Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/01/2014 – Greg Fitzsimmons and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/01/2014 – Greg Fitzsimmons and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Greg Fitzsimmons and David Wild

Recorded 03-31-2014 – Release Date 04-01-2014

Production Number #1293

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Adam is announcing that David Wild is subbing for DFG, BB is using the personal reveal from Alison as his #TopDrop.

Adam is bringing up how he was tweeted that the dodger dog was the bestselling hotdog, Adam is giving his take on how shitty the dogs are.

Adam is now reading the other rankings for the hotdogs at other MLB stadiums, Adam says that he doesn’t know a Jew on earth who enjoys the dodger dog.


Chris is on mic with some stats about stadium attendance and Adam says he’ll be pissed if attendance is the deciding factor in sales.

David Wild says he demands his theme song for the listeners who contact him on twitter.

David has a song for Adam, it’s in honor of the end of “How I Met Your Mother” he chose the song “Momma’s Little Jewel” by Mott the Hoople.


Adam is now doing a live read for Bark Box. Hilarious Caribou riff that has now lead to a discussion of the infamous studio, Adam is explaining that the albums in his mom’s house took up quite a bit of space in her tiny home.

Adam is making a point about discovering music, album art and liner notes and how it’s all lost in the iPod era where you only consume the latest hit single from the artist you already know.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Marc, he wants to know why Adam still communicates with his parents, he’s citing his own home life and separation form his family.

Alison clarifies that Marc wants to know why Adam doesn’t cut them off, Adam is making a point about people who won’t change and has a hilarious Senior/Senor abuse riff with BB.

Adam says that you do what your parents are capable of, don’t try to get anything from them that they can’t give, Alison says that even the description Adam is giving sounds painful.


Adam is getting her to clarify and David is giving his take as someone who has lost a parent, he thinks Adam’s method is best.

Alison is explaining her own attempts to seek out this missing element from her parents, Adam is agreeing with her and sharing the types of conversations he has with his mom discussing muffins for 35min.

Adam is revealing that he’s not spoken to anyone in his family about his new TV show, not a single relative has contacted him about it and he’s making it clear he won’t be bringing it up.


Adam is citing the time Lynette witnessed the “can anyone give me one reason I should pay for cable?” incident over dinner with Adam’s mom.

Adam is now telling the infamous “Jon Stewart” story of the time his mom brought him a VHS of him on Oprah and he’s sharing the cruel follow up “he’s a little hit and miss”.

Adam says his parents are level headed, decent and sober people, the exact people you would want to hold your wallet, that’s what makes it extra confounding for Adam to be their son.


Adam is making a point about his mom living in the same house for 60yrs, how she was waiting out her mom to inherit her house.

Adam is commenting on his own attention to detail and getting things done, he’s explaining that he’s not asking questions about the house remodel/move.

Adam is telling them about his sister’s attempt to ask their mom about the move and what’s taking so long, David says that his mother could be like the very homeowners on the latest episode of “Catch a Contractor”.

Adam is commenting on his daughters newfound love for him now that he’s on TV, Adam is giving a super in depth explanation of the fucking weird “female wiring” and how there are a lot of conditions to receive her love.


2nd Caller Mike, he started a new job and his son is showing signs of separation anxiety, he wants to know if Adam’s son is the same way.

Adam is now explaining Sonny’s temperament and how it’s unlike any human he’s ever met, he’s got an anecdote about building a model and Sonny’s ability to wait a week like it’s nothing, uncommon for most children who only deal in the immediate.

Adam says that Sonny is surrounded by people and gadgets and a bit of a loner, he will shoot baskets for 2hr stretches without needing any attention.


Alison is asking about the dynamic between the kids and if they play together, Adam says Sonny doesn’t need anything except some Legos.

Adam is asking Mike about his son and if there are any other issues, Adam says it’s better the kid miss him than be happy that he’s gone.

Adam is telling Mike to call upon the military families and others who are forced to separate from those they love for the financial security of the family.


Adam is sharing his pussy is a lifetime sentence motto with Mike while they talk about peewee football for his son, Adam is telling them about the keys to success as he explained to Olga.

Adam is telling them about the “push off” motion that people do in reply to his advice, he’s contrasting that to coaches kicking your hand out while you’re trying to learn a proper stance.

Adam is sharing the “can I do anything any better?” follow up from Olga, Adam is saying that it if you ask the question then you are not part of the problem, akin to the people worried about being a good parent who would call into Loveline or the ACS, much like Mike.

Adam is riffing with BB and Alison about “unfucking” and Adam has a great construction job site metaphor.


Adam is now wrapping up with David Wild, giving out his plugs and heading to break after David teases some top secret projects and he gets a live read in.


They’re back from Break with Greg Fitzsimmons returning to the show, Adam is now asking Greg to walk Adam through a tough weekend schedule when he’s on the road doing standup.

Greg is sharing the difficulties of his schedule and the dreaded “self blumpkin” and Adam is mocking the idea of “it’s not going to take anytime at all” line that people use when they want to interview you and you’re otherwise pre-occupied.

Adam is joking about the cars of comedy club owners, they have top of the line cars from 1997 and he’s saying he’s going to deduct points for an aging vehicle.


Adam is talking about the morning radio rounds while on the road and the idea of being paid for “door to door” from when you leave your house till you get home.

