Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/01/2016 – J.J. Green

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/01/2016 – J.J. Green

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest J.J. Green

Recorded 03-31-2016 – Release Date 04-01-2016

Production Number #1791

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Adam opens the show with a funny “Bodily fluids” intro, BB has a funny “White Guys Be Owning Everything” #TopDrop and Adam explains he’s in a suit as he just returned from his father in law’s funeral.

Adam tells them about his age and how making it to 86 is lucky, there is an A or B and everyone who makes it into their 80’s is blessed.

Gina asks about Lynette and Adam comments on the Mason Dixon line of the Great Magnet when it comes to death, everything over 49 is in the positive column.


Gina asks how Lynette is holding up and Adam tells them about Sonny being a heap of tears, BB has a killer one liner and he asks Adam about the guy selling flowers on forest lawn drive, was he finally able to benefit from their illegal roadside businesses.

Adam is now ranting about the roadside business and has a killer “cloud covering is their overhead” one liner about the guys selling flowers on the side of Forest Lawn Drive.

Adam is talking about the various methods for dealing with this reality, he says that Los Angeles does neither the US move nor the European clean needles move, so the trash just gets left on the side of the road, Adam wants the cops to admit they’re whooped and put trash cans out if they’re going to be selling stuff there.


Adam is talking about Forest Lawn and how people tend to speed down that road.

Adam talks about cops setting traps near the cemetery.

Adam jokes about grabbing the wheel and pushing on Mike August’s right knee making him ruin red turn arrows.


Adam says the best thing you can be as a grandparent is someone who presents information and opportunities for a kid, BB has a quaint story about his grandfather and now Adam is using jet skis for an alternate example of how a material possession could go a lot worse than something simple and without a monetary value like BB shared.

Adam talks about his kid and mentions Sonny’s dual nature, Adam quotes Sonny asking if he was ready and he shares his “I Prefer Not to” reply that Adam sent him back to Lynette with.

Adam is now sharing Natalia’s series of questions about the body and her morbid curiosity.

Adam teases a health update from BB.


Adam is doing a Bet DSI Live Read


Adam has J.J. Green on the line, he’s a security expert and Adam has him brag about his resume and he explains his work and career to the audience.

J.J. is telling them about being embedded overseas and Adam plugs his podcast, also on PodcastOne.

Adam asks him what’s next, he says a terrorist attack on a nuclear facility is coming next and shares some scary information about the lack of armed guards outside of nuclear facilities.


Adam is now asking about the dangers of terrorist attack on a nuclear weapons facility or processing plant.

Adam is now walking through the various steps of this happening and how they could even buy someone off, J.J. says they needn’t even do that and there are already people trained and ready to do this who work in the field.

Adam is bringing up how he’s solved the school to prison pipeline and his theories on stopping the flow of people willing to put on an explosive vest, he asks J.J how we do that part.


J.J. talks about the director of homeland security, he shares the story of a 16yr old kid who got mixed up with ISIS and says there is no way to keep eyeballs on everybody.

Adam brings up the 3 modalities we have at our disposal to protect people and J.J. gives some even more scary stats about true believers and Adam gets him to address what our move is, now that Brussels and Paris have had their major terrorist attacks.

J.J. is giving Adam some percentages for the odds of terrorism and gets a great “on the moon” reply and he addresses the comments he just made and the reality of something happening to you or those you love.


J.J. plugs his podcast again and interrupts Adam, he’s got a killer “It’s not sickle cell” one liner while commenting on how this effects 100% of the population of the Earth.

J.J. is giving his take on immigration and how to do it with security, to protect everyone.


Adam is bringing up the Apple vs. FBI case with the San Bernardino terrorist’s cellphone.

J.J. is giving his feelings about the NSA and privacy in today’s world and he says he thinks we need to better inform people on the realities at play and how the question is really what’s next.

Adam is wrapping up with J.J. and now shares his preference for one innocent man being convicted along with guilty people, Gina references Batman V Superman and Adam quotes the movie.


BB shares a plot element from ‘Minority Report’ and cites the single manipulation that ended the program and how ludicrous that was.

Adam is joking about this spreading to romantic comedies and describes a cliché from possibly a dozen different movies, the Pygmalion plot.

Adam is riffing about guys named Burt building bridges from bygone eras, BB brings up some possible different races building the bridges, Adam cites the term “Coolie” and they move onto a live read.


Adam is doing a WORX Switch Driver Live Read

“I don’t mean boring as in a John Waters Comedy” – Adam


Adam comments on our weird language and gets to BB’s health update, BB is now prefacing a bit and acting as he’s going too fast, if you’ve heard all of his health updates you’re not buying this, April Fools is tomorrow, that would be crass.

All of the things he’s saying and his delivery is almost perfect, I’ll bet a ton of people are getting freaked out right now.

He said Christie twice, it’s a baby.


He just revealed it, he totally fooled Gina and Adam, though Adam seems like he might be bullshitting.

BB is now going over the pregnancy and Adam jokes about BB not joining Lynette’s father and references the first health update from the Podcast back in 2009.

BB says this was 100% natural and after spending 10’s of thousands on IVF but a casual December led to this pregnancy and BB comments on his medication and the tests they’ve run.

Adam says F big pharma and jokes about the superiority of Cuba, Adam is saying he was fooled, I guess he was.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Dylan, he compliments Gina’s appearance and she jokes about her “ugly voice” and Adam jokes that Gina’s eating for half since Vinnie started coming by the show.

Dylan says BB almost gave him a heart attack and Dylan brings up the cycle of violence in families with physical abuse for punishment.

Adam jokes about Sonny punching Natalia for defaulting on her half of Mommy’s Mother’s Day Gift.


