Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/28/2016 – Jep and Jessica Robertson

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/28/2016 – Jep and Jessica Robertson

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jep and Jessica Robertson

Recorded 04-27-2016 – Release Date 04-28-2016

Production Number #1810

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Adam opens the show to a funny “Tune in tonight for his final Loveline Mahalo” intro, Adam thanks the audiences in Seattle and Portland.

BB plays Matt Fondiler’s “Window of Negligence” as today’s #TopDrop and BB jokes about Joel McHale almost buying himself a robot with his onstage antics controlling the unit remotely.

Adam is lamenting the new era of people telling you what to do, like you have a boss 24/7 on your ass but instead of it being some rich CEO type it’s the dude who works the TSA line at the airport.


Adam is sharing how long the TSA line was and how the agent refused to give up the ghost and admit the line was overly long when Mike August made an observation about it.

Adam is now saying he got to utilize the TSA Precheck line and it actually benefited him, Dawson took about an hour in line and tells them about the teenage kid who was stuck in line that was panicking whom Dawson instructed to walk to the front of the line and apologize as he goes.

BB is now talking about the people sprinting to make their flights and Gina says she got the most defeated, sad TSA agent she’s ever encountered “welcome to three years of congressional budget cuts” – Morose TSA Dude


BB is now talking about the safety speeches and the repetitive nature of TSA announcements and Adam describes how panicked he was trying to get his ID out of his wallet as not to hold people up behind him.

Adam is saying he put all of his pocket junk in the TSA screening bowl, the 31yr old with the GED then had to reprimand Adam for not leaving his phone in his bag.

Adam instinctively reached for the bowl, he didn’t need another lap with the TSA agent correcting him.

“I’m not at the bathroom at the BET awards” – Adam on the danger of his phone being stolen in the TSA line while going through the metal detector.


Adam is back to his cunty TSA woman and her attitude directed at him, Adam mocks the mixed message of the TSA announcements, hilarious analogy from Adam involving Natalia.

“how about you knock off the sing songy bullshit $19 an hour cunt” – Adam

Adam and BB are talking about the bags being pulled and Adam says he tends to think the first bag was pulled as punishment, it was punitive.


Adam is trying to explain to the gang how the bags ended up being pulled, BB says it was a huge fan who approached them only to encounter Adam with a full beer under his arm, hilarious!


Worx Switch DriverStandard live read, doing the deck, doing the kitchen Edition


Everyone sings the praises of ’13 Coins’ in Seattle, the most overrated spot that exists.

They talk about their drive in the van and Gina compliments the John Hiatt songs and overall soundtrack of the trip with Adam playing DJ for the gang.

Adam is now lamenting that they were not in the car for the ride back to the studio from LAX, Adam is sharing how ‘Adult Education’ from ‘Hall and Oates’ came on Sirius and how he lost his shit, he says this song is far worse than ‘Maneater’ and he praises their work with ‘Sara Smile.’


Adam says ‘Cadillac Ranch’ and ‘Born in the USA’ are both pieces of shit from Bruce Springsteen’s catalog and has them fire up the ‘Duran Duran’ song ‘The Reflex’ and Adam screams about them picking the worst songs these bands have to offer.

Gina blames having to listen to the entire ‘U can’t touch this’ but Adam references a different artist, are their two songs with the same title?

Adam is now asking about ‘Hall and Oates’ current playlist for live shows, are they playing their shittiest tunes?


Adam says the Germans don’t have “Holocaust Day” and you needn’t celebrate your worst creations and actions.

“Whoa oh, here I go, watch out folks I’m taking a leak, then it’s off to the car, they’re playing Maneater” – Adam singing his reaction to ‘Maneater’ being used as the encore at a ‘Hall and Oates’ live show.


Adam is now playing some John Hiatt ‘Thing Called Love’ as he explains how Bonnie Raitt scored a hit song with this track.

Adam is sharing how Mike August was arguing with him about radio stations not playing John Hiatt, Mike argued that Bonnie was more successful.


Mike August says he could memorize George Carlin’s act and perform it but nobody would buy tickets, Adam is now breaking down Mike’s reaction and argument.

“yeah but you’re a terrible comedian, he’s a great musician” – Gina quoting Adam’s reply to Mike August.


Stamps.com2.6 billion in postage was printed on alone Edition


Q and Ace

1st Caller Pat, he’s calling about good habits and tells them about his post high school activities that were leading him down a negative path. Pat wants to know about discipline and how one can implement it when they haven’t experienced it their entire lives.

Adam says we need people with a good compass, a good ARMY and police force.

Adam is sharing how he has two crockpots for preparing for your journey in life, Adam brings up his dog Phil and how he trained up the family on keeping their doors shut.


Adam cites how Sonny always shuts his door yet Natalia and Lynette cannot, Adam says his wife told him once to keep his jump rope out of Phil’s reach, she told him once and it never happened again.