Adam is saying he sees how comedians become addicts while on the road, Adam is now going off on “Beef from Phoenix” who wanted to open for Adam.

Adam is getting to the “sugar momma” anecdote and you can see his photo via the show page link above.


Adam and Greg are now discussing some various clubs across the country, Adam is now sharing the Jim Breuer incident from Atlanta after Greg mentions the Addison improv and the hand job shack next-door.

Adam says the most depressing part of doing comedy is doing it in locations not meant for comedy, he’s citing the former Godfathers Pizza that became Laughs Comedy Club in Kirkland Washington, much closer guess this time.

Adam is now telling the Breuer story, he’s going into full detail on it and the lead up where Jim appeared on Stern’s show threatening Adam over some comments Adam made while mocking DAG.


Adam is explaining why he never experiences a physical fear, only emotional and spiritual, he’s citing his childhood filled with coaches, Chris and Ray.

Greg is telling them about his shit talking aimed at Jeff Ross and apology phone call, BB has a killer one liner that even cracks up Greg.

Adam is now getting to the story of his 2nd grade teacher and the basketball team/half breed incident.


Adam is now going off on the people who present others with material they normally wouldn’t come across just to hurt their feelings.

Alison remembers the first incident, the go-go boot sporting, Starbucks name on cop flaunting 1st grade teacher, and Adam is now going over the story.

BB now comments “Fuck them, you were right!” about the shaming Adam received over the math problem he was right about, Adam is defending comedy and Greg has an observation about comedians and free speech.


Adam is now making a point about exaggerations, fake outrage and negativity and the roles each play in comedy.

Adam is singing the praises of his son’s teacher and how kind she is, he’s explaining how he had to apologize and how much he doesn’t like the parent who had to bring it to her attention.

Adam asks “as if what?” and Alison says it’s cruel, Adam agrees and says that unless some dick-less ass or crazy cooze tells you then you wouldn’t know.

Adam is saying he’s trying to figure out who these people are and their motivations, Adam says it’s about having dominion and controlling feelings.


Adam is dead on, he’s saying it’s all about manipulation and the power over the emotions of others, he’s contrasting that to the movie theater employee who won’t let you get your wife’s coat, my god, it happened one time and Adam is still pissed 12 years later.

Adam says he wants these people to kill themselves and Alison has a killer one liner about insertion.

Greg has a point about social media and a funny one liner about not being famous.

Adam is now doing a live read.


Adam is lamenting that comedians aren’t allowed to talk anymore, Greg is riffing about what the language police reduce comedy topics to and Greg says that lots of the comedians who are finding success are now ball-less.

Adam is bringing up “Sticks and Stones” and its absence in modern day society, Adam says he’s wondering if because we’ve safety proofed life that words have now replaced sticks and stones.


Greg is telling them about his trip to the Mexican orphanage and Alison has a killer callback, Adam is now getting Greg to confirm August’s first question about the orphanage tour.

Greg is telling them about his son wandering around at the border and how he was reprimanded by a border agent, Greg is defending the border guard and shares what he explained to his son.

Adam is contrasting the fear of authority that is missing from present day society, he’s contrasting it against his own youth and how authority was still viewed then.


Alison is telling them about her sister teaching kindergarten in the south Bronx and the scary realities of attempting to do so.


Alison’s News

1st Story Is on the new mandate requiring back up cameras on all new vehicles manufactured after 2018, Adam is commenting on how he doesn’t trust his camera, Alison doesn’t and Greg is riffing about Asian drivers again.

Adam is now joking about seeing Carl Weathers with his hands spread about 6 feet apart and that would be the best graphic for the backup process, Adam is now riffing about an animated indicator for the backup process.

Adam is making a point about generational differences and now doing a live read.


2nd Story is on Shirley Jones skydiving on her 80th birthday, Adam is joking about the old person being nothing more than an “old fanny pack” to the instructor and Adam is calling her a dear woman and says the show is very underrated.

Greg sings the wrong theme song and asks Adam about the correct one, Adam sings it then stops and jokes about not knowing it and not being gay.

Adam is now joking about the drummer being recast on the show, they’re now watching a clip from the show.

Adam is commenting on the ethnic look of Jeremy their first drummer, Adam is trying to figure this out.


They’re now looking at the cast and Adam is now asking for a side by side and riffing about using this story as a network exec to refuse to give people raises.

They’re discussing the two Darlene’s from “Roseanne” and BB mistakenly corrects the actually correct Alison, the original actress came back and did the part again.

Adam is now bringing up the lack of concern and tears over dead parents in the television of the 1970’s, he’s citing “Family Affair” and joking about the reality of the scenario vs. on the show.


Adam and Greg are discussing “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father” and now riffing about Asian drivers and Alison is wrapping up the news.

Adam is demanding a picture of Mrs. Livingston from that show, Adam is saying that Bill Bixby on that show was the turn for masculinity on T.V.

Adam says the craziest part of these old shows is the fresh ice in the ice buckets near the bar, Adam wants to know who is filling the buckets.

Greg is bringing up “The Sound of Music” and the magical lineup for the father in that movie, Adam is now contrasting that against his life and how people forget to buy him dinner too.

Adam is now asking how long ice can stay in ice form and Alison wants to know too, Adam is further riffing about the knowledge that the bucket would be full of ice.


Adam is now doing a live read.

Adam is giving out some plugs and wrapping up the show.