Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/25/2018 – Paul Rodriguez + What Can’t Adam Complain About?

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/25/2018 – Paul Rodriguez + What Can’t Adam Complain About?

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Paul Rodriguez + What Can’t Adam Complain About?

Recorded 04-24-2018 – Release Date 04-25-2018

Production Number #2311

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Adam opens the show after Lynch and Dawson’s “still giddy about the royal baby” intro joke, Adam welcomes the gang to the show.

BB has Dawson’s “Hey Now!” as the #TopDrop

Adam is telling them about wearing his ear pods while a guy came up from Canada who wanted to check out the warehouse and take the tour, Adam was also notified that Phil frequently escapes from the other shop and wanders over to the neighbor’s warehouses.


Adam brings up Jordan Peterson and his evolution into popular culture, Adam first spoke to him 9 months ago and he mentions Jordan’s stylist and makeover.

Adam thanks TrueCar and Bespoke Post for sponsoring the show and tells the gang he saw the trailer for ‘No Safe spaces’ and explains that it’s hard to cut a good trailer, especially without him being present however this time they might have pulled it off.

Adam thinks it works and they are now setting it up, it sounds like great.


BB has a solid “Infinity War” joke and they all agree it looks sharp, Chris shares the online link to view it and Adam is now recalling his early morning radio tour starting at 6am, he says with old age he’s having trouble getting up early.

Adam uses the idea of a rich man who cannot enjoy his achievements who would happily trade anything to get some of his youth back.

Adam is now talking about how he was up at 5:45am, he was in state of shock and says he feels like such a puss for reacting to the sleep deprivation and early wake up.


Adam is talking about the VR experience they filmed for a live show, BB says it was very cool and describes the space they were in.

Adam is now sharing his funny skit he had with Sonny who was preoccupied with ‘Fortnite’ the most popular online shooter at the moment.

Gina teases a story about the game and Adam is explains how he told Sonny how much professional gamers make and how they will only be opening more and more arenas.

Adam shares Sonny’s downbeat “wait until I die” attitude in gaming, Adam shares how Sonny picked up on the irony of the bit Adam was running with him telling him to get serious with video gaming, hilarious!


Adam is now going over the back and forth and BB brings up their guest Paul Rodriguez and his famous skateboarder son.

Adam is now saying that he thinks that gamers and drone racers see each other as pussies, Adam plugs their first guest.


Bespoke PostYou don’t need to combine grooming and cooking for Adam Edition


Bespoke Post CEO Rishi Prabhu is now on the line, Adam brings up the modern era of socialism and capitalism both being discussed simultaneously by the youth of today.

Adam is now asking Rishi about the “box of awesome” and Adam is now bringing up the food court and he wonders if dudes spearheaded them, Adam makes a point about food courts expanding with the collective waistlines of America.

Adam is telling them about his friend who worked for Snacks 5th Avenue and they go back to Bespoke Post.


Rishi is telling them about his company and how many of his customers are signed up by 3rd parties, Adam says he signed up for The Bouqs, why not he’s worth it.

Rishi is sharing his data and Adam suggests people sign up their pals and Gina agrees along with BB.

Adam is asking him about keeping track of the purchases, Adam is now going full steam ahead on the idea of this being given as a gift instead of purchased for yourself.


Adam is asking him about any other things he might be thinking about down the road, Rishi is sharing they are looking into a beer, wine and coffee of the month club.

Adam is now suggesting they talk off air and Adam is sharing his “huge sack of money” drop off service, hilarious riff!

Adam has a nice point using Porsche mountain bikes and they wrap up with Rishi.


BB is telling them about the 9th year anniversary of his cancer diagnosis and he shares his wife’s reaction to the anniversary and how he spun it as a positive for her.

Adam is now bringing up the “always make sure to wear sunscreen” commencement speech that became a hit song, they’re talking about Baz Luhrmann – Everybody’s Free (to Wear Sunscreen) from the late 90’s which isn’t close to the 2009 diagnosis like Adam thought.

Chris has the details about the speech and Adam is now asking BB where he’s at now, he says there is discussion about stopping the Avastin, he says he feels very mixed about stopping it and he explains he’s the longest patient to be on the drug, he trusts his doctor and Adam asks about the wisdom of the orient.