BB summarizes what Adam just said and reiterates it back to the audience.

Adam is ranting against blaming your past and hardships for your lack of opportunity or a fair shake in life, instead you should devise a plan and work from there.


Adam brings up Nancy Pelosi and the leftist habit of blaming circumstances for people’s shortcomings, Pat mentions Jocko Willink and his podcast/movement.

Adam jokes about Mark “Jacko” Jackson the Australian footballer and 1980’s battery pitchman, Gina drops an “Oi!” and they move on.

Mangria Moments

Jared and Melissa, they were at the Aladdin theater for the show and the signing.

Adam asks them if they’re going to get married or what’s up?

Adam is joking about Jared’s “what does a piece of paper mean” style reply and he asks Melissa how she really feels, Adam jokes about how they’ll be late for the divorce by the time they finally do tie the knot.

Adam asks them about their lives a bit, Jared and his marijuana cultivation and Dawson jokes about him not being around on Sunday to supply him with pot.


Adam wants to try the IPA, Lynette told him not to get too into it as the beer won’t be available until May.

Gina and BB are both eager to sample it, they head to break.


They’re back from break with a new ‘Great Moment in Local News’ and Jep and Jessica Robertson are making their ACS debuts to promote their A&E series.

Everyone is now sampling the ‘Endless Rant’ IPA, BB is now trying to measure the IBU and he goes super beer nerd on their asses.

Adam is sharing how he developed the profile for the beer, he says he took St. Archer and Pizza Port’s beers to hone in one what he liked about both and had them “meet it in the middle” and Adam is passionately telling people you needn’t be a millionaire to create your own beer, BB points out that Adam is in fact a millionaire and they move on.


Adam asks the guests how they got into making reality television and how it all began with a duck call business, Adam shares his adopted saying “don’t sell toilet seats, sell toilet paper” and he asks them about the variants of duck calls and if they sell well internationally.

Adam asks about the pre-television sales for the calls, Jessica is now weighing in and she shares more information from the family’s business pre-reality TV.

Adam asks about the attraction to the show, where does the interest come from and Jessica gives a solid reply, Jep explains his take on the family aspect of the show that strikes a chord with families watching together.


Adam is now asking about manufacturing product and filming, Jep admits they had to hire a whole crew to take over the manufacturing while they focus on the entertainment side.

Adam is asking about hunting and how people have such varied opinions about it, Jep is talking about true organic eaters and Jessica explains how it’s a way of life for them.

Adam is now arguing against people who oppose hunting, we’re only 100 years removed from everyone hunting 24/7.


Adam is crediting hunting to the evolution of the human species, Adam says the people who hate guns but not the people who commit crimes with them, Bill Maher style politics.

People who like animals more than humans/kids.


2nd Caller Chris, she’s 48 and calling from Brooklyn, she drives commercially and tells them about honking at other motorists on a daily basis.

She wants to know what the honking situation is in Los Angeles, Adam jokes about her being an investigative journalist and riffs about her traveling to the middle east to report from the front lines of military conflicts.

Adam is now ranting about people who honk at him when he runs red arrows, he is killing it!


“sounds like a lot of honking” – BB


Adam says hoking moves things along and Chris agrees, she drives an 18-person commercial vehicle for elderly ladies to commute from the senior center to their homes.

Adam is charmed by Chris and he says the people in NYC aren’t functionally retarded like in Los Angeles where they have non-blinking left turn arrows.

Adam has a killer “shocking” record setting delivery when he learns she’s divorced.


“you must be a hellcat in the sack” – Adam

Adam asks her about her dating profiles and she plugs it on air, Adam is riffing about her pulling up in front of the gent’s apartment with her min bus.

Adam wraps up with Chris, great call!


Adam is now talking about people playing devil’s advocate with him about his shaming of other people who cram themselves in lanes after making mistakes and missing turns.

Adam explains why these people need to be shamed into better choices while driving, just accept your mistake and take the next turn.


Gina’s News


True CarStandard live read Edition


1st Story is on Kelly Ripa’s return to her morning show after the sudden announcement of the departure of her cohost Michael Strahan. Gina sets up a clip and Adam remarks it’s amazing how much respect you need when you make 50 million vs. when you make pennies working at a coat hanger factory.

“hey dickhead get back to work… and all your wives are fat” – Adam as the coat hanger factory supervisor.

Adam shares the story of the time he was told to run to get a level from a foreman’s truck while working on a jobsite.


Gina shares how Kelly has an outie belly button, Jessica says it comes with having kids and Adam jokes about having twins yet still have a belly button 3 inches deep.

Gina plays another clip from the show, Adam talks about how these deals often come with strict instructions not to disclose any details about them, putting people like Michael in a bad situation.

