is explaining why he has the beard.

Seth is now arguing that regardless of how much you think you know about someone in the public eye you don’t really know anything until you’re in their presence for an extended period of time.

Adam is now giving his take and they’re breaking down why popular culture is obsessed with the personal lives of celebrities instead of important issues.


2nd story is on the “Louisville Guard” injury, she wants Adam’s take on why his teammates were reduced to tears over the injury.

Adam has a hilarious series of replies of what this could be compared to, they’re now on a great toilet riff after Seth takes a sip of his delightful Mangria.

Adam is telling them about a recent “hardcore moment” in Utah involving wiping.

Adam is now riffing on the toilet paper dispensers that break after every square and has a hilarious comment about what he wouldn’t do if the paper was a little easier to access.


3rd story is on Obama’s recent basketball display, Adam is explaining how you know he was really trying and citing how one becomes an animal when given an item involved in sport.

Adam is now telling the “Dave Winfield” story and the super ironic twist ending, he’s now riffing about the presidential hoop games and asking if there is a secret service guy who refuses to let him win.

Adam is now sharing some anecdotes from the party house days when he would play pickup basketball with man show writers, he’s telling them about a specific guy and his unique behavior.


4th story is on the recent April Fools “pranks” pulled by various large companies, Alison and Adam agree they don’t need to know that these monoliths have a sense of humor.

Seth is now explaining how he was on a recent episode of “The Talk” and witnessed Sharon Osbourne’s April Fools prank and her bizarre reaction to Seth believing it.

Adam is now riffing about Gary Busey’s hypothetical April Fools prank and how he’s a “crazy guy” and a “dates guy”. Adam is giving some examples and the gang are all weighing in on their memory of dates and events.

Adam has an interesting observation on his track record with TV pilots and now Alison is wrapping the news.


Adam is doing a funny live read with a nice assist from Seth, Seth just observed that Breckin Meyer is going to be on the show later in the week.

BB tries to place their connection but doesn’t quite nail it, Seth’s earliest Loveline visit was actually with Breckin in the pre Adam Carolla era of Classic Loveline.

Adam is wrapping the show.