Adam is now doing an improv scene with BB where Adam is every dumb superstitious hippy ever, Adam is asking him about what he must have done to cause his own cancer, he’s explaining that the body is like an engine and it needs coolant for the radiator, you must flush the toxins.

Adam is now going over ‘Terminator 2’ and Cyberdyne systems, saying they are Genentech the company that makes Avastin, Adam jokes about locally sourced Pharma/farms instead of big Pharma.

Adam is back to the toxins that need to be flushed from BB.

“they don’t care if you live, they don’t care about your kids!” – Adam


Adam has a killer “bought and paid for” line and delivery, despite it’s redundancy, this his hilarious!

BB is flowing wonderfully and Adam is now calling Genentech Eviltech and telling him that his doctors worship the green unlike Mexican and Chinese doctors.

“speaking of Christie, have you looked into crystaals?” – Adam saying Crystal like the brand of Champagne, Adam is now telling BB to take a coffee enema in his ass in a restaurant.

Adam tells him you cannot take a latte up the ass, Adam is recapping his advisement for BB to get healthy via the wisdom of the orient.


BB tries to bail on the bit, Adam is back to the various things you cannot buy and resell, Gina gets them to play the song and they all listen to ‘Everybody’s Free.’

Chris is now getting a clip from Take a Knee ready with Rob O’Neill and Adam asks for the clip of Jordan Peterson on Real Time with Bill Maher.

Adam is talking about the points that Jordan made on Real Time, regarding having children and families starting later in life in the western world and how that effects children and their overprotective and neurotic parents.


Adam is now talking about the fear among parents about kids and their possible abductions/harm.

Adam is now breaking down the various stories of abuse and abduction usually being from someone within the family or friend circle.

They are now playing the clip of Jordan Peterson making a lot of sense on Real Time.


Adam says he gets into these kinds of arguments about danger and safety regarding their kids, Adam is back to his daughter and how she would say “less forward” and eventually ate shit on the carpet, which was an important lesson for her to learn about distance and physics.

Adam says she did a full-on face plant, Adam tried to get her and he didn’t make it in time, she was crying and wanted to know what was going on.

Adam says she did that thing that makes him worry quite a bit about her future, regarding her request for him to pretend he’s not paying attention mid-jump, which freaked her out and then she needed it for all future dives, she needed the thrill.


BB tells them about his daughter and her propensity for climbing and she gets at glint in her eye and will let go, which leads to BB having to catch her.

Gina suggests they might be just too attentive of fathers and Adam goes into a live read.


True CarGet some better gas mileage, also helps you get used cars Edition


Adam is now setting up a clip of Rob O’Neill from TAK #177 (feat. Robert O’Neill)

Adam has them play the clip where Rob told Adam about practicing his pitching before throwing out the first pitch for MLB games and how it takes his mind off the noise of life.

Adam shares how Dr. Drew uses the singing engagements at sporting events for the same purpose.

BB says he threw out the first pitch at a Padre’s game, he says it filled him with dread but not dread, something akin to it that was ultimately beneficial.

They head to break.


They’re coming back from break with a “meat and eat/greet” where fans bring him food to enjoy post live performance.

Adam says he wants to talk about the live show, ACS #2309 which was recorded on Saturday night in VR.

Adam is going over some of the factoids and topics they uncovered live on stage which you can experience yourself for the low price of 4.99. ACS #2309 (feat. Gina Grad and Bryan Bishop) in VR.


They are sharing they figured out that Tom Cruise is never filmed in shorts, he plays volleyball in jeans, tighty whities for bad news from his superior officer.

Adam doesn’t want to see a picture of his jogging with his daughter, he wants something on screen in a feature film.

BB recalls the public pool scene in Minority Report where you cannot spot him wearing shorts for sure, there is no definitive shot.


Adam is arguing he must be in shorts, he clarifies he’s not in casual shorts, swim trunks are different.

Gina says that Adam’s theory is sound, citing Project runway, hilarious “he’s gay” one liner and Gina explains the logic about optical illusions in fashion.

Adam says the other thing they figured out was in terms of home businesses, like where people can have signs out front of their homes, palm readers etc.


Adam is sharing the tarot card based home businesses and tax preparation businesses, he says there couldn’t be any two businesses that were further apart, he cites home daycare as the bizarre oddball 3rd home business.