Gina shares an anecdote about the dissolution of Mark and Bryan and what Mark was told about his departure and what he was allowed to say.


Adam is now sharing his own experience with the demise of the KLSX station and the strict instruction he received about not announcing anything nor telling anyone as they were grooming him for a possible move to NYC.

Adam shares how producer Angie and Mike Lynch were pitching Adam on plans for March Madness before he could tell them the station wouldn’t last through February of that year (2009.)

Gina says they were told about 48hrs prior to the station’s format change.


2nd Story is on Donald Trump’s further success on the campaign trail, she has the rest of the updates of all of the major candidates and sets up a clip of Donald Trump.

Adam doesn’t care about whom the president is, he loves seeing people get worked up about the president solving all of their problems and he says he’s now rooting for Trump as he loves seeing it piss off his annoying friends.

Adam says he likes seeing the Patriots lose late in the playoffs to piss off all of his diehard Patriot fans and Jep mentions how Whoopi Goldberg claims she’ll move to Canada which everyone agrees would be for the best.


LifeLockGina has an assist, standard live read Edition


3rd Story is on Tom Brady’s suspension for the 2016-2017 season, Adam jokes about being the guy breaking the bad news to Tom.

BB has a killer reply in character as Tom and Gary has some inside info about how Tom restructured his contract this year so he’ll only lose a couple hundred grand for the missed games.

Adam asks if this is all still the “Deflategate” controversy.

Adam shares his feelings about Tom and Bill Belichick being hassled enough over the past 2 years, he’s heard the conflicting reports and despite not liking the Patriots he wants to move on.


Adam says this is akin to pine tar in baseball and Jep has some solid points as well.


4th Story is on Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ album and the “Becky with the good hair” line that led to a mistaken identities case with Rachel Ray vs. Rachel Roy the woman presumed to be the mistress hinted at in the song.

Adam is now asking why Rachel Ray popped on the radar, Gina is reading some of her favorite tweets aimed at Rachel Ray.

Adam is now riffing about the responses and the dumb Beyoncé fans, Adam says it’s weird when people get crazy about millionaires they’ll never meet nor shake the hands of.


Adam says people should make room for family, their team and having someone else’s life take up your entire mind’s harbor is fucking stupid, people who quit their jobs and follow ‘Phish’ or the ‘Grateful Dead’ are stupid too, they’re not living their own life.


Castrol GTXThe penthouse where Beyoncé is, not a happy grind, it’s metal on metal Edition

Gina reads a challenge question form the audience, Adam gives an in-depth answer after busting out his “couldn’t hurt” Jewish doctor impression.


5th Story is on the plagiarism case against ‘Led Zeppelin’ and Gina has all of the details of the cases progress and plays the samples of music in question.

Adam says it’s not who wrote the song, it’s who made it a hit.

Someone plays some weird sound clip and they all remark on it, easy!


Gina says this is individual notes that are similar and she’s trying to recall the plagiarism case from last year.

Adam says all of this needs to be thrown out as this will never end, Adam jokes about songs sounding more and more alike as time goes on.


6th Story is on a couple who stumbled upon a large amount of whale vomit and plan to sell it, Gina explains what it is and why it’s valuable.

Gina says it’s Ambergris and explains what it’s used for in the fragrance industry, Adam says in the animal world you want to be one that tastes bad and is not useful.

Adam says whales are so usable and jokes about a world where buffalos are sitting around complaining while whales are dodging harpoons left and right.


Adam is now lamenting in character as a whale who’s relative tried to kill himself only to be dragged back into the ocean to suffer longer.

Gina says they also put cat urine in perfume and Adam thinks we’re passed the era of scents for him and for her, Adam says perfume feels like a bygone industry.

Adam is now riffing about the ‘Hai Karate’ aftershave commercials where women would become so aroused they would attempt to rape the men, Gary has the exact commercial.

Adam jokes about buying “gay bottom Karate” and he painfully describes how “thorough” the gents were at the subway station.


Adam says it’s like when you see the insane flavors of Doritos you can’t imagine anyone would buy and they move on.


7th Story is on a case of mistaken identity where someone assaulted a man in NYC for simply resembling Shia LaBeouf, Adam riffs about this being worse for Shia who now must run around serpentine dodging fists across America.

Adam is bringing up the people who adamantly disagree that someone doesn’t resemble someone famous after you point it out.

BB says his wife does this all of the time and they all joke around about it, Gina wraps the news and BB plays the “you gotta keep your goddamn legs closed” drop from Gina reading the tweets aimed at Rachel Ray.


PodcastOne PremiumStandard Live Read Edition


Adam plugs the final Loveline episode recording tonight and has Jessica and Jep give out their plugs for the show and their products.

Jessica brought some jewelry for Lynette and BB closes things out with a drop from caller Chris from Brooklyn making car horn sounds and reenacting her experiences in traffic

Great Episode!