Dylan is bringing up the kids he grew up with who were abused and grew up to be awful humans.

Adam is now joking about his nanny hitting his kids for him and brings ups his kid’s temperament and cites the time he told Sonny he could walk home without him.

Adam is asking Dylan about his profession, he sells marble and Adam says it’s not as durable as you would like for a countertop.


Gina has a chakras joke and Adam asks Dylan about his missing accent and explains the ethnic based specialties for various skills in different regions.

Adam is telling people to head to a marble slab yard to see the marvels of the world and the strange colors in their raw form.

Adam talks about the way they cut them like slicing cheese and says it looks like galaxies forming and colors you didn’t think existed in nature.


Adam is talking about the relatively inexpensive price tag for these very rare items.

Gary is showing them a full slab and Adam jokes about the cool move the guy at the yard will do where he licks his thumb and reveals the actual shade of the marble beneath the dust.

Adam riffs about doing this same move in movies when creepily addressing the woman he’s captured and he’s the stereotypical bad guy.


Adam and BB are doing a great improv scene with Adam as the middle eastern marble guy and he’s getting BB to really flex his improv muscles, Adam is all over the place, great accent work.

Adam is asking him if he smokes and jokes about being on his 4th cigarette and says he puts them out in his own cheek.

Adam is bringing up his fictional daughter as this scene winds down, very funny.


They go back to Dylan and Gina is asking about the cutting process, Adam says the ethnic specialties just are, it’s not intentional or somehow a conspiracy, people just end up where they do.


2nd Caller J.B. he has some well wishes for BB and gets interrupted for a live read.


Adam is doing an Audible Live Read

BB assist and Adam says load up the iPhone and learn while you earn, listen while flying.


J.B. calls himself a hero and he’s telling them about refusing service to a woman who wanted to bring her service dog into the restaurant, Adam jokes about brunch giving someone anxiety.

Adam says you can’t bring them into surgery with you, Adam would understand that, dip the dog in Purell and put it next to you, he gets it.

But bringing your dog to breakfast as that’s too nerve racking, he doesn’t get.


Adam says Dogs and nachos don’t mix and he asks about people growing up with rules about dogs being away from the table while you eat, J.B. tells him about being from Columbia by way of Mexico.

Adam is talking about his nanny Olga’s reaction to their dog Phil being all over the place and not treated like he’s just a dog, as done where she’s from.

Adam comments on the guests getting mixed up with the time and schedule and they move on.


Adam is doing a Drop Stop Live Read

Adam appears on the ‘Beyond The Tank’ segment airing this week edition


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Donald Trump’s “Punishment” comments during the town hall debate with Chris Matthews, Adam has a funny riff about it being too late to punish and infant as it’s life is inside of a shop-vac.

Adam asks the gang how they feel about this and he brings up the Caitlyn Jenner golf game and comments on her impressive performance that puts the other women at a distinct disadvantage as she’s now using the women’s golf tees.

Adam is saying that he’s fine as long as you make the commitment to go full transgendered if you want to use all of the women’s or men’s facilities and this kind of stuff.


BB is very progressive but is making the point that this stuff should be segregated due to a genetic advantage that everyone tries to pretend isn’t there, men’s bones and muscles are larger and even after years of hormones and even surgeries the genetic advantage is still present.

BB is right, Adam is in agreement and BB says this flies in the face of his own personal feelings about letting one’s freak flag fly.

Adam says there are certain things you are not going to be able to do, Blind people don’t need to drive – Adam


2nd Story is an update on the D’Angelo Russell incident and Adam asks about the 3rd crazy “Nene” name that gets mentioned in the video.

Gina plays a clip form the press conference and she shares the theory that one of his friends leaked it.

Adam is giving his take on going after the snitches among us.

“Bryan you better rub some beads” – Adam riffing about Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger at 22 somehow producing an ugly kid, referencing the “little piggy” voicemail and the TMZ leak.


Gina has some breaking news that this was leaked by Nicki Minaj’s crew as retaliation in an ongoing feud with Iggy Azalea.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read

Filing taxes online of course you are, be safe edition


3rd Story is on Whoopi Goldberg’s new marijuana infused products and Adam jokes about vaping her dreads and BB plays the drop of her making a guttural throat noise on ‘The View’ and BB is happy to report they still have it, glorious!

Adam is commenting on ‘Best Damn Sports Show’ and the straight man role on that show, they need someone to run the show, he mocks Whoopi’s ability to roll the show.

Adam is talking about falling on his unicycle while Lynette’s niece was in town and he jokes about this being like farting, you once had control of your butthole but like Adam and his unicycle skills you can’t trust them/your sphincter as you age.


Adam jokes about the grunt move old guys do when getting up and his theory it’s to mask uncontrollable farts when you get up.

Adam is telling BB what to look forward to when it comes to his butthole elasticity.


4th Story is on a Georgia elementary school that as banned the phrase “Namaste” and Gina has the details about the complaint.

Adam says this is insane that we build a society around the one person complaining who doesn’t need to participate.

Gina asks why people cave to this nonsense and Adam is calling for tort reform for this and for prejudiced laws that incarcerate young black men.


Adam is talking about the time that is stolen by attorneys and lawsuits and he mentions the patent trolls and their expectations.

Adam says that now everyone must cave immediately all the time.

BB asks about the possible downside of yoga and Adam brings up Tai Chi saying he does it to relax and wind down for sleep at night.


Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read

Caitlyn Jenner Golfing edition


Adam is now giving out the plugs and wraps up the show with some live dates and ticket availability updates.

Adam mentions the Take A Knee with Soledad O’Brien.