Adam is now sharing the definitive answer about cell phones working poorly in arenas sponsored by competing cellular carriers, a listener wrote in and explained that it would be a violation to jam cell phone signals in arenas, he says it’s a capacity problem and he explains what a distributed antenna system is.


Castrol EdgeTech advances that made engines smaller and more effective increased pressure Edition

They head to break


They’re back from break with Paul Rodriguez making his 4th appearance on the show, he was previously on in 2011 and twice in 2014.

Adam jokes about trying Paul’s joke they used to lead into the segment, Adam gives out some plugs and they move on.


Adam is now welcoming him back to the show, Paul forgets he was in studio after the live show at the Ice House in 2014, they were about 40 days apart.

Adam is asking him about his upbringing in Compton, he tells them about “AKA Pablo” the short-lived TV series, Paul explains they cast various Latin actors with differing accents.

Paul said they had a 28% share of the audience and they compare it to the smaller numbers of today, Adam jokes about building that wall to reduce the population.


Adam is now asking Paul for his take on the taco rankings, he shares the 3 options and explains the premise, Paul is now giving his order of preference for the various meat options.

Paul goes chicken first and Adam is now objecting, BB is telling Adam that he does this every time and shouts him down, Adam is trying to argue his point and asks don’t you want the one you enjoy the most, why go with the safest meat option.

Adam is now asking Paul about the various lines for tacos at his favorite spot that has pork and every part of the pig sectioned off.


Adam is now telling BB to shut up and Paul tells them about tripe, Adam is now asking Paul to finish his order, he explains his logic.

Adam is now asking why they don’t have chicken at El Gordo, he asks if it might be because chicken is a poor meat choice for tacos.

Paul is now sharing an anecdote about his mother and Adam jokes about El Gordo being a good name for G’s v.

Adam has a killer “get the fuck out of here” followed up with some funny insults, Chris is on mic and he says that Paul was the El Pollo Loco guy, exposing his protentional bias to chicken, the pollo!

Adam jokes about “crazy you can taste” and other insane slogans, in response to Paul’s story about losing his gig with El Pollo Loco.

Adam asks about adding crazy to business names, he is going off on El Pollo Loco, Adam explains why Gordita makes sense and explains it to Paul, a take off on Coyote Ugly or beer goggles.


Adam is now asking Paul about going from the road to getting a sweet VO gig which ends up having the velvet handcuffs of preventing you from having true free speech and the ability to make jokes.

Paul shares how he was the voice of Verizon until he shared some details about their corporate requirements.

Adam is asking if this is what we want out of our comedians, them watching their tongues and worrying about losing their livelihood over a joke.


Adam is now joking about Paul being traumatized by being fired, due to his “rich piñata history” and Paul seems to love it.

Adam jokes about Jamie Foxx being asked to wear a noose while making a point about cultural appropriation.

Adam plugs both Geico and LifeLock, funny Taco meat conversation and they move on.


What Can’t Adam Complain About

Mexico Edition

1st WCACA You don’t need to import Mexicans, they’re already here. Adam is now complaining about the shortage of Mexicans going on during his childhood, he cites the bygone era of Japanese gardeners and namechecks a Mexican guy he knew growing up.

Adam has some killer one liners about Alvera street and the novelty of seeing George Espinoza has worn off, we’re lousy with Mexicans.

The bloom is off the tortilla.


2nd WCACA Mexican versatility in the kitchen.

Adam is riffing about his former Japanese gardener’s grandkids being unemployed as Sushi chefs due to the influx of Mexicans.

Adam is now explaining what Mexicans do in the kitchen, he uses cover bands to make a point about the range of Latin cooks and chefs, a hell of a cover band, but not the real thing.


3rd WCACA Selma Hayek.

“I need some fresh blood in there with some big titties and a snake” – Adam on building a time machine to talk about 1997 Selma, before her boobs starting heading downward as her politics became more vocal.

Adam is proposing that Paul set up a lunch with her, where he tells Selma he has to take her back to Mexico after he discovered her and brought her to the states over 20 years ago.

Paul has a funny Charro and Pia Zadora in the van joke, like he’s rounding up aging formerly super-hot actresses to return them to their country of origin.

Adam says they’re done and they move on.


Adam misses the era of the young hot starlet who marries a rich guy who cuts a check for some vanity project movie where the starlet shows her breasts.

Paul is now sharing a funny quote from Rodney Dangerfield and Adam segues to a live read.


LifeLockThe value of an identity on the dark web Edition


They head to break


They’re back from break


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the scholarships that are being offered for students who are professional level good at the game ‘Fortnite’ and Adam jokes about this being ok, the violence in this game while Ben Shapiro speaking at a college is not.

Paul is now giving his take on the 2nd amendment, he shares what he possesses, joking about having 12 guns.

Adam jokes about him getting together with his friends and hunting other people, hilarious Carlos Mencia one liner form Paul.


Adam is now sharing his factors he must know regarding owning cats, he shouldn’t be able to know someone owns cats by seeing them in line in the Starbucks.

Adam is asking Paul about his son and what he’s been up to, he has an exclusive deal with Nike and they talk about his success and reluctance to perform standup comedy like his dad.


2nd Story is on the Toronto van attack, Adam jokes about Paul losing his next spokesperson gig after he asking if the driver was wearing a hat.

Adam is now giving his take on the 2nd amendment, Adam is now citing the argument that people would use knives or vans instead of guns and how thought it was spurious for years, now it’s come to pass as reality.

Adam admits he was misguided presuming people were just grasping for any logic to keep their guns, but it’s now clear people will kill via whatever means available.


Paul is now arguing against Adam’s point, he’s trying to explain the logic and then they move on.


3rd Story is on the American Airlines passenger that was tased 10 times after allegedly groping a female passenger.

Adam is now joking about taser and how it’s great for sane people under 150lbs, once you’re hit a certain size it just makes you stronger and agitates you.

Adam says the taser works perfect on Pia Zadora, Gina sets up the video and BB asks why the man was being removed.


Adam jokes about talking to his son about groping, regarding the batting average and he jokes about women reacting positively to their titties being grabbed.

Adam comments on the man’s proper Mexican looking moustache as well, Adam is riffing up a storm and they watch more of the video and provide more live commentary, hilarious!

Adam is now asking if the guy was on drugs or what inspired this madness, Adam is sharing how he was tweeted about how China will be implementing a list for public transportation, who is and is not approved to use it.


Adam is asking if this guy from the video is insane, he says tasers don’t hurt insane people and Paul has a bit of a clunker reworking of “guns don’t kill people …”


True CarUsed or new, Chris still loves his Prius Edition


4th Story is on the guy who was attacked and bit by various creatures, Bear, Shark and Rattlesnake all within a few years.

Gina prefaces the story with a previous conversation about bear attacks and how often these things truly occur, Adam gives his take on bear attacks, he says neither of the suggestions of what to do to protect himself and how he will try neither method.

Adam says he will not lay down and pretend to be dead nor will he get big and puff his chest out, Adam jokes about the polar extremes and uses a mugging example to make his point.

Paul says Leno used to have a great line about this, “what do you say to a guy that’s got a hard-on and an axe” and Adam is now adding holding a torch and swinging it at night at a wild angle to his list of things he must do before he dies.


Paul suggests Adam also add the puppetry of the penis to his list, Adam jokes about not having enough penis to really make the shapes, he can do a lot of ball work however.

Adam is joking about the story as Gina finally reads the details after the rift wrapped up, Adam says you going to where bears raise their kids and pitching a tent is not the bear invading your campsite.

Adam says he fells like people who have been hit by lighting multiple times must be molesting their kids or doling something to deserve it.


5th Story is on the first male genital transplant, Adam jokes about them taking the penis off a gay guy and it becoming aroused for men.

Gina explains how it’s the penis but the testicles aren’t included as it’s not morally acceptable to reproduce with someone else’s jizz, what?

Adam is now asking Paul about Former Clippers player Rasual Butler and wife killed in Studio City crash after he told them the vague details.

Adam is now sharing how he wants to teach his son about arguing in the car, hilarious reenactment with Gina and Paul is now telling them about an argument he had with his ex about taking the GPS directions over hers.

Gina wraps the news.


Geico15 minutes you could be saving 15 percent or more Edition


Adam is now giving out the plugs and he wraps up the show, Paul has a genuine and kind goodbye before BB plays Adam’s “In the ass!” drop to close